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droidSecurity Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Security Pro ,SafeSms Pro ,antivirus free ,무료 바이러스 백신. AVG ,?-SafeSms ,Antivirus Pro), brings antivirus free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. antivirus free apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc85
    Best antivirus for android I suggest for every one.
    is there any virus for android.
    Thanks AVG for your awesome product and great support.
    Worst free anti virus software ever.
    Did you take out the safe browsing noti.
    This app is better than Lookout wow keep up the good work.
    The best av software in the Android World.
    Very helpful saved my phone thank you very much.
    This app is better than Avast.
    Fun & Engagingc82
    Awesome Antivirus Cleaner I like this app for my smartphone.
    Thanks AVG for free awesome protection.
    Works well scans everything I download it had even caught a few viruses.
    Quick scan of phone and checks everything downloaded.
    Very useful apps mandatory in all smart phones.
    Love this app always runs great and keeps me informed.
    Production Valuesc100
    New and easy interface that makes it look Pro.
    Easy interface and all security features.
    Ease of Usec90
    Nice n simple app its works vry nicely.
    simple app however very complex.
    New and easy interface that makes it look Pro.
    Easy interface and all security features.
    it just says "All security issues were addressed" after every scan.
    I had some issues with my phone.
    All problems solved now it.
    Ads not Intrusivec45
    Security & Privacyc79
    ANTIVIRUS SECURITY Keeps My Life Everyday Great And Secured.
    Great mobile security with options for up to 5 devices.
    Also it misreports factory apps as intrusive adware or malware sometimes.
    Updates & Supportc61
    Very good customer service.
    Excellent customer service.
    I'm glad they have a android version.
    I'm glad they have an android version.
    Works absolutely brilliantly for a free version.
    Real helpful for a free version.
    Also has light battery usage.
    monitor battery consumption set battery level notifications and enable power saving.

    Cool cool cool. found in 3 reviews
    I always feel secure with this application :'>.; found in 33 reviews
    Yo yo antivirus very nice. found in 8 reviews
    Its very easy to download as well as very protective. found in 26 reviews
    Very gd n trustworthy app Thnk u. found in 4 reviews
    Scans quickly and protects you during internet use and market downloads. found in 8 reviews
    U will be tension free from ViRUssSSSSSsssss. found in 5 reviews
    Awesome usefull apps Rakesh soni. found in 6 reviews
    What an app gor android people simply mind blowing. found in 19 reviews
    The best av software in the Android World. found in 17 reviews
    Macht was es soll. found in 12 reviews
    Feel safer knowing i have at least this much protection. found in 17 reviews
    Always reliable and easy to use. found in 13 reviews
    Very useful apps mandatory in all smart phones. found in 12 reviews
    Avg has been protecting home and professional computers for yrs. found in 5 reviews
    It's really too good and works effectively. found in 6 reviews
    Aleluya JESUSCHRIST protect us from all harmfull things & bless AVG TEAM. found in 39 reviews
    it is a good aplication for android mobiles. found in 9 reviews
    Best in the world like CM PUNK. found in 9 reviews
    happy as larry very good product chears samsung minnie. found in 9 reviews
    Phone locator and remote lock doesn't work. found in 6 reviews
    Also needs to explain why so many permissions are needed. found in 49 reviews
    Sometimes detect the threats but unable to remove them. found in 14 reviews
    Slows my phone to a crawl and eats through battery. found in 17 reviews
    Found a problem app straight away good app in my opinion. found in 8 reviews
    Gives alot of false positives with custom roms. found in 37 reviews
    it does not detect remove virus or scan properly. found in 22 reviews
    No move to sd card option in storage data. found in 76 reviews
    Why all the new permissions with the latest update though. found in 27 reviews
    Love it than the other virus scanner apps out there. found in 55 reviews
    it was showing insufficient storage available i had 6GB free memory. found in 18 reviews
    And easy to detect virus and wll safe ur handset. found in 22 reviews
    Please make it moveable to the sd card. found in 173 reviews
    Annoying notification to push PRO version pops up too frequently. found in 10 reviews
    it shows suspicious messages - but will no longer "fix" them. found in 24 reviews
    it just drained my battery to 30% from 100% in 2 hours. found in 14 reviews
    I had seen that there is a malware virus on my phone. found in 48 reviews
    Lock screen message keeps getting deleted with update. found in 66 reviews
    I'm not updating and going to look elsewhere. found in 32 reviews
    Also frequently deletes screen message and reads "error". found in 66 reviews
    feeling /whats happened nw the latest update wants to send sms. found in 33 reviews
    Why still left stupid lock message after been uninstalled. found in 33 reviews
    Auto scan issue. found in 179 reviews
    Causes the maps app to lock up. found in 35 reviews
    the widget's task killer is not working since the update. found in 133 reviews
    really great before update but keeps crashing on first scan. found in 55 reviews
    I only got 6 days on the app locker DON'T INSTALL. found in 102 reviews
    Pro features not working in trial period. found in 31 reviews
    lo and behold ALL of my text messages were deleted. found in 52 reviews
    AVG mobilation doesnt work. found in 32 reviews
    My alarm information is now missing from my home screen. found in 42 reviews
    It's huge and can't be moved to sd card. found in 173 reviews
    All it does is force close on galaxy nexus. found in 34 reviews
    Reporting lots of False Positives Recently. found in 37 reviews
    The only negative thing is that it requires too many permissions. found in 49 reviews

    If you are Android owner,you now can download antivirus free for from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version Varieswithdevice has been released on 2014-01-15. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: full Internet access , view Wi-Fi state , view network state ,
    More Info: Find more info about antivirus free in droidSecurity Inc. `s Official Website :

    Anti-virus free is all about protecting your android from viruses, malware and exploits with real-time scanning. -NEW Scan folders & files -NEW Scan MP3 & ZIP files -NEW SD card scan -NEW Cloud 2 Device support Scan every day to ...

    Still seems to be a good app but as expected the update increased advertising and it now covers half the screen most of the time Giving it three stars for now will update after using for awhile             Scott Hansen
    Sometimes it stop working Mean this app not detect small size malicious files I actually downloaded wrong file from web which contains virus But avg didn t warn me instead my in device anti virus detected that virus while this app is stop working at that moment I thing some virus bypass this antivirus tech I have to go service center resolve this My device realme 3pro         Charge Me . 20M views
    I accidently installed some adware this app managed to find it and uninstall it in the first scan Would definetly reccomend to other people If youre suspicious of having some sort of virus on your device this app will probably find it for you                     Clickbait ftw
    The functions are there if you upgrade which is outrageous Then there are more adverts to battle through to get to what you want Even for paid versions you constantly get prompted to upgrade to something else No thanks         Jay Nussbaum
    I ve relied on AVG free for more than 10 years and glad of its protection even if the scans sometimes slow my phone down I think it s worth it                     Peter Cameron
    The program works well I ve been using it for several months no problems so far which is saying a lot I like the protection the ram boost the wireless speed test and file scanner I eventually got the paid version to get rid of the ads and open more features When I tried to upgrade AVG Cleaner it would only permit to update AVG AntiVirus also So I was charge for the AV Twice I hope they credit me for 2 years AV                     Hank Mortar
    Verizon tech support told me to download this AVG and get it working because I was having trouble with pop up ads on my phone saying that there s malware or a virus lurking somewhere but I have this app installed and I still have pop ups what was the point     Steven Bennett
    AVG is the absolute best free a v software I have ever used I have it installed on all my device s My Main pc 3 laptops 2 4 tablets and my cell phone I don t recall being infested or invaded since I first discovered this software about 10 years ago or more All is I get is an occasional message box that let s me know when something has been addressed or needs to be addressed I Definitely recommend this software to anyone reading this and everyone else                     Bryant DORSEY
    I have been using this app since I started using a smart phone 7 years sgo It has found some malware I dislike that the app says it s found a problem then it says you haven t turned some feature on that costs more It s really annoying Plus it chronically tries to sell me more services Can t turn it off Again very annoying but it works very well otherwise Just knock it off w the phony stuff u0026 offer other services one time only Do that u0026 get all 5 stars I m using AVG Pro                 Saint Steven
    It s been good but VPN couldn t connect in any airport it is a good place to use it but has no sense if can t connect I have the paid version             Emmanuel Landeros
    For the 3 or 4 days I have had this I would say it s pretty good for a free version It checks more areas than some anti virus apps Time will tell And if this stands above the rest Then on to the low cost paid version 4 stars instead of 5 because I was asked for a review after less than 1 week                 Raymond
    The Avast family of products is trusted by broad spectrum of computer professionals Making this choice for a security app a no brainer I found it very user friendly and really don t have any funtional complaints However l d of preferred Less solicitation within the app and possibly Less interruptions to Rate before I finally succumbed                 Erica America
    One of the best in its class infact it is the best Five star 10 out of 10 no bugs works from install No problems                     John Hodgson
    I used to really enjoy AVG for their free yet effective applications Lately however they just seem intent to bully you into buying premium Both the pc and telephone app spam you with hazard warnings that you can only fix by taking a subscription Please AVG stop bullying me into premium if you don t want people using the free version don t offer it I m fine with adds but stop showing bogus warnings that do nothing but scaremonger people to get premium     Stijn Huys
    A very good virus scanner ruined by too many ads and worse annoyance ware Nobody expects aps to be ad free if unpaid for On the other hand you don t expect to wake up to your phone in the morning with a message prompting you to install the latest phone charging ap If it weren t for Androids ability to block these annoyance messages I probably would have uninstalled this long ago I have fewer objections to ads when I m using the ap I just object to them when I m not using the ap             R Chan
    Great anti virus i use it almost everywhere and on my computers It contains ads that rately pops up Scans the wifi network for potential threats Very good for advanced users who like to do spicific stuff options their way                     shady O
    Best phone protector there is All my other AntiVirus apps caused my phone to slow down u0026or freeze but AVG doesn t affect the phones abilities in any negative way It actually helps it run better My other app didn t detect anything wrong AVG found several things and fixed them I also have their cleaner too and it runs just as good Wouldn t use any other app ever I ve learned my lesson the hard way Keep up the GREAT work you ve made a positive impact on my phone                     Jo W
    7 19 19 I have no complaints I installed the free antivirus system to run automatically and I use the paid VPN Which I have to double check to make sure it s running before paying for something online and it still has an advertisement occasionally but so far it hasn t given me any reason for concern it was easy enough for me to figure out and I don t consider myself that tech savvy I d recommend it to anyone 9 5 19 Up my rating to 5 stars It works without problems                     Mike Barron
    Always analyze your first experience After installing this app I began the scan In less than 2 minutes the first risk was detected and neutralized The native app was Mc Affee and it did not find any risks I have AVG ULTIMATE on my pc and it blocks so much Once they analyzed programs installed by a friend and warned us to uninstall because they were out of date with many back doors They have a button layout and one button is vital Boost Ram This helps your phone work better This is my first phone a Samsung A50 Avast and Avg are the best                     ISAAC MEYER
    VERY upset with avg Should not have optimized my photos at all All of the pictures I ve taken are now in random order and registered as taken today I only wanted to optimize 10 pictures and only selected such but it decided to do all my pictures My photos and remembering the day they were taken on are very important to me and I feel like this app has just destroyed that So THANKS avg Should put a notice in your app that this setting does this     Alaska Schneider
    Lost my paid subscription cant reload it cant find it cant use it Have sent a lot of emails to avg support but totally ignored now paying for 3 different payed avg apps and cant use them too good hey After all what I just said AVG tell me the solution is send an email Have you ever had the feeling someone is just mocking you Congratulations AVG you ve won a grammy     Trevor Warner
    I would HIGHLY recommend this app to anyone who has a phone It does daily scans of all the apps on my phone and can do scans of any or all of the files on my phone and any SD card if I make the settings that way I appreciate that it s from a company I trust since I already use AVG for my Antivirus for all of our computers as well AVG Android alerts me if there s a problem that I need to take care of or even if it s just a setting I need to turn off or on to make sure AVG runs smoothly                     Molly Burkett
    Been with AVG for 4 years now have had no problems or viruses in any of my systems that can use it                     Garm_ GK
    So good so far And the in app ads aren t hard to bypass and don t pop up in notification like some other anti virus apps constantly                     gerg rev g
    This app is amazing Its keeps viruses away and removed so much unnecessary storage It made my life so much easier I have it on my windows computer and it is also wonderful This app is amazing and fellow reader if you dont have it you should install it it s very useful                     Savage Waffle
    I have been using AVG on my computer for a few years and have never had any issues We decided to try it on our phones So far so good This week I tried to add AVG Tune up After 4 days with techs trying to get it to work it had to be deleted and they refunded my purchase                     Bob Regnier
    I m really disappointed with AVG I paid a lot of money for a subscription and only after I paid did they notify me that the new year cycle starts the next month and that I had to pay that money Again I tried my best with their online desk and they couldn t even see my subscription on their side Bottomline I paid money for a yearly subscription which expired a month later they didn t bother to help me get anything sorted out and now that I want to uninstall the app I CAN T Piss poor serv     Stephanie Bosch
    AVG has always provided reliable and high standard security solutions for my needs Their simple and user friendly system is really enjoyable to use while knowing that their antivirus solution maintains the highest of quality standards Ever since I have used AVG I have enjoyed being worry free on all my devices                     Ezra Maepa
    I tried to upgrade and they took my money and the software DID not upgrade and kept nagging me to upgrade STAY AWAY After talking with a tech who seemed to have a mouth full of marbles I checked that my subscription was active i uninstalled and reinstalled and it upgraded Fire the tech     Charles Woolley
    Feel ripped off Purchased AVG Ultimate which includes antivirus for android Found out it s free on play store Then you need a subscription My understanding is that was part and parcel of the purchased software package No mention of needing a paid subscription Deceitful advertising on the box Will be returning to Malwares or Kaspersky next year Also this post probably won t be posted Wonder why         FFighter84
    From the bad reviews about the premium version i thought the free version would be more consistent however every single time i scan i get a threat notification that says i must turn avg on in accessibility settings but as soon as i switch on antivirus in accessibility settings it irritatingly shuts off again after ive browesd and then THE WHOLE PROCESS MUST BE REPEATED HONESTLY IT SEEMS LESS TRUSTWORTHY TO DETECT VIRUSES DONT GET free version WASTE OF SECURITY     User18 Noob
    I like this app not only for its function but the advertising is relevant and current I have found many other extremely useful and profitable apps this way Thanks AVG You rock Your company is super fetch Major amounts of grade A swill Three oinks up amigos                     Im old As dirt.
    Five with limitations this app tells us that protecting us is its main goal i must say i am impressed but not entirely satisfied premium costs money for the General amount of options that i expect a normal antivirus to have i like this app on my computer then used it on my phone Because it WORKS Would and have recommend this app                     Mack Carr
    At first this would constantly crash my phone That seems to be resolved but now it doesn t reliably run on the scan schedule             A Google user
    I m always worried about my phone and who might tap into my personal info but since I downloaded and upgraded AVG I get news updates regarding the status of my phone and the condition it s in The prompts are fast and easy and I now use my phone in confidence and my safety anxiety has gone away                     A Google user
    Ive always loved using AVG I Used it on all my devices for many many years Personally I think they are the best Antivirus out there thats my own opinion from using other Antivirus programs and just getting aggitated and feeling like they dont work Not to name any names Thanks AVG I just wish you could make this terrible phone i bought work better worst phone ever Cant say names again Only downside that can help is to lower the cost per year month its expensive on a small budget                     Jeremy Davis
    AVG free version was great Used it for years without any hassle HOWEVER I decided to pay for the full works on my new PC Couldn t access my account Called the helpline to get help with activating the new installation That was all However they took over control of my PC I thought to simply activate their product and they went off down some path to fix the problem Half way through they stopped and offered me a set of charging options for fixing my PC It s a new PC It had no problems I had to explain I didn t want anything fixing just access to my account and ability to activate my new purchase It took a lot of explaining and a change to the line manager before I was allowed to go During this time my registry files were being gone through Eventually they hung up on me A few minutes later a messgae informed me that they no longer had access to control of my PC Since then my speakers have stopped working properly Their website seems deliberately designed to confuse any attempts to post complaints or enter into any discussion The member profile page has no menu items allowing communication Phoning them s a nightmare DON T BOTHER WITH THE PAID VERSION         Christopher Lloyd
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