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Klinker Apps , the publisher behind many Android apps (Blur - A Launcher Replacement ,Talon (Blur Launcher Page) ,Inspire (Alarm) ,EvolveSMS Green ,EvolveSMS Red ,Source (News Reader)), brings EvolveSMS with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. EvolveSMS apps has been update to version 1.2.0 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I love that I can change the notification icon /color..
  • I like having a dark background on my text messages..
  • I have almost always used AOSP mms app..
  • Excellent SMS alternative..
  • Appears to integrate Google Voice texting as well..

Overall Satisfactionc71
This is definitely the best messaging app out there.
The hands-down best texting app on the market.
This app has the potential to become one of the best SMS apps around.
Fix the performance and you have one of the best SMS applications out.
I really want to love this app.
Definitely better than stock messaging - I love sliding between message threads.
I love the look and feel and fluidness of the app.
and I'd love to continue using it.
Fun & Engagingc76
Awesome SMS app replacement.
Love the custom features and developer is always helpful.
Developer is always helpful.
Production Valuesc50
with a stunning UI.
Stunning UI.
The app is really visually stunning.
bugs still present.
Updates & Supportc47
Also the customer service is fast and very helpful.
Customer service was also great.

Just found out about the quick text option. found in 4 reviews
Its a great SMS app with awesome features and interface. found in 86 reviews
Evolve is my current favorite SMS app. found in 2 reviews
advanced features including scheduled sms and personalized mass texting. found in 9 reviews
with a stunning UI. found in 4 reviews
Beautiful App w/ lots of functionality. found in 3 reviews
Revised review …. found in 2 reviews
and after the latest update it's finally usable for me. found in 3 reviews
Best messaging app on the store for KitKat OS. found in 6 reviews
EvolveSMS is a breath of fresh air :. found in 3 reviews
Smooth as silk. found in 2 reviews
Beautiful design and highly customizable. found in 5 reviews
pattern lock. found in 4 reviews
I really like the sleek design of the new update. found in 7 reviews
will be adding the expansion packs too. found in 5 reviews
Finally a good sms solution for KitKat. found in 3 reviews
The hands-down best texting app on the market. found in 117 reviews
Beautiful and functional. found in 6 reviews
I don't see it in the new material design update. found in 5 reviews
This app is absolutely gorgeous and extremely smooth. found in 4 reviews
I have to open hangouts to retrieve picture messages. found in 50 reviews
After the update in 1/16 I can't send mms :-/. found in 90 reviews
Never received group messages and fails to send MMS T-Mobile. found in 100 reviews
Group message crashes the second you open it. found in 73 reviews
Please fix MMS issues. found in 11 reviews
Please devs make this app support dual sim phones. found in 37 reviews
Disabling it causes this one to crash on and text entry. found in 14 reviews
No serious bugs for me except I'm having issues with MMS. found in 16 reviews
I cant send mms messages how do i fix this. found in 18 reviews
Also I still can't receive or send mms with WiFi on. found in 25 reviews
Group text messages won't send unless I resend them. found in 39 reviews
And just learned that mms doesn't work at all :/. found in 31 reviews
Can't get notifications on status bar even tho they're enabled. found in 20 reviews
Messages don't deliver properly and they aren't received properly. found in 17 reviews
The only problem is I can't send picture messages. found in 51 reviews
Decent replacement for the stock SMS app - but NO dual SIM support. found in 102 reviews
but appear to be behind my home screen widgets & unresponsive. found in 29 reviews
Since one of the most recent updates I can't send or receive mms messages. found in 146 reviews
Only problem is my mms won't send or receive through this app. found in 54 reviews
Reverted back to hangouts. found in 48 reviews
Poor pop-up quick reply support. found in 46 reviews
Please add Dual sim support and i'll rate 5 stars. found in 102 reviews
but Im going back to my stock messaging app. found in 62 reviews
Love the app but doesnt support dual sim phones. found in 37 reviews
I've tried manual APN settings and all to no avail. found in 42 reviews
The app keeps crashing and I am unable to send mms messages. found in 79 reviews
Take long time to load conversation list and all others. found in 89 reviews
It stopped receiving my text messages for a whole day. found in 53 reviews
but when it starts sending messages to the wrong people its got issues. found in 63 reviews
My biggest issue is that when I send group texts. found in 39 reviews
the messages are being deleted when I choose to delete them. found in 91 reviews
Is this not compatible with the Galaxy Note. found in 50 reviews
All seemed fine until I tried to send a picture message. found in 51 reviews
My texts disappear randomly and I can't send or receive any. found in 54 reviews

The EvolveSMS is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new EvolveSMS app version 1.2.0 has been updated on 2014-02-14. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.0 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about EvolveSMS check developer Klinker Apps`s website : https://plus.google.com/communities/101722781061844311332

EvolveSMS is a powerful texting replacement app that makes talking to your friends quick, fun and easy It s been designed from the bottom up with the newest Android guidelines in mind to look beautiful ...

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