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Playrix , brings Township with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Township games has been update to version 1.1.5 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Time killer wish there where ways to make more money..
  • It's a fun game that you can lose track of time playing..
  • So interactive and great stress buster..
  • It is a mind blowing game..
  • I don't why yu people are complaining bout a free game..

Overall Satisfactionc91
I love playing this game never have problems with it.
Pls fix the problems or no point playing this game.
The best social game I've played for a long while.
Amazing game with really gud features and animation.
This is one of my favorite games in the world.
Ya really wonderful game they gonna make brilliants oooh.
Way better than Farmville :-D Edit: The laboratory is awesome.
This is a lovely game u all so play.
I love dis game n am addicted to it.
Fun & Engagingc94
Awesome game so addicting im always it lol.
Other thn the crashes and lagging its an awesome game.
Very addictive moves along really quickly lots of fun.
Me and my girlfriend are both addicted to this game.
I was addicted to this game until this last update.
Very fun game maybe a little less time to expand your town.
Other than that it's super fun and totally cute.
A Farm Game with LOADS of Fun.
Youll never get bored and its easy to earn money.
Absolutely love it I play it all the time am addicted to it.
I play it everyday several times a day I am completely addicted.
the higher you go the longer everything takes.
Play it every day haven't found another game that interests me like township.
Family Friendlyc89
Really good great for a family game.
Is a good family game.
I think that township is a great game for kids.
This is a really good game for kids to play.
Awesome family friendly Game.
Great game family friendly.
Very good game for kids to play.
Value for Moneyc75
unecessary to spend real money to complete the targets over.
You can take your time and play without spending real money.
Can't play without paying.
It's another game with cash you pay real money for.
Replay Valuec94
Building materials take a long time on higher levels.
In the higher levels it takes days to do anything.
Very interesting and challenging game.
Cute and challenging game.
Gd game is interesting and challenging.
I love playing it and trying to achevie new levels.
so can progress to new levels n expand our township.
Social Aspectsc63
Awesome like to play with friends and awesome graphics.
Production Valuesc96
Its a very interesting game with cute graphics.
amazing graphics and different concept.
I love the animation and the various types of things to do.
Ease of Usec93
A fun simple game for everyone who loves farm games.
Simple game can play for my children.
Fun graphics easy to play.
REALLY enjoy this game keep up the good work.
Since the update today the game keeps freezing and shutting down.
defo download it's a great game keep up good work :-.
The game keep shutting down after latest update.
Stop making such a buggy and bulshit game please.
Reset the game.
It will not let you reset the game.
Updates & Supportc58
With every update the game keeps getting better and better.
Now put right this really is good customer service.
The Android is far better than Facebook version.
offline version.
Its really a battery drainer for me.

Very intresting game time to time update makes it more intresting. found in 12 reviews
very good city building game combined with farming. found in 66 reviews
It is a very cool game and very good to play. found in 16 reviews
The best social game I've played for a long while. found in 88 reviews
Township is the farming/ city builder you have been looking for. found in 7 reviews
Very fun game maybe a little less time to expand your town. found in 45 reviews
I really love this game it is a stress reliever. found in 8 reviews
So great game guys you should try this. found in 9 reviews
Very interesting game I ever played HV always fun playing this game:-. found in 40 reviews
Great game to pass the time and indulge creative side. found in 100 reviews
Really addictive game simple fun for all the family. found in 5 reviews
Really enjoy playing this game and building my town. found in 194 reviews
I had been playing for over 100 days. found in 5 reviews
Way better than Farmville :-D Edit: The laboratory is awesome. found in 35 reviews
I think that township is a great game for kids. found in 7 reviews
The most beautiful game in Android :D 5stars deserve. found in 12 reviews
Very nice game to play when we feel bored. found in 110 reviews
It is way better than hay day and farm ville. found in 10 reviews
Its super nice and relaxing game. found in 11 reviews
This game incorporates a city simulation game and a farming game. found in 13 reviews
I'm so upset I don't want to play anymore. found in 10 reviews
also it has now started closing nonstop so i cant play. found in 37 reviews
New update sucks because now I can't even play. found in 12 reviews
Just wish you could add friends without doing it through facebook. found in 85 reviews
Just impossible to play unless you spend real money on it. found in 7 reviews
but im unable to connect with friends who also play. found in 22 reviews
Til The New Update Now The Game Wont Even Load. found in 8 reviews
After the latest update the game keeps shutting down. found in 31 reviews
It's an easy way to waste time and is cute. found in 18 reviews
I always experience 3x crashing before I completely open the game. found in 30 reviews
Not able to watch video and earn township cash. found in 5 reviews
Can't add friends sent friend requests on fb. found in 11 reviews
Like it a lot but wish i could play offline also. found in 5 reviews
Ability to play offline would be the cherry on top. found in 26 reviews
I was experienced unable to play after updated. found in 7 reviews
Great game except for. found in 8 reviews
You cannot add specific facebook friends as your neighbors. found in 40 reviews
The only down fall is the lack of cross platform friends. found in 3 reviews
After update I cant see my friends in the game. found in 9 reviews
game crashes every time I try to harvest crops. found in 13 reviews
Y'all did an update now I can't open the game at all. found in 30 reviews
but would be good not to lose in quality please. found in 9 reviews
When i will start the game i is atomatically closed. found in 18 reviews
I'm unable to see fb fren after I connect to fb. found in 11 reviews
its already three days i cant play my township. found in 37 reviews
Can't see friends while connected to facebook. found in 43 reviews
The last update sucks. found in 12 reviews
Since the last update the game crashes over and over again. found in 31 reviews
After update i cant open this game always no connection. found in 9 reviews
Since the latest update the game keeps freezing up so I cannot play. found in 45 reviews
fkng this game crashes everytime when the connecting screen loads. found in 13 reviews
Stop making such a buggy and bulshit game please. found in 15 reviews
Can't see fb friend. found in 22 reviews

The Township is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Township app version 1.1.5 has been updated on 2014-01-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Township check developer Playrix`s website :

Township is a unique blend of city-building and farming experience for your Android tablet or phoneShare your vision of a perfect place to live in Harvest crops, run processing facilities and sell goods to develop ...

fun and entertaining but some of the wait times are waaaaay too long nobody wants to wait 12 minutes let alone 12 hours I would think you would want people to play not shut it off and wait 12 hours just sayin also I ve been waiting for over a month to get the materials to upgrade my barn C mon Thinking about uninstall not much fun anymore because of the excessive waiting         Dave Guernsey
The game is super fun in the beginning The entire dynamic is designed to make you pay money to speed things up to the point where the wait times becomes excessive The longer you play the longer the wait times I m not waiting 18 hours for stuff to finish building which just isn t fun The number of products has exceeded all reason and of course the storage space is limited unless you want to pay a bunch of money to upgrade it     Yuriy Rusko
This game was fun at first but as your town develops it is nearly impossible to make everything needed for the plane the train the helicopter and the zoo Everything takes forever to make Even when you want to build a factory you have to build a house first to increase population Just gets very frustrating If you have time to monitor the game 24 hours a day this game is for you             Doreen DiFrancesca
Too Stingy with T Cash Bucks The cash awards need to be larger 2 4 for completing tasks is ridiculous especially since you can t trade building materials with neighbors or purchase with coins You are stuck hoping the train brings what you need or you have to purchase with real money Up the T Cash bucks to 20 50 per task award I m sure people will still pay REAL money but for those who want to just enjoy playing it will level the field a bit     Felicia Young
I like playing your excelllent game If you are playing the game watch out for your barn inventory Things keep turning up missing I don t know if is a problem in the game or someone is stealing the items I m sorry to tell the designers of the game but the real world is not love and cooperation Instead it is made up of greed and corruption There is a bad problem with the clock but I don t have room to tell you                     Tom Prasatik
Mostly a fun game but everytime i send train or get goods at the market the time increases until the next change and this last time it increase by almost an hour at the market Frustrating And im all for things getting harder but it seems to get exponentially harder Nice to have help in the co op but mysteriously we have all been needing the same things which makes it harder to help             Rachel Oldaker
I absolutely loved this game mainly because there was always so much to do that I d be at for hours Suddenly now that I have reached level 60 I have very little to do since there are no more houses to buy or businesses everything I can do takes forever to get the stuff I need for it I am looking for other games to do I the extra time I have now                 Nikki Skuza
This is a good game Ive been playing it over 3 years Im on level 103 you can get as involved as you want spend some money etc or not I havent spent any money It can take a lot of your time if you allow it to or just opt out of something quit filling the airplane or dont participate in some events Maybe you have time to spare and need a distraction this is it Ive had some of the same friends in the game for years Pretty fun game                     Gary Boyer
This game is fun and addictive Until you run out of cash and have no way of getting more without using your own real money which I refuse to do I wish there was an option to watch commercials for the cash or something So sad foo see this game come to an end without the cash getting building materials takes a lot of time and effort             Jolene Goodspeed
I love Township It is the BEST game It does have some problems tho I have 13 habitats I cannot build in the zoo and so 29 animals with no habitats to live in I constantly have trains out but the building materials and supplies just don t come enough at a time to get anything accomplished Also we need a separate tool shed because there isn t enough space in our barns for both our inventory and our building materials and supplies Thank you for this wonderful game                 elena novana
I like the game It is absolutely frustrating a lot of the time but I keep playing in spite of it The zoo seems to be a forgotten entity since the tool exchange I have 8 enclosures i cant finish and game wants me to buy 12 more I already have 33 animals without a home Something needs changed The entire game is changing to a 5 minute game Play 5 minutes then wait anywhere from 4 to 8 hours for something to grow or ships to show up Barns and shelves are full What are we supposed to play                 Anette Batson
Cute little game I noticed that if you tap on a person they will either wave back at you do a different animation or just ignore you I do find that the Piggy Bank idea to be useless as you were given that by the town for doing job s for them it should just be given to us As for the paying for it is a waste of time why pay for it when its our s Edit I wish there was a button down the bottom for the ship s just like the helicopter train and the plane                 Tasha Pearce
1 star for lack of developer support All these reviews and no answer from developer You take people s money but can t respond Also 1 star for for the fact that some of the pictures shown above are not in the game At all The pics that say help them and feed them are not in the game The pigs are never just wandering around they are always in the pig shed False advertisement I wouldn t know cos the developers don t reply I m at level 50 and am still yet to see them     Abby Lynne
love the concept of the game I think a no out of pocket money version would be great for schools It teaches the art of trade planning saving spending and self control all essential trates needed for life Love the ideas co op chat and trade goods with your fellow co op players as well as players from other co ops Want to play We are becoming a very united team of mayors and your welcome to join our co op u003e Tile Tappers                     Mrs B
been playing this game for a few months cool little game until the got hacked seems there are more than a few people who are missing and product I have been stockpiling goods for a project only to always have the same amount in stock in this case its cream 2 days building and theres 4 in the barn never 3 never more only 4 I ve spoken to other players and this seems to have stated on or about June 19 20 only 1 star for me sorrynotsorry     a m
Fun but annoying like there is no way to dictate what a train will give you i have several buildings i could finish if i could only get some glass been days now Can t finish or expand unless you build but if you can t get the supplies the game stalls i am board and only on level 28 SUGGESTION The ability to leave messages directly in someone s town or on their Message Board perhaps Personal private messages that aren t for the rest of the co op s                 Vivi La Rouge
The game is actually fun and very well made Except for the storage issue One barn to store all things is ridiculous There should be a place for grown and harvested goods and food a separate place for building materials and a separate place for minerals That is why received only three stars             Kerry Morrish
The game itself is lovely and simulating However after the game was updated by the creators I lost my zoo that I ve worked so hard to get and create To this day my zoo had never been reinstalled nor have I recieved any cash or coin reimbursement for it so I don t play any more And if I could switch between my phone and computer and still be on the same level instead of starting over I would play more             Robin McFadden
The game should give u more opportunities to build building and grow ur town however to buy land and to finish building it take 230 game cash I have had building just seating their for months I guess they game wants more to spend real money on the game dollars just to grow my town Nobody has that type of money Not me rather Losing interest in the game that I use to love         Yolanda Yakima
Hi there I find township a very good game I would like to ask the developer that currently I m on level 68 when I participate in regatta I always have to buy second last task and that s it For example if the current session offers 13 tasks I completed 11 tasks normally for 12th task I had to pay amount to buy and after completing 12th task I can t take anymore task while my co op members have completed 14 tasks Please suggest me the solution                     A Google user
Pretty cool little sim game It keeps asking me to rate the game over and over Incredibly detailed graphics the best little city competitions of course I would like to win more of them Overall YES Install and PLAY this game BUT horrible customer service Actually NO customer service Still no resolution still no answer HOW RUDE     Greg Stoner
The game is fun and very addictive but full of bugs unfortunately Several times I won t even be touching the phone and it will just do things not a big deal until it s something that costs game dollars which I spent money on Noticed it s a lot worse now so I ll probably just uninstall the game once I ve used up the stuff I purchased Overall it is a nice time waster though             Matthew Fultz
The more I play this game the less I like it I start to realize it was designed not with maximum fun in mind but rather maximum greed For example back end contruction costs Pay up front for your building and once it s finished building you have to come up with more resources to complete it Acquiring land is like pulling teeth and only gets harder as you advance making it difficult to design a fun town It has its charm but the greed factor drags it down the further into the game you get         Isaac Lopez
This game rock It s super easy to handle very awesome graphic and it s really addictive Just one suggestion though it would be nice if we can watch some videos in order to get moneyville or gold Other than that it s a splendid game There s no ads suddenly pops up really convenient Overall I love it Thank you devs team Kudos to all of you                     nooral izzah alhanif
I love this game I have been playing township for like 4 years and its more indepth than any other farm game I ve played I would suggest this game to anyone The only thing I would change is how fast you can build community buildings and enclosures It takes forever to collect the supplies and is super expensive if you want to pay cash I m on level 75 and play everyday it should not take me weeksss to build something Please game developers fix this                     Kelly Hodgson
The whole game can grind to a halt within the first hour if your barn is full and no deliverables are needed no resources to upgrade barn no way to feed animals to clear barn because you can t even empty production facilities to get the food and can t empty train which has parts you need for barn upgrade because once agian the barn is full which forces you to use bux their form of p2w currency to get out of it the bind Seriously my game is broken and unplayable until i use bux fail                 Tillamook 9000
having to keep uninstalling the game and re installing due to crashing screen is unresponsive please sort this issue is anyone else having this problem Still having this same problem 2 months later I ve un installed and re installed so many times its freezing and wont let me collect goods from the train getting really annoyed now can play on my Amazon fire tab no problem but not on android phone helpppp     Cheryl Egan
Very addictive but I wish there was a list somehow of what my friends and co OP needed instead of me having to click each one The game only allows you to add 50 friends from the game itself To receive the full achievement you have to get 25 from Facebook Well I am not on Facebook             E S
Slippery slope I have played the game for a few months and it was kind of fun It was fun but quickly got boring because the game allows down the higher the level You have to get more stuff and it takes so long Cheese making is more than 30 minutes and to grow stuff takes longer I many cases Unless you pay you have to wait Like I said it was fun but its lost it s fun and I most likely will soon uninstall it unless the game is changed to speed it up or I dont get more perks         Joey White
It s a great game but when you get to Gold League with a great team in the regatta all the top places are held by teams that so obviously pay a lot of money to stay in those top places and it s very demoralising for those that actually work at it Creators won t respond because it s all revenue to them No way to get them to acknowledge your thoughts                 Margaret Rist
You guys put a lot of character and detail into this game Well done i m impressed The smallest of details make the game feel more alive From the bunnies squirrels butterflies and birds to the boy playing with his dog to the sheep shivering from being naked without wool you guys did a great job Thank you for such a neat app P S you may want to rethink your video for this app since you dont really do any of those things in the game Though it did pull me into downloading                     Sabrina Schippers
I love this But recently I had to factory reset my phone and lost all 55 levels that I d built up I don t see any way to restore that UPDATE Named my new town the same as the old one This morning the server recognized the name and optioned the replacement                 Jennifer Jackson
I agree with everyone else who has said this is a great game until you reach the hire levels that s where they think they have you hooked and you will spend money to buy the resources to build your town it used to be fun now it s just a drag and it sucks I m probably going to delete it             Joshua Thompson
I ve been playing this game for a few years now and I m starting to lose interest I was really disappointed to not be gifted a 6 statue for your birthday this year I moved my town around and everything We all work so hard one free thing wouldn t hurt every now and then Everything just costs so much which is fine but people who feel appreciated will do more         Britney Whiteaker
This was a great game in that it was a way for people around this earth to come together experience friendship and see where the people you are playing this game with are from Now in the finite wisdom of the developers removing country flags from the Co ops has taken that away as if everyone playing this game should not be allowed to identify with the country they live in This is nothing short of leftist liberal socialist mentality It s a game not a political platform or is it     Chuck Olson
This game helps you to develop your logical thinking and intelect Once you start you cant stop It makes you want to develop your town more and more It is rly fun and atractive Its fun how you can see your own citizens how are making diferent activities all the time Also how most of the comunity buildings are also full with people who are doing their job and move around as like the factories as well I am impressed Thank you for making this game                     Ema Rangelova
Very entertaining game The creators really took even the smallest things into account when making this game PLEASE ONE thing I wish they would ADD to they game is a delete or undo button to use when you re waiting for items to be made but u no longer need them It would be great if u got ur products back if done soon enough and just trash it if taken longer to delete                 Kell Kell
Updating my review now Initially this game was fun but then appears a piggy bank where they save your earned cash in them but to redeem them you have to buy that in real cash That s pathetic In addition to this even the price is so high and you have to keep buying it after and after Really forcing someone to buy Horrible     Rahul Gupta
Overall it s a fun game but it can get expensive very fast Some building materials are hard to come by leaving partially completed construction projects I don t want to use real money to finish them and you can t expand your town until they are finished The piggy bank optional gathers Township cash and when it s full it costs real money to open it I haven t found a way to get rid of it So open your wallet if you re going to play this game             Lawana Dalton
I still wish I could rotate things 360 But the more I play it the more I think of ways it could be better Have a separate barn for building supplies More tabs in barn per factory to make it easier to keep track of products you have that each factory produces A way to exchange gems and building supplies with other players Make expansion plots bigger per population growth Its really hard to have a pleasing amount of space between buildings My friend s housing units are crammed together             Michelle Malott
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