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KSMobile , brings Cheetah Browser - #1 for Video with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Cheetah Browser - #1 for Video apps has been update to version 3.0.7 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • could u create a pc version of this browser..
  • Also lonks to all your social media platforms quick n painless..
  • it seems to work more seamlessly with Google Voice..
  • Great storage space saver..
  • It's lite weight and fast web browser for mobile..

Overall Satisfactionc94
the Best browser in playstore simply the best.
There's no doubt this is the best browser out there.
Brilliant browser so much better than chrome everyone should get it.
This app is the best browser for android that I have ever tried.
So basically is now useless as a browser for android.
Amazingly fast browser with a very clear and neet interface.
Certainly better than google chrome and other factory installed browsers.
I love the speed & safety that this browser provides.
My phone works fast thank to all ur apps.
Annoying ads.
Fun & Engagingc96
Awesome browser even it is better than mozilla firefox.
What seems to be an awesome browser turned to be disappointing.
Awesome speed and protected most important thing it is.
I like everything about this browser from its small resource footprint.
Really like everything about this browser so far.
Social Aspectsc100
Also lonks to all your social media platforms quick n painless.
and how the social media tabs are all in one place.
Ease of Usec95
ppy apps this this is fast simple and protected browsing.
Not just your simple browser more effective.
It's fast and convenient to use nice app thanks to all team.
easy interface and many search engines are included.
What browser keep it real and functions to come 5star jare.
friendly and light weight browser keep it up CM.
CM Browser keeps shuting down everytime I use it.
Ads not Intrusivec100
Also doesn't block ads like other browsers do.
Annoying ads.
Security & Privacyc95
Very Fast and Secure All Phones Should Have This Browser.
This is a fast secure browser that accels past internet explorer.
Also I havent been able to save passwords for sites.
Updates & Supportc78
I use Xperia z & my android version is 4.
For Sony Xperia C2305 Android Version.
Just need a tablet version.
Tablet version.
Thank you for this app and wonderful customer service.
Customer service is beyond brilliant.
Battery doctor and the booster apps seemed to kill my battery.
As a booster & battery saver.

Yes this is an really a good aap to browse faster. found in 16 reviews
Its a amazing apps and very fast browsing good working. found in 154 reviews
the Best browser in playstore simply the best. found in 1099 reviews
This app is th e fastest browser in the world. found in 17 reviews
This CM browser always keeps me safe and secure at all time. found in 30 reviews
This browser is extremely fast and fluid. found in 12 reviews
Very fast and clean best browser to date. found in 31 reviews
It was super fast and lightweight before the latest update. found in 90 reviews
Brilliant browser so much better than chrome everyone should get it. found in 212 reviews
Best and fastest Internet browser even on low speed Internet. found in 62 reviews
Very Fast and Secure All Phones Should Have This Browser. found in 143 reviews
Speed wise it beats chrome and Mozilla on my Android. found in 9 reviews
I like this browser because it is light and fast. found in 82 reviews
This app has replaced Chrome as my default browser :-. found in 12 reviews
This browser is the best mobile browser I've ever used. found in 42 reviews
Very fast browser one of the fastest I've seen yet. found in 566 reviews
Absolutely bar none the fastest user friendly browser on the market - period. found in 26 reviews
i use it on my samsung galaxy s4 and runs smoothly. found in 56 reviews
One of the best web browser i have i come across. found in 34 reviews
Fb page loading now but unable to upload photo in status. found in 19 reviews
the browser crashes everytime I try to full screen a video. found in 12 reviews
the browser keeps crashing when there are several tabs open. found in 21 reviews
can't play videos without having to load every 10 sec. found in 25 reviews
Only the add to home screen buttons option doesn't work for websites. found in 28 reviews
Love the app but needs flash suport then would be perfect. found in 7 reviews
I love this application but I can't upload pictures to Facebook. found in 17 reviews
most importantly there's no text reflow or flash playback. found in 13 reviews
I find myself always reverting back to chrome to open links. found in 13 reviews
It does not play flash videos like chrome does. found in 15 reviews
but can't upload photos to FB and sometimes twitter won't load. found in 16 reviews
but can I watch flash videos without downloading them. found in 19 reviews
but today it suddenly cudnt load pages. found in 16 reviews
Does not block ads and no ad ons like Firefox ect. found in 15 reviews
updates seem to involve banner ads and pop -ups. found in 5 reviews
Pity it doesn't save your open tabs windows when it's killed. found in 12 reviews
There's just not a way to import bookmarks from other browsing. found in 49 reviews
Browser crashes consistently when using back button. found in 12 reviews
Not as fast as claimed ~ dishonest status bar. found in 12 reviews
It's lighting fast but now I cannot upload pictures with it. found in 17 reviews
And no way of saving bookmarks on speed dial page. found in 27 reviews
Lacks text wrap. found in 13 reviews
I'm UNABLE to UPLOAD PICTURES to my Facebook page. found in 22 reviews
This browser will not allow me to play flash videos. found in 15 reviews
Automatic force close and then back to home screen. found in 28 reviews
my cell phone is hanging while using Facebook plz fix it. found in 10 reviews
Does not block pop ups at all. found in 13 reviews
I use this for Facebook and you can't even upload photos. found in 16 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Cheetah Browser - #1 for Video for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Cheetah Browser - #1 for Video app version 3.0.7 has been updated on 2014-01-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 4.0 and up
More Info: Find more info about Cheetah Browser - #1 for Video in KSMobile`s Official Website :

A browser to watch movies, music, and TV freelyKS Mobile, Inc. - January 22, 2014Communication Description Cheetah Browser - Best browser for videos Cheetah Browser is an optimized browser to provide you the fastest internet ...

I would have rated the browser higher but every time I download anything picture video etc I can t open it directly from the browser except I open it from the main folder It keeps saying can t open file is unusable The developers you should do something about this Secondly CM browser doesn t return to the last page I visited when the browser closes unexpectedly I selected remember my last page or something like that in the settings but it still doesn t work     Uzochukwu Ezenwanne
I love this Blocks ads flawlessly But the problem is it takes too much ram and there are bugs that interferes with searching something on a search bar It takes me to click the search button a lot of times to get to it And I am very bored with the interface Make it more simple Otherwise it s an excellent browser                 Jayendu Wijeratne
For a browser you use to avoid obnoxious ads it sure has plenty of ads of it s own And I have opted out of personalized ads on a lot of different devices and apps before but never have I had one require that I enter more information about my phone to do it I am sure they will give some BS excuse but something is not right about this browser             Gmail CanSuckit
I ve been using this app for a while now and it s solid But just recently the Most Visited section which rarely changes as i visit a lot of the same sites frequently changed to a History section so now it changes constantly every time i go to a new site What happened I didn t even update the app                 Jason Lee
I ve been trying probably all of the Android browsers out there and so far nothing beats my choice of CM Browser It meets what I need built in adblocks video catcher downloader fast stable and most importantly light There are more lightweight browser but doesn t give the same experience Been using it for almost 4 years now It would be great if developer improve the PC one too so we could synchronize the bookmarks                     Serena Pynta
It works good for blocking ads when the page ACTUALLY LOADS Many times it does not load at all and the only way to maybe try and get it to is to go back to the original link and keep trying to reload it that way Because there is no reload button in the browser that I know of It MIGHT load then Super inconvenient             Karen Karmazin
I feel this is one of the better browsers I ve used and l have used alot of browers l am a browser collector they all have different personalitys they all seem to offer different ways of working Different ways of trying to keep us safe CM Browser is a bold no nonsence browser that certainly can keep you safe Thank you much Jim D                     James Duncan
No way to flag ads that arent already blocked Armorfly used to be able to do that Also lacking the hide content when not the active window option that armorfly had Also missing ability to force media detection Currently locker is nonexistant even when switched on Nice concepts Doesnt actually work update pro hate ad on home screen no way to report it lowered rating     Glenn Gutman
Decent but does freeze up at times and has been unable to download some videos that I have been able to download using other apps Overall I prefer cm browser over others still Keep up the good work and thank you for your time in making a good overall browser that is better than Google s They need to be knocked down a few notches before they get to big for their own good Just saying                 Nathan Watland
Useless against redirect ads which are the main reason I want an ad blocker After an update to CM Browser I get redirected to an ad every time I navigate to a new page unless the page is cached in which case I probably just saw that page seconds ago anyway useless     Michael Greene
I don t know what happens but the night mode function no longer works when I updated my system app Google Chrome Similar issue happening to my other phone only this time the night mode function was affected by a system app called Android Webview The night mode function especially its layout was the main reason I prefer CM Browser However the little glitch with the other system apps causing the failure is really ruining my experience Please fix this         sarah connor
I dropped this browser before due to the fact that it malfunctions later on with continuous usage and back then if I m downloading a huge file it s frustrating cos it stops downloading halfway through It s been almost a year that I dropped it but decided to try it out yesterday If it serves well I ll make it a 5 star             James Okechukwu
i love this browser honestly ive used this browser for about 2 years now and the only problem that i have now with it is that some mobile websites look odd like for example if i went onto a normal secure website like bestbuy the site looks really odd because not everything is on the site like it used to and that i think that if a person were to watch videos on any website they would have this experience too So i think that all that this app needs is an update                     Jamal Hassan
today i had used it for the very first time i m quite impressed with the app performance as from the last few days i m not unable to download some anime videos due to regular ads but now i have downloaded all the anime videos Impressed a lot but u know improvement day by day make a thing THE BEST CM BROWSER Use all browser but this is truly amazing hope it get updated by the tym                     Shubam Raina
good evening ive been using this app for almost a year for my daily browsing activities but lately this app no longer gives me an option to download of twitter further more it no longer seems to have the abilty to handle certain websites its hangs and than crashes please assist me in sorting this problem i only use this app and i used to love it                     matthew shaun singh
Can not paste copied texts and upload image on twitter website Very hard to post manually on twitter since the words always jumbled and autotexts are really hard to control Certain website regads it as old version of chrome and couldn t be opened with this cm browser Even Chrome browser 3 years ago still worked better than this Yeah it is small and sometimes fast but very lacking in mentioned aspects Really dissappointed         Ross I.
You know what sir I admit this is good app for free But now its looks like trash now Its cool its detected video even we dont need to play it first But can u help us The download always stoped at the middle I just download a vid about 30mb and always stoped at the middle I have prove if u want me to send it         campec campec
first I will have to say isWOWthis is fast I don t full wifi bars on my tablet mabey half bars at best and this browser is super fast way faster then chrome I love the layout design of the browser it has a nice look and feel to it and very easy to operate i have tested it on pages that i have tried to load to google chrome and cm browser IS the torpedo that blew chrome out of the water THANK YOU SOOO much for making this and keep up the great work                     Steven Arose
If any video i was downloaded the pause option doesn t works it is so irritated to me So consider my opinion to update the few minor problems in the browser Otherwise it is so smooth and fast             Ajinkya Ajith
Very impressive especially in ads blocking bar code reader etc u0026 I m not looking forward to updates because most browsers I ve used are rendered ineffective by subsequent updates and whatsoever So I advise you people let what is felt good by your consumers remain good Thanks                 iornongu paul
Before installing this browser I couldn t find the information I was on a website to find for the articles Now I can read what I want without the hassle I also love the way it wipes away my history so my searches no longer result in unwanted solicitations                     Andi Jaume
why always add new tab everytime I open the app and then previous tab automatically play the video yt just open the last active tab number easy and if it s yt then don t auto play the video adblocker is not working 100 though still got 1 2 ads in each yt video but I m okay with that         Code Name: Shendy
There s no list so I can t select always to set CM Browser as my default browser Strange CM browser is listed as my default browser on my app info page I texted a complaint and they didn t answer so I posted this comment a few hours ago and they deleted it     Judith Nagle
First page I loaded it claimed it blocked 60 ads but there were still ads Next page 18 ads blocked but still ads front and center Rating it two stars because it is fast and supposedly blocked a bunch of ads I ll look elsewhere rather than than stick with this         David Victorious
I like this browser simple but it s really annoying when I change my settings to stop showing the obnoxious most visited icons and they still load almost every single time so I close it open it again and it ll go away if i dont want icons and I change it to avoid them I expect results         terrah stormfall
Browser is good But I don t like thr ads appearing that are no appropriate for kids And the pause and resume button is not workinh in my phone Whn download pased you can t resume it and get stuck Tried on many sites But the page loading speed is good                 Abid Rayan
The browser does not has a feature to save a Google image by long pressing on the picture it let s you to visit the website of the picture and then you can save it overall a great browser because of nice user interface and ad blocking feature will give five stars if they add the picture saving feature                 Kumar Shradhesh Nayak
Of late my experience has been terrible i can t seem to download or watch any video because it keeps buffering intially i thought the problem was with the WiFi i was useing turns out it s the browser since all the other browser are perfectly fine     Mary Mwaniki
asks for ratings far too often even after I set it to remember my tabs and recall them it always opens with all tabs closed it also often forgets other preferences I give it such as not asking to save passwords and predicting webpage I want to visit all in all it s really annoying         Sage
it was great at first but recently it keeps closing itself u0026 some websites don t load fully like Groupon u0026 sometimes sites tell me to update my browser which I do beforehand or other times can t login to a few sites Maybe some of this might have to do w my phone but not sure             wiikends
The pause resume download and button after a download fails one to restart the download totally don t work non responsive at all never worked once on my phone I m using Nubia Red Magic 3 please fix urgently             Royale dejdmlvr
It says it is doing a whole lot of blocking so I think it is good It is still early I will be optimistic and start with 4 stars based on it own rating                 Smokey McGee
Would give this app 5 stars as it has been working great until today I am now getting ads on the speed dial home page and even with ad blocker on they pop up every day Please fix                 Lou Collins
Great browser fast speeds and good customization Love having the full screen option on my Oneplus 7 Pro I understand that ads are needed for revenue but why not offer a pro option for those that are willing to pay and not have ads Also would like to see a dark mode for the status bars and not just a full blown night mode                 James R
sure this blocks ads you see on the sides of pages but that wasn t my problem my problem was redirect ads that shoot me everywhere but the damn page how you say you block ads but i see a YOUR LG IS INFECTED YOU HAVE 2 MINUTES on my screen every 5 seconds im on YOUR BROWSER how are you not stopping the ads on your own browser     Clout_ggodd.2 On Insta
1 It doesn t allow texts to be highlighted or selected for an ease copy and paste function within the browser 2 The ad blocker is a fake one The browser is just so full with ads     Peter Aniefiok Akpan
Good browser and is private with some setting changes Recently changed their home screen so the ads appear below your shortcuts instead of appearing above which is an improvement                     Michael McNeil
Works great so far but i can find no links or pages stating where to get extensions A popup blocker would be great for a start I tried to go to a streaming site to watch a movie and had popups galore                     Rob W
this app is super sensitive for human verification everything needs to be verified by captcha and it s super annoying please fix this this is the only browser app that i have problem with it s human verification fix it ASAP because i love using this browser             Uw U
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