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KAYAK , brings Kayak Flight and Hotel Search with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Kayak Flight and Hotel Search apps has been update to version 5.8 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great app suits well for a frequent flyer..
  • Handy tool I use for a flight..
  • One of the best travel booking app I have used..
  • Definitely a must for frequent travelers and road warriors..
  • I always use kayak for last minute reservations and I'm always satisfied..

Overall Satisfactionc87
One of the best travel booking app I have used.
Very simple design yet very powerful search - best flight search app I've used.
Love Kayak and its Android app is not an exception.
Maher Amer: best search engine for all my travel need.
Thanks kayak for creating a great app.
Always finds the best flights regardless of time of day I love it.
Could use more filter options.
Needs more filters and tools to search properly.
Real accurate and much better than expedia.
Fun & Engagingc78
Could use more filter options.
Needs more filters and tools to search properly.
The best travel ap I've been able to find so far.
I use it all the time to book my flights and hotels.
easy to use & most importantly awesome deals on travel.
I use Kayak all the time to find great flight and hotel deals.
Easy to use and very useful in getting quick and accurate flight information.
It saves time in getting quotes from major service providers.
It's everything in one place for all your travel needs.
It has everything you need in one app.
Very useful and helpful when comparing different rates for hotels.
Searches well and other useful tools too.
Production Valuesc83
Love the organization and easy interface from email.
Very easy interface my favorite travel app.
Ease of Usec80
Easy to use and very useful in getting quick and accurate flight information.
This is so fast and convenient.
Love the organization and easy interface from email.
Simple fast and stress free.
It is very easy and super convenient.
Gets it done in a simple quick way.
Fast response and easy navigation.
Love how easy and efficient the app is.
Security & Privacyc42
Updates & Supportc36
Excellent customer service.
Thanks for the Android tablet version.
maybe a tablet version.
Thanks for having a wonderful Android version.

Baggage fees for numerous airlines are listed. found in 9 reviews
The first place I go to for travel planning. found in 39 reviews
Very convenient app for travellers. found in 72 reviews
Much more finger friendly than other mobile travel sites - well designed. found in 8 reviews
Very useful and helpful when comparing different rates for hotels. found in 7 reviews
Speedy good flight finder - great. found in 7 reviews
Real accurate and much better than expedia. found in 9 reviews
I love to travel and this a great quick way to check prices. found in 27 reviews
Most complete travel search engine I've found & consistently finds lowest prices. found in 51 reviews
Great tool that provides comprehensive travel application. found in 17 reviews
Love Kayak and its Android app is not an exception. found in 109 reviews
My goto app for fast flight information and tracking. found in 6 reviews
Is a real time saver when traveling a lot. found in 27 reviews
Price results have always been as low as other search engines. found in 13 reviews
this really is a great app for planning trips. found in 13 reviews
Great travel app right at your finger tips. found in 130 reviews
Useful since it provides substantial vendor info in one place. found in 8 reviews
This is the easiest-to-use mobile travel planner I've found. found in 10 reviews
I love using kayak to check on airline flights and car rentals. found in 16 reviews
Flight price alert doesn't show until I open app. found in 6 reviews
If this allowed for flexible dates it would get 5 stars. found in 69 reviews
There's no possibility to add children in the searches. found in 10 reviews
The mobile app desperately needs a flexible date search feature. found in 20 reviews
A little bit more choices on search criteria would be good. found in 12 reviews
hangs at 99 % on my samsung galaxy/tmobile. found in 40 reviews
" oops error occured" after every hotel search. found in 9 reviews
Nor does it have the explore feature which I love. found in 12 reviews
Some frequently recurring problems relating to internet connection errors are limiting. found in 20 reviews
thanks for fixing the sensitive log data permission. found in 13 reviews
Needs to add the child/ senior option. found in 3 reviews
Please consider to remove those 2 new permissions. found in 6 reviews
but a missing child option makes it useless for me. found in 3 reviews
Widget doesn't work really well and takes up too much space. found in 9 reviews
Wants too many permissions. found in 13 reviews
I can't believe the tablet version doesn't have "My Trips". found in 13 reviews
3 stars for using slow loading and cumbersome Bing maps. found in 25 reviews
Often gets stuck at 99 % and then errors out saying no network connection. found in 56 reviews
Love the app only wish you could search for package deals. found in 10 reviews
Needs more filters and tools to search properly. found in 21 reviews
widget force closes when I try to set up a price alert. found in 21 reviews
Search still hangs at 99 % on Droid X2 running Android 2. found in 40 reviews
Still hangs @ 99 percent on every search. found in 22 reviews
Not compatible with my HTC one. found in 22 reviews
i already stopped using it as search results are quite useless. found in 55 reviews
The flight searches are broken on the Android app. found in 23 reviews
"oops error occured" after every hotel search. found in 41 reviews
Cannot search for all flight options yet. found in 31 reviews
Keeps saying it cant find hotels anywhere to try later. found in 40 reviews
Can't change the return date on flights. found in 20 reviews
there's a problem with the internet connection " rendering app pointless. found in 30 reviews
Keep receiving oops can't connect to Internet message on Samsung Note. found in 20 reviews
Bing maps is so incredibly terrible. found in 25 reviews
It keeps freezing when i use the widget fare alert. found in 44 reviews
now won't find any flights even after re-installing etc. found in 22 reviews
Great app design but it doesn't find anything and search stops at 99 %. found in 23 reviews
flight search won't load past 99 % on my thunderbolt. found in 30 reviews

The Kayak Flight and Hotel Search is now available for for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.8 has been released on 2014-11-05. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: full Internet access , view network state , view Wi-Fi state ,
Bottom Line: For more information about Kayak Flight and Hotel Search check developer KAYAK `s website : http://kayak.com

Travel search by Kayak. Find Hotel Rates, Cheap Flights and Airline Tickets on Kayak.com. Get Hotel Deals, Cheap Airfare and Book Cheap Tickets without Fees. Free Track Flight Status from flightstats. Free itinerary management, and calendar ...

Trip feature very convenience and very useful Search function is also very flexible with option But the display can be improved as current item by item takes time to read If there is some grouping will be easilier to read Compare to other travel app Kayak is much more details                 Alex Luk
Normally a great app but the new update makes the app hang When it eventually starts I can t log in with email The login with email button spins Once I actually put in my user name and password but submit button was grayed out Literally unusable     Richard Benton
Excellent experience Very user friendly intuitive responsive effective smooth and delivers money saving results It saved me hundreds on an international flight I highly recommend it                     Kimosh Mosh
We have used this app for flights almost 7 years now It is fairly comprehensive and easier to use than other booking apps                 Ruth Morgan
Do not waste your time it s rubbish It would show you ticket price and when you click on it to book it would redirect you to site and price would be change and would be expensive Worthless to download     bharat sahni
The ONLY app I use when booking flights Simple app to use and the or feature is perfect if your schedule to fly is flexible                     Christopher Weibel
I like the layout and everything I think my biggest suggestion would be to set up the explore option so that once you select a place to fly to you can then search for hotels If im going to go to a random place because I can get cheap flights I m also going to want to figure out where I can stay                 Aaron N
Great app I found great deals on flights and hotels                 Yesenia Leon
Till today best app i seen but add flight details like seat layout meal and amenities                     Vinod Jain
This app has always been my go to when trying to plan and schedule for trips It makes everything so much more accessible and flexible to my routine They even put up different websites selling a same ticket at similar or more affordable prices                     Pamela Galan
Great App for finding round trip multi city flights as well as hotel stays Flights times and prices not the same when redirected to booking site Went directly to airline and got everything cheaper             Andrew Bradford
Simple to use clean interface checking multiple providers relatively fast and up to date Good work Keep it up                     Marco Andrea Bolandini
Brilliant app All my travel arrangements held in one place                     Paul7218
Hotel price alert emails are useless Eg last email said hotels down by 77 hotel name not mentioned in the email click on links again doesn t identify the cheap hotel Waste of time     Paul Phillips
Exceptional saved a lot of money creating own trips Saved more than travel agents Please add a search function allowing to choose Airbus or Boeing etc followed by model number                     Feroz Feroz
I ve been a fan for years even before they had the app Now this allows me to be sitting anywhere and dream about the places in the world I m gonna be I love it thank you for this app                     Manuel Gutierrez
great app for cheap trips one issue I was able to add a trip to the watchlist for the search result anywhere not able to do this now is this still possible                 Claudio Cotto
Easy to find cheap flights u0026 hotels Very flexible options u0026 user friendly                 Nur atikah
Great app use it 6 7 times a year for domestic and international flights Great experience efficient and user friendly                     French Spud
Always used this app but since recent update when you search for airports they are no longer coming up so skyscanner now for me     Anthony Clark
I like kayak but the explore tool doesn t work it displays a price and when you click to get flight info it always shows a higher price                 Stan Cates
Super app Best rates I ve found ever Thank you guys                     Viktor Kulikov
Out of all the travel apps Kayak definitely sits at my top favourite The search engine is awesome and it genuinely seems to strike better prices than it s competitors                     Lex
If I may suggest a function where the search is live updated for hotels as you move the map I m planning a roadtrip                     Andrew Singleton
Very user friendly They have the cheapest flight tickets and car rental by over 20 difference                     Friday Oleske
A really good app I wish I could be able to see the prices of flights by looking at the calendar                 Kerkas 7
Have been using Kayak for so many years now and its spot on Lowest rates and reviews are helpful                     Rizwan Fayaz
Maybe incluye hotel and flight package for better deals                 Laura Garza Lecea
amazing app for booking tickets lowest rates they are offering best app on the planet for flight booking                     pranav kancharlawar
in my opinion loving it cheap cheap cheap no hidden fee                 Zixuan Zhou
Simply beautiful very much useful for frequent flyers and those who are planning for a trip                     mani a
This app is awsome I am really surprised this app has such a great feature of tracking flights                     Agha Ameeq
A very good App with a variety of options to choose from                     Jaqob Skinner
have used kayak for all my flights have nothing but good experiances                     Charlie Capps
Very disappointed kept saying my credit card wouldn t work and wanted me to book a much more expensive flight I called the airlines direct and got a lower price     Greg Stephenson
effective user friendly searching with all the information I need                     Crazy Cuban FireFighter
some of kayak partners have some bad cancellation policies some good some really bad i wouldn t recommend this app at all i think now that s how this app makes it s money screw people over if they find a better deal     A A RON
great app very easy to use and prices are cheap                     Benito Cajigas
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