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    Square Shooter net

    Square Shooter

    Version: 1.1
    In Arcade & Action
    Square Shooter loosely based on the classic arcade game Asteroids. Warning: addictiveTouch the hollow bubbles to shoot them. The further away you touch from your ship the faster you go on that direction.You want to ...
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    Download Tracker net Tracker

    Version: 3.2
    By Siarhei Luskanau
    In Travel
    The program for online monitoring of one or more telephones. Visualization on map, charts and reports are at Web-service be useful for manager to coordinate his people which works with customers out of office.
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    Magnetic Field detection net

    Magnetic Field detection

    Version: 1.8
    By guenole
    In Tools
    Worry about Electro-magnetic Field Hazards ?You can estimate it with your smarphone Just use this apps and put your phone near the device or place you want to test.The intensity of the electromagnetic field is ...
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    Vignette (demo version) net

    Vignette (demo version)

    Version: 2010-10-01.1 (RELEASE NOTES: fix for 5MP mode on T-Mobile G2; fixes for issues caused by recent Verizon 2.2 updates; front camera support for Sprint Samsung Epic 4G; extra information in the JPEG comments; fixes for Samsung Moment, Spica and Vibrant)
    By neilandtheresa
    In Multimedia
    Add film and camera effects to your photos.68 effects & 56 frames. Retro/vintage, LOMO/toy camera-style, Polaroid-style, cross-process, tilt-shift and more.Flash (if avail.), self-timer, steady shot, zoom, geotagging, front-facing camera (on some phones).If you have problems ...
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    Download net

    Version: 1.0.1
    In Productivity
    Wanna share photo/video/music with friends? Get on Android It lets you easily share and manage ANY files in your Box:- View and share Box files/folders- Download/upload files from/to Box- Create photo/video/music/text file/folder in Box- ...

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    Routing with Genetic Algorithm net

    Routing with Genetic Algorithm

    Version: 1.0
    In Demo
    This app will solve the travelling salesman problem with genetic algorithm.You can layout cities by touching display.The shortest route in the generation will be displayed when you push "Next Generation" button.You don`t need super computersFeel ...
    1,02 €
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    NetQin ??????V4.0 Android 2.0 net

    NetQin ??????V4.0 Android 2.0

    Version: 4.0
    By NetQinAndroid
    In Productivity
    ??????V4.0 for Android????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? GPS ?????????????????????????????????????????????
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    Network+ Exam net

    Network+ Exam

    Version: 1.0
    By Suemar Éverton Contessoto
    In Reference
    Network+ is a certification that measures the technical knowledge of networking professionals.Earning the Network+ certification means that the candidate possesses the knowledge needed to configure and operate a variety of networking products.Multiple choice questions.Test your ...
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    WebSMS: freenet Connector net

    WebSMS: freenet Connector

    Version: 1.1
    By Felix Bechstein
    In Communication
    Send TXT via freenet.Fetch WebSMS 3 from market to make this connector work.Please post issues on project`s page.Keywords: free sms txt
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    Network Switcher net

    Network Switcher

    Version: 1.20
    By Smart Android Designs
    In Tools
    Never forget to disable or switch your data connection again Use rules to decide what data connection must be active. Useful with limited data plan, to save battery or just use best connection at every ...
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    WETTER.NET net


    Version: 1.40
    By Q.met GmbH
    In News & Weather
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    PdaNet free edition net

    PdaNet free edition

    Version: 4.15
    By June Fabrics Technology Inc.
    In Communication
    PdaNet allows your computer to go online through the Android phone`s Internet connection. Supports USB Tether and Bluetooth DUN. No root access needed. No tether plan required. Works on ALL Android phones. Mac&PC.Two apps in ...
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    Internet Shopping App (DE) net

    Internet Shopping App (DE)

    Version: 1.0
    By onlinefuntester
    In Shopping
    Mit dieser App haben Sie Zugriff auf rund 800.000 Produkte der beliebtesten Shops im Internet Einfach Produkt suchen, klicken und im Partnershop bestellenBen
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    NetHack Slash`EM net

    NetHack Slash`EM

    Version: 1.2.3
    By Fredrik Farnstrom
    In Brain & Puzzle
    This is a port of the Slash`EM variant of the classic roguelike game NetHack (see tile sets are available in separate package.1.2.2- Touchscreen movement- Context-sensitive actions (auto open doors, etc)- Movement fixed with `number_pad` ...
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    NetHack net


    Version: 1.3.3
    By Fredrik Farnstrom
    In Brain & Puzzle
    Port of the classic roguelike dungeon exploration game NetHack.Additional tile sets are available in separate package.1.3.2- Touchscreen movement- Context-sensitive actions (auto open doors, etc)- Movement fixed with `number_pad` on