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Description - - Book hotels , brings - Book hotels with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. - Book hotels apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I was able to make reservations while running errands from my phone..
  • great prices and very detailed information about the hotels..
  • Whenever I'm planning a trip or even considering the possibilities..
  • Amazing deals ask the time..
  • I used this app for my family vaca to Negril Jamaica..

Overall Satisfactionc74
nice to be able to save money.
Absolutely love being able to make reservations phone my phone.
This app makes hotel search and booking very easy.
When I try to do a hotel search I get "Sorry.
Best hotel finder app even in a small town will find hotels.
Amazing deals ask the time.
I always get the best deals and excellent customer service.
In my honest opinion its even better than priceline.
Fun & Engagingc76
Great app awesome deals great way to save money.
Great deals all the time.
Was able to find awesome rates.
This app is very easy to use and very helpful.
Very helpful when traveling and looking for a hotel last minute.
Booking was straight forward everything went smoothly love this app.
A very useful and convenient app.
Very handy and useful for my needs.
Production Valuesc100
Great app easy interface and very informative.
Easy interface and booking.
Ease of Usec71
So easy to book hotels anytime anywhere love it.
Don't use this app to book your accommodation.
This app makes it easy to find hotels where ever you are going.
It won't even let me find hotels.
This app is very easy to use and very helpful.
Use frequently to book rooms for kids soccer trips.
I was able to make reservations while running errands from my phone.
Super convenient & I love the rewards system.
Quick and convenient way to book a room.
Great rates easy to locate hotels.
Ads not Intrusivec100
Even how it keeps asking me to rate it -___-.
Need capability to rate hotels on app.
Security & Privacyc59
Updates & Supportc58
good customer service and wide range of choices for hotels.
efficient & Good customer service.

Best hotel finder app even in a small town will find hotels. found in 12 reviews
Very user friendly and best prices I could find anywhere. found in 251 reviews
Super convenient & I love the rewards system. found in 20 reviews
This app makes it easy to find hotels where ever you are going. found in 473 reviews
Great app for last minute mobile deals. found in 10 reviews
Very useful for travelers finding hotels at a decent rate. found in 21 reviews
Easy to keep track of bookings even online or offline. found in 8 reviews
The best hotels reservation app i ever used. found in 10 reviews
Always find the best hotel deals on here when I'm traveling. found in 44 reviews
One of my preferred sites for hotel reservations have had family emergencies. found in 53 reviews
Easy to use it and great savings to be found. found in 15 reviews
get an equivalent price as other hotel/ travel apps /sites. found in 39 reviews
It has always been reliable with competitive rates and many options. found in 7 reviews
and I ALWAYS save money on my hotels rooms. found in 30 reviews
Excillent discriptions n pleanty of pictures and comments and affordable prices. found in 7 reviews
What a time saver from sitting at a computer. found in 16 reviews
Perfect for last minute bookings and finding lower priced hotels in city centres. found in 115 reviews
Great discounts and efficient bookings. found in 12 reviews
Easy to use and great for finding and booking hotel reservations. found in 10 reviews
Excellent app for detailed and lowest price hotels available around. found in 20 reviews
But needs to add more Photos of hotels and rooms description. found in 4 reviews
Fine app except runs in background. found in 5 reviews
No option to manually change currency type. found in 7 reviews
Forced to sign up to get pop up to go away. found in 23 reviews
But due to so many force closes. found in 12 reviews
- no phone number. found in 2 reviews
You cannot use credit card info you saved on the web. found in 9 reviews
The app closes itself and requires you to force close. found in 28 reviews
- doesn't use gps nor Google maps
M connected on WiFi but still it says no internet connection. found in 19 reviews
It force closes alot which is upsetting. found in 4 reviews
Force closes the first time I open it EVERYTIME but otherwise works well. found in 3 reviews
Specially the part where you cancel a reservation. found in 6 reviews
Its good but not fully featured like the website is. found in 2 reviews
it is huge & can't be moved to the sd card. found in 25 reviews
Other than lacking a link to the hotel details. found in 8 reviews
Would help showing if it's a PET FRIENDLY hotel and there's parking. found in 31 reviews
Always force closes after each use. found in 15 reviews
Force closes upon opening. found in 4 reviews
App but forces to close often. found in 14 reviews
can't see my bookings without creditcard and options are limited. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't show all hotels in the area & can't search for "pet friendly". found in 19 reviews
Keeps force closing on mytouch 4g. found in 16 reviews
Doesn't allow me to change the dates from today's date. found in 35 reviews
Slow and unusable when zooming on the map view. found in 24 reviews
unable to login after signup from desktop version using facebook. found in 14 reviews
But I can't say because it always force closes. found in 15 reviews
After that continues to force close on searches. found in 28 reviews
No integration with built-in google maps. found in 30 reviews
Sorry Unable to Connect when attempting to sign in. found in 23 reviews
Doesn't work on my Virgin mobile Galaxy Nexus. found in 25 reviews
Discount code is a scam if your prices are 10% higher. found in 15 reviews
There are no pet friendly hotels in sacramento. found in 31 reviews
Keeps on saying no internet connection when i have full network. found in 19 reviews
Force closes on the nexus 7 after pushing the first button. found in 20 reviews
Always say connection error cannot login on Galaxy Note ICS. found in 23 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download - Book hotels for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new - Book hotels app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-01-9. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 1.6 and up
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Works fine I like it BUT I m sad to learn that the stated listed Average Nightly Price INTENTIONALLY does not include a known Mandatory Fee in the bill A nominally more expensive hotel has a lower total cost because of the absence of this hidden fee I called and they know it and have their reasons but I think it is still dumb and misleading         David Semmes
I use this to book work travel sometimes multiple times per week I would say about 1 in 10 times I have an issue with the booking usually it will not take my card number for some reason even though it is auto filled and correct Today I tried to book a room and got an error message to try again so I did and now there are 2 seperate charges pending on my account but no reservation number So I have to wait to see if they go through or not         Orrin Bare
Pretty easy to use except when you search and move the map then press list The list shows all the hotel listings from the initial search You need to then click through each hotel on the map if you want to use the map Good user friendly app for the most part It s helpful that they include the hotel s stars and guest reviews I also don t like that they either let you redeem a discount they offer you like for using the app but you can t collect nights company fault not app                 Vivian L
Sometimes you may hit a bump in the road like with all things but 99 of the time this app is the best one out there if your looking to book a hotel The free night is the best and the staff really tries to work with you to do price matches and any issues or problems you have I wouldnt take my buisiness anywhere else Top place to book your hotels Always look into what they offer and the reward program Its the best one I have seen yet The app is also very easy to navigate                     Miranda Summers
App is very easy to use you can manage your hotel stay all in one place This app allows you to compare prices and hotels in the area you want to stay I find this app to be very convenient specially for last minute trips instead of calling many hotels to check prices and availability its all right in one place The customer service has been fantastic as well They were pleasant to talk to and help fix a reservation for me                     Brandy Bennett
I have always had good luck when using the website I have not yet used the app to book a room but I will say it was the easiest hotel app to set up I have come across Setting up the Wyndham app was a nightmare I still have problems with that one                     Jack Benson
I am using this app a lot even your rates is higher than other booking sites bec of the collected nights Just recently you put add mob5 for mobile booking discount that prompted the app and obviously people will add that to your booking And that voided my collected nights without informing that nights collected will be void I sent an email to your customer support and they just want sorry for what happened to me and didn t do anything about it which is unacceptable Please don t use this app     Annie Lyn Gabion
Significant flaw if you sign in with google on a browser expect to fail to sign in to the app it only allows facebook sign in and you cannot use the app since you don t have a password since your google account is your sign in user So frustrating         Dor Juravski
I use the app a lot but I cannot stand it now when you re looking in one city for motels it shows you that City plus all the cities around you I don t care I just want to look into one city not three or four please quit trying to improve this out the why you think it needs to be and listen to the reviews         michael stooksberry
Easy to navigate but needs to allow same day booking hotel check in hours or make more clear I booked a room after midnight arrived at hotel and was advised couldn t check in until noon Called Customer Service and wasn t given a full refund                 Rosa Flores
The app is great for finding deals However I have been unable to view either of my bookings on the app I have to call the number to make any changes because the app won t load my reservations even when I click on it from my email notifications they send                 Laura Nettnin
When trying to open search result listings they start to load and then quickly close It seems to be happening only when I search for rooms that accommodate 6 It s pulling up rooms that only accommodate 4 or 5 then glitching out I can get the same listings to open correctly if I search for 4 guests     Erin Morris
Very convenient I can always call for assistance if something is unclear u0026 they do very well with accommodating my needs 4 stars because there aren t big differences with discounts but I love the free night offer                 Lisa ballnizahabit
I ve been using this app for over a year my bookings have mostly been smooth and efficient Any problems I ve had were with the hotels I am now working on my 2nd free night                     283 Flea Market
This is the easiest reservation app I have used It is especially helpful when needing to find a place to stay without prior plans The best room can be located and paid for quickly before arrival                     Barry Anderson
Never had a problem booking with this app Always on point and easy to use Like earning nights for a free stay It s not 100 free but still cheap                     Joshua Sutake
Do NOT trust the listed price I booked a room for two people for 72 for one night and the app charged my credit card 192 When I called to cancel they said the fee was non refundable and there was an 85 extra adult fee Save your money and use Expedia or Trivago     Sarah J
Its been amazing Have been using it for a few years Overall its got best deals you can sometimes find a better deal going directly through hotel But youll have to join all their apps and individually look through them and to maybe save 5 bucks not quick or easy This just works                     Andrew chartrand
It is a great tool to let you know your hotel is confirmed for my date if travel I have other up coming dates that I wasnt sure if their status I couldn t find them in this app and so I had to call the hotel to get my answers                 Jane Landon
Extremely easy to use Was able to sort hotels via a map to find proximity then narrow results based on amenities desired Found hotel at great price and was able to reserve and pay at check in Thank you                     Andrew Neuenschwander
Almost perfect But when I tried to book 2 rooms I couldn t pick two different room styles 1 had to simply make 2 different bookings Wasn t tok much of a pain                 MICHAEL SCOTT
I Love this app It gives me the best deals and who doesn t love saving money I highly recommend it to anyone who travels and frequently visits hotels                     Sarah Thomas
Quick fast and in a hurry No problems no hassles straight up business No nonsense app You can get right to the point of booking a room and get on with it                     Eliselda angelita
Very frustrated When you re looking at the pricing details it doesn t show tell you that your credit cars company will also charge you a transaction fee You have to go on another page and scan their fine print I would NOT recommend this app site     Cheryl G
Ive used the app several times to book hotels both in Canada and the US So far ive had zero problems Hopefully the good times will continue                     D.b Western
Why doesn t my booking show on the app Why do i have to input my booking reference number every time I want to view a booking What is the point of the app Why is it so unhelpful 5     James Batey
Great app experience and great company Easy to use great rates and I use it a lot so they give me gold membership which means they make extra sure the customer service is awesome                     Karl Duesterberg
Very easy to use and as always excellent prices and options in great locations My favorite way to book a hotel                     Jaycee Crawford
Always notifies me of discounts and lower rates at hotels near where I m looking Have used this app a couple times to book get aways with the boyfriend We live 5 5 hours apart so this app has come in very handy to have                     Amanda Valenta
Always able to find great rooms at really good prices We ve stayed at several places that are usually not on our budget If you have problems u0026 do have to call they are quick u0026 courteous                     w harrington
I needed a hotel literally at the last mintue and this app processed it so quickly I was at the hotel in minutes of booking it and the my hotel already received it My point its convenient and quick                     Logan Stout
Very easy to navigate and get what I need plus the 10 nights get 1 free is just awesome I ve used this app all over the world and it s never let me down Even on last minute deals                     Keinlieb
I installed it only to be able to get paper free information about my reservation Like the email said But even though I can search for it it does not store it to my account     Valentin David
Good I m a little tired of always having to create a password I think a lot of these sites have no need for a password More data I have to remember that is useless Arrghh                 Christian L. Romero
Ease of booking rooms Only problem is after booking rooms that say pay at hotel I am charged right away Also while booking it says I will get credit for the free night but then after confirming it the hotel says no credit             Joan Stringer
The hotel was great However no one told us about the 68 a night parking charge There are no signs and valet is tucked away so you don t see it when you pull in                     Lashanda Thomas
Best hotel app to make reservations good prices and the best of all that after the 10th night of booking you ll get a free night                     Cat Burchfield
Very self explanatory and easy to use Love the reward levels and that you can earn free nights Rates are good and Members price is even better                     Misty Propper-Armstrong
Pretty good just had to confirm the amount of rooms before I paid because it showed the wrong amount of rooms and people per room                 Michael Alba
The app is very easy to use and the choice of hotels available in each area is v good Prices are competetive                     Simon Haywood - Book hotels Travel Minute Deals Last - Book hotels Travel Minute Deals Last - Book hotels Travel Minute Deals Last - Book hotels Travel Minute Deals Last Minute

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