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Opera Software ASA , the publisher behind many Android apps (Opera Mobile Web Browser ,Opera Mini Next web browser ,Opera browser beta ,Opera Mini browser ,Opera Mobile Classic), brings Opera Mobile Web Browser with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Opera Mobile Web Browser apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • New sync feature has got me into this browser again..
  • it saves web pages for offline reading and it facilitates exploring new topics..
  • The best mobile internet browser for android mobile..
  • Using this browser gives me the best browsing experience in my tablet..
  • It's a good search engine for Android phones..

Overall Satisfactionc82
The best browser on android i never have.
potentially the best browser just fix flash support.
This is the best android browser better than Google Chrome.
This app can't load fast the web rather than android browser.
Highly recommended Arguably better than chrome on android os.
UI is very nice and flash support is integrated well.
It's work too fast then other browsers thanks opera team.
Better than any other browser even better than opera mini.
Good i really liked it but not better than Opera mini.
Very thrifty with data using the "reduce image quality " option.
No option for changing image quality.
Wonderfully crafted the best experience for net browsing in Android.
Fun & Engagingc91
This is by far a really awesome browser.
This is a downgrade from the awesome browser once called opera.
Off-road mode is awesome for people with limited data plans.
Production Valuesc87
Awsome browser good interface and fast and amzing browser.
Makes net surffing easy Nd fast Thnx opera.
Great interface and fast browsing but crashes often with multiple tabs.
Ease of Usec86
Fast simple and it works.
Fast simple and reliable.
an awsme n simple browser practical approach to problems and affairs.
Opera mini is very fast and simple browser.
is just a Simple Browser and nothing else.
Nice fast intuitive browser.
Slower than stock.
Security & Privacyc26
Updates & Supportc42
properly displayed web pages compared to the mini version.
Sucks more than the mini version.
Opera's my favourite pc browser & this Android version is promising.
the Android version is worse than the Google Chrome it replaced.
Last update makes me a happy Opera user again.
and its Draining so much Battery.

The new OFF-ROAD mode is mind blowing for 2G networks. found in 21 reviews
The best browser on android i never have. found in 2020 reviews
Best browser out there cause its fast reliable and great. found in 28 reviews
very fast browser than others Fastest browser. found in 320 reviews
Awsm browser ever compare to old opera virsions and any browser. found in 10 reviews
Beats chrome and android browser with functional reflow text feature. found in 12 reviews
Better interface than dolphin hd plus silky smooth scrolling. found in 6 reviews
The most promising tablet browser for android. found in 10 reviews
Its cool browser its sow fast internet. found in 56 reviews
Best mobile browser have ever experienced with good graphics. found in 200 reviews
its a yo yo honye singh app its really bohemia app. found in 8 reviews
Best web browser for users and varies network connection. found in 92 reviews
Good aplication i like it. found in 9 reviews
Wonderful interface & really easy to handle user friendly browser. found in 15 reviews
With more option and more quality funstions and consume less mb. found in 11 reviews
It so fast nd keep up the good work. found in 14 reviews
it is the excellent browser for android for sure. found in 722 reviews
Good data saver and download options. found in 23 reviews
What i say it is the best brower i ever seen. found in 12 reviews
It's really fast and responsive unlike Google Chrome or Firefox. found in 13 reviews
Cashes randomly when there's multiple loading tabs open. found in 35 reviews
Has a terrible time loading pages even with one window. found in 61 reviews
Old and very classic browser but still doesn't support flash. found in 55 reviews
Very fast page loading capability but lack flash support. found in 64 reviews
but I believe new update sucks. found in 51 reviews
It closes and google images don't work right on this browser. found in 45 reviews
It lacks the option to change the default search engine. found in 34 reviews
it's not intuitive to open new tabs or close. found in 16 reviews
Uses less network data by compressing it but pages load faster. found in 44 reviews
Still hangs wen using exit button on galaxy s. found in 411 reviews
If video playback wasn't an issue I would rate higher. found in 66 reviews
It allow me to load pages faster trading with reduced images resolution. found in 69 reviews
I dont like browser which doesnt support flash. found in 55 reviews
when they let you change default search to google uk. found in 38 reviews
Page reloads everytime when maximise the minimised open pages. found in 28 reviews
but needs option to open new tabs in background. found in 140 reviews
but needs Flash support and the option to save pics from websites. found in 205 reviews
Can no longer open images in Google image search. found in 26 reviews
still forced closed randomly when I open more than 6 tabs. found in 26 reviews
That lack of font size control makes Opera completely unusable. found in 65 reviews
Also please add voice text entry in address bar for searching. found in 72 reviews
Poor won't open HTC desire shame keep getting force close. found in 120 reviews
The speed unfortunately at least with desktop mode is almost unusable. found in 70 reviews
Passwords/history/settings/ speed dial sync would be extremely useful. found in 465 reviews
Opera Mobile crashes frequently after the most recent update. found in 371 reviews
Will no longer render audio nor video playback. found in 66 reviews
Often fails to load pages or loads slowly with either 3g or wifi. found in 69 reviews
After the recent update flash player is not supported. found in 150 reviews
potentially the best browser just fix flash support. found in 205 reviews
Thn I downloadeda different version of opera and the same thing happened. found in 79 reviews
no exit button and adding new tabs is a chore. found in 140 reviews
Latest update has caused it to freeze on home screen. found in 66 reviews
New version has no exit button Still no chages. found in 411 reviews
It corrupted my apps installed on my SD card. found in 74 reviews
After using 5-10 it Crashes on samsung galaxy s2. found in 76 reviews
It took me minutes to be annoyed by the new Opera. found in 90 reviews

The Opera Mobile Web Browser is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version Varieswithdevice has been released on 2014-01-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 1.6 and up
More Info: Find more info about Opera Mobile Web Browser in Opera Software ASA`s Official Website : http://www.opera.com

The premium web experience for rich, interactive content on mobile devices.A web browser ideal for fast network connections on your mobile (such as WiFi or 3G). Opera Mobile is smooth, speedy, and it makes surfing ...

4 years ago i switched back to opera after tons of update it became faster and more secure than any other in the store there s friendly simple UI i like it but I put 3 stars cuz it s not optimized for Mali GPU devices example it works smooth on my QSD Adreno OnePlus 7 and HTC U12 but there are some spikes and lags on Huawei Mate 20 and P30 Pro I hope u guys will fix it and bring some improvement wit the next update thank you             Leo T.
The application crashes everytime the website I go to asks if I want to be sent a notification Otherwise it s an amazing browser I use it on my PC as my daily browser and have no issues with it but otherwise I m waiting on this issue to be fixed before I use it again and change my review Gonna use Cake for the time being         Warren Cu
Holy Chris yes Finally a good browser to trust and browse freely I really like it Everything in it is so marvelous The theme the adblocking the FREE VPN the password saving and the password suggestions All amazing and spectacular But if you could please add more theme color or let us to customize it ourselves would be possibility glorious Thanks again for offering such a browser free                     Levi Ackerman
Have all kinds of trouble with this app Many days it just won t play videos on websites like Bitchute etc Sometimes rebooting clearing cache and junk files helps but not today Nothing works at all It makes give 1 star but I give 0 stars This browser is terrible Highly NOT recommended     Hugh Jass Bear
First off all it performed upto the mark but after that i realized i can t get access to currently downloading files For eg if a file gets stopped downloading after that we cannot access that file on download option to redownload it Its simplay waste of users data and time So please solve this error             Akhil Nath GJ
Definitely the BEST browser I have used to date I have been using Opera for more than 2 years and never felt like switching to another browser It comes with an amazing in built ad block as well as a VPN What else could someone ask for                     Ghost Shooter
From last 15 year I have seen continuous improvement from desktop to mobile browser excellent features Don t collect your browsing history secure and many more advanced features But most common people don t know these differences And they only use the browser which are bundled in there devices supplied by the manufacturers Thanks OPERA TEAM for your continuous efforts                     Wonder Woman
After uninstall opera try few famous browser with full screen mode come back just for the translate option can link to third party dictionary in the text select list Pls add option to hide status bar in full screen mode and option to hide the home button or replace with new tab button                     Tein Shen Choy
Been using Opera for a while and I gotta say I m not at all disappointed the issue is tho VPN just stopped working when it s enabled it just says connecting and therefore cannot search anything while it s enabled I absolutely rely on VPN so much and I cannot seem to find a solution anywhere tried reinstalling twice to no avail otherwise great app         fredrick james
1 Not latest chromium 2 Always behind latest chromium version 3 Contain trackers as showed by exodous app 4 Owned by China 5 Bad privacy policy 6 No extension support like kiwi browser or firefox e g Https everywhere a extension which upgrades insecure http requests to secure https or decentraleyes extension Also a ton of other things features that can be by added improved by extensions 7 Not completely open source as open in true sense of open     Srinama Muduli
Its my favourite browser because it has latest feature like ad blockeru0026built in vpn more than that its is fast and secure browser and it has good user interface but developer must improve download manager it did not work properly when i pause the download file and sometime later i wanted to resume my download file again but it was gone its was deleted from my phone but its not a big problem for me so its still my best browser forever pls fix that problem                     muthu kumar
Why VPN only for private tab former review Imo this is the best mobile browser ever I especially like the way it is synchronised with Opera on my Windows computer The only thing I don t like is why can t I have one synchronised account on all Opera versions I had Opera Mini on my previous phones and I couldn t pair it to my Windows Opera                     Hagur Hagurson
My experience ad blocking excellent VPN good suggestions little bad All locations not given Sometimes it doesn t connect Suggestions and feed needs improvement It does not show the topics that I like efficiently like chrome plus some falsely or exaggerated headlined article are there                 Jeet Kumar Lala
Built in ad blocker and VPN whilst also consuming very little memory during usage and background running That s default browser material both on mobile and PC Anything else is just an additional feature                     KindredLadd
Just Downloaded This Absolutely Splendid Browser On Both Of My Phones So Far So Good Comparatively Better Than Cake Browser And Certainly Other Browsers I ve Tried Has MANY Magnificent Features Also Quite Happy It Has Dark Mode And Even MORE Happy It Has The Option To Create Account To Sync Info Like Bookmarks For Example I Usually Start With 4 Stars We Shall See If I Shall Upgrade To 5 Stars And Whether Or Not I UNINSTALL This App                 Sebastian
I like this app especially for its extentions in using other browsers from one source But l really wish it were a little bit faster Hope Opera is working it out or will do that soon Thanks                 Tanu Emmanuel
Decent Chromium browser that too with free VPN Only issue is that it doesn t pass on YouTube Google Maps etc links to the respective apps Rather opens up the links in its own browser page         giri kotte
I used to love this app but now i hate it more than anything you can imagine How on earth will my download log keep erasing itself along with ongoing downloads i basically need to re download files i thought should have finished downloading all because this dumb browser erases its download log     Yung Yakz
Best browser for low memory devices with fast speed but having trouble while downloading files from thrid party sites every time when by mistake i close the broswer file downloading failed and disappeared and cant undone or download again its totaly disappeared from downloading tab even 500 mb of file has been downloaded till 99 and opera crashed or closed by mistake file disappeared and nothing to get back there in download tab or folder even deleted from mobile memory solve it                 Mohammad Sarfraz
Not give much privacy as i needed still google and other things tracks my surfing and the news feed it s very annoying otherwise good vpn and surfing speed need real privacy not in words provide encryption and some function like the user know who tracks more and decides to allow or deny                 SARATH S S
Dear opera after updates my news feed now is really weird I ve chosen about science and technology but what I ve got is all entertainment news politics motoring lifestyle and some ads appears on it So I decide to disable my feed until you fix this             Ardianto S. Wijaya
Very good browser with 3 special features It can force a real scaling of letters on websites It s easy to save for offline browsing It has a free VPN                     Peter Petersen
Very very nice app I really use this software on three kind of OS like windows kali linux and android and it works really fast and very much influence I really appriciate opera                     seyyed moosa abtahi
The browser great I already use it in my PC and now in my mobile But please consider add the dark theme in the websites as well and a dark splash screen when open the app                     Daniel Rios
good app for download files but it is not good for viewing govt and official sites for surfing these sites we need use chrome and Mozilla I love this app because i gave 5 star for not became back in rating Developers please look this problem opera mini also has this problem                     anulal nv
It s an excellent decent app which can really block the ads a ton times better than uc browser no pushing ads forcing to open play store directly after ads like uc did and no porn like newsfeed thank u opera I m enjoying ur browser from last 3years I don t have one issue to talk                     Tahir Dawah
It still doesn t auto login half the time and NEVER remembers my user names and passwords when I do go to log in but all my login details are clearly saved in settings Come on fix this already         Ben Rogue
I am having a really great experience on this browser I have used opera for 10 years This browser is better than Samsung Internet UC browser Mozilla Firefox and many more                     Hell's Club Of Entertainment
after google chrome became unstable and firefox s search started taking forever i decided to try Opera and im never going back stable easy to use friendly intuitive interface the beat thing is if you zoom in on text it automatically adjusts the lines to your acreen wize you no longer need to pull your eyea out trying to read small text on the web                     Guy Eldar
Just getting worst day by day I cannot even browse properly Just say opera isn t responding And loading time is getting much slower than before even with good network speed VPN also not works properly     Vishal Chaudhary
Opera works very well to access many mobile sites in lieu of some apps The ad blocker works very well too In my honest opinion Opera is a far better browser than Safari                     JC Morales
I love the way it allows me to manage my bookmark sync them with my pc I love the free VPN too Of course it is fast stable clean simple UI                     Trung Pham
Much better faster and smart than other browsers The news repository is very big I like this very much                     Randhir Singh
As fast as Cake Very reliable and easy to use Much better than Chrome or Firefox                     Mark McDonnell

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