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Mojang , the publisher behind many Android games (Minecraft - Pocket Ed. Demo ,Minecraft Trial - Apps on ,Minecraft - Pocket Edition ,Minecraft Earth), brings Minecraft - Pocket Edition with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Minecraft - Pocket Edition games has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • infinate world and night time in creative..
  • Best phone game I ever played er best game ever..
  • and make different skins..
  • Its not letting me play the hunger games and another ones..
  • Survial is super fun and creative is super fabulous..


OMG OMG. found in 5 reviews
OH MY GOSH. found in 7 reviews
Bought this game on Google Play store soon after it came out. found in 9 reviews
Hours of fun and education for kids and parents alike. found in 12 reviews
Minecraft poket edition. found in 6 reviews
Its the best game in the world I carnt wait for the next update. found in 109 reviews
Here are good update ideas :endermen. found in 8 reviews
I looooove dis game plz make a minecraft 2. found in 8 reviews
The best building/ creative game i have ever played. found in 13 reviews
You can't place beds beside each other then sleep. found in 18 reviews
Gets boring after a while and updates take forever. found in 59 reviews
but I cant play realms on the android tablet. found in 103 reviews
It closes down and says that Its not working FIX plz. found in 27 reviews
I cant join couisns server hes on demo on full version. found in 32 reviews
I love this game but fix multiplayer bug. found in 11 reviews
and i cant delete these two worlds please fix. found in 23 reviews
Only ptoblem os the game crashes when I log in. found in 41 reviews
Not enough feature Needs more stuff but getting better. found in 73 reviews
but cant use the keyboard or save my worlds now. found in 43 reviews
Please add controller support for gamepads like moga and ipega. found in 45 reviews
Really needs survival and weather in order to make it good. found in 23 reviews
Its an awesome game but it needs more of the desktop features. found in 41 reviews
Needs wolves and plzzz hurry up with the update plzzz. found in 12 reviews
The game freezes every time I try to open it. found in 32 reviews
Awesome game but the game needs caves and enderman. found in 110 reviews
but needs crafting capabilities instead of just free build. found in 19 reviews
Needs survival mode and better controls for touch screen only phones- DroidX2. found in 23 reviews
Cant connect online and the control pad is not visable. found in 20 reviews
Every time I try to make a world is says it's corrupted. found in 40 reviews
plz fix i cant play it crashed after the update. found in 103 reviews
This game sucks due to not being able to move. found in 42 reviews
the game crashes to homescreen right before the level loads. found in 41 reviews
There are No local WiFi games anymore I'm very disappointed. found in 39 reviews
its a waste of memory and annoying - samsung galaxy tab 2. found in 52 reviews
There is no join game button. found in 40 reviews
Game gets boring because all you can do is mine stone. found in 59 reviews
This game needs proper controller support. found in 45 reviews
Says error 24 when I try to install. found in 47 reviews
biggest waste of 7 dollars. found in 34 reviews
Evertime i try to play it crashes please fix cause this sicks. found in 45 reviews
I can't play survival mode without it crashing. found in 37 reviews
it won't save my worlds and it freezes a lot. found in 43 reviews
Just like demo minecraft but i paid money for this game. found in 61 reviews
2 has stopped me from joining local multiplayer worlds. found in 42 reviews
Every time I try to install it says error code "24". found in 42 reviews
I can't login to realms just gives me a white screen. found in 44 reviews

The Minecraft - Pocket Edition is now available for 5,49 € for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Minecraft - Pocket Edition app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-11-30. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3 and up
More Info: Find more info about Minecraft - Pocket Edition in Mojang`s Official Website : http://www.mojang.com

Imagine it, build it. Create worlds on the go with Minecraft - Pocket EditionThe new Minecraft - Pocket Edition allows you to build on the go. Use blocks to create masterpieces as you travel, hangout ...

NOTE THIS IS A REVIEW FOR THE BETA The character customization is a great idea but it crashes alot But I do like the height setting I enjoy the hints of UI changes Getting rid of spoken feedback FOR GOOD Lifesaver The beta version didn t load any of my custom skin packs or add ons so I wasn t able to test those out Overall I enjoyed the experience I really want this to come out in the next public update Including the permanently disabled spoken feedback setting it s gonna be promisn                 Arthur O'Brian
I love how you can be creative and survive by yourself or with friends You can build anything you want to and this could help the world like Coral Crafters I love how Minecraft can make our world beautiful and amazing There are no limits on what players can do build travel or imagine Anything you can dream of you can make happen Thank you Mojang for this beautiful and amazing game                     Anna Grace Gainey
I ve been playing Minecraft for a very long time since the first day out on the market and I ve played on all consoles and a pc but I do like it too on the phone pocket edition and now with the new update it will only crash my phone every 30 or less seconds of me playing and it has been happening on all the phones I ve downloaded it on and it s done the same thing with all of them so please fix this but I will continue to play on pc and console goodbye and if you do read this then thank you                     TheRobot Reaper
I feel like giving it just a start I wish I could have my money back The new version doesn t craches but it becomes beautifully white blank It used to be so good before the aqua beta version Please fix it at once and I ll give it five stars as soon as possible I d be grateful if Mojang pays some attention to this review     Bharti Bisht
Sometimes I get kicked out of the game all of a sudden and when I try to go back into the game it kicks me out again and again So I uninstalled then reinstall and when I reinstalled the game I lost my progress and had to sign into Xbox again and that s very troublesome When I connected back into my Xbox account and then went into Minecraft it says I m connected to Xbox in Minecraft but my progress is still lost I don t understand if I did any mistakes Or maybe some sort of glitch bug             XD
MineCraft is a must have I remember first playing Minecraft on my XBoX 360 in 2014 You can build whatever you want in Creative while in Survival you do not have infinite health and will have to survive This game has been through a lot of hate especially when Notch was called a Nazi and a White Supremacist Overall I recommend to all ages                     Aiden F
This game is totally the most fun game I ever played and I very loved it I give 4 star becouse there have some problem when I try to log in after updating Beta My phone can t log into the game and it making me a little sad I hope this situation don t happen again I don t very sure if it is my device problem or the game I need a solution for this problem                 Hosaini Hamand
Incredible game It s just that for some reason whenever I try to join a friends server it says unable to connect I ve checked my internet multiple times and it s fine I ve tried many different methods of joining but for some reason I still cant get on their server Pls fix this as soon as possible Thank you         Christian Kiddy
This game is great and all but I left my tablet alone for one second and it signed me out of my account and took away all my buildings worlds that I had made and I am very angry after that That is why my review is not as well as others i am very upset with this but besides my hours of hard work being lost the game is good             SunflowerMadzie PLAYZ
Best App EVER I love minecraft and have for the past 6 7 years I have only recently transitioned to android from android to playstation to java and back to android My only problem on android is the graphics therefore I downloaded a shaders pack called RWSPE Shaders amazing graphics Other than that minecraft is perfect and will always be the best game in the universe for me                     BlueIsNotRandom
Keeps crashing if I launch it after quitting AND music doesn t work no matter how loud I put the music volume Can see my friends online and they can see me but we can t play together This game is infuriating and a waste of my money They have no real support team for this version which is sad because I love this game     Zac Parkinson
Fun and very interactive This game is also very addicting but one request i have is that Minecraft to download it could be free and then In app purchases can stay the same price i understand if u dont make the ones that are 49 99 dollars free its very understandimg but the 6 99 should be free Otherwise that it s a very fun game also very addicting if I could i would love to request ideas for updates so i ll just email you my update request but very addicting game it s a 4 5 stars for me                 Rei Del
I love the game always have and always will i love the mechanics of the phantoms forcing you to sleep and get the night over with I have an idea regarding strongholds below I think it could be useful to the player ti have something like a sun stone a stackable item that can only be made from items from the nether since its a place of fiery weather it allows the player to use when stuck in the middle of a mob killing enough of them to allow the player to run but doesnt last long                     Simone Ussher
I love this app Only i am having a problem every time I get on minecraft this box of text pops up and asks me to turn off the screen reader and i do but when i start playing it turns back on I would be fine with it but when it is on it makes me double click everything which makes the game harder to play I really hate complaining but it just wont stop coming back I dont know what s wrong but other than that it is a great app that I recommend                 Tiny
Would give 5 stars but suddenly when I try to install it it stays on the Downloading pending thing If you could fix this this you would get 5 stars Also before the update it would be perfectly fine but now it is not working and if it gets installed this pink and black screen pops up PLEASE FIX THIS                     Daniela Alonso
Every time I try to get on the app it kicks me off to homescreen When I keep pressing it it does it over and over I always check if it needs an update but it never does Please fix this bug otherwise the game is awesome It s worth the price and if you have good wifi everything runs smoothly What I love the most is that you can join servers and play with your friends This app is great for socializing and it accepts mic This game is just awesome                     Karen McCallister
This game is absolutly amazing I love it a lot the only downside is that in some of the servers you arent allowed to have a party with more than one person All my friends play minecraft so this is really upsetting Another problem is that the game crashes randomly at times and every time you go onto the game it changes your skin to a defalt skin and you have to change it back to your own skin Lastly i wish you were able to exit a world without saving That sucks when people blow up stuff                 Gummy Zilla
I love Mindcraft but I have a problom On mobile all the game does is freeze as SOON as you press a button The freeze happens BEFORE you even SPAWN in the world so you cannot play the game at all There are also WAY to much Villages The game is ruined when you find a Village because you become WAY to lazy once you find one Otherwise the game is good The blocky graphics give it a taste of modern everyday life He options are endless and you can build EVERYTHING Please fix these bugs Bye             ariyana jackson
The game is fantastic but it takes so long for the updates to come out While I m greatful for them I d be considering switching to java to be able to play with bees and foxes only because it takes so bloody long for the to update bedrock for some reason I wouldve switched if it hadnt been for the world I spent so long making                     Dakota Peralta
I LOVE THIS GAME SM BUT When ever I try to get on the servers it will either be super laggy or it will disconnect me from it I know it isn t me wifi because I have chalked several times and I m able to use my other apps on the wifi and to top that off they don t lagg at all and load really fast Can you please fix this             Jocelynn Brown
Honestly I really Love Minecraft but lately it s been stopping the second I try to load into it and it s kinda pissing me off Over and over I ve tried to uninstall and reinstall the app but it still doesn t work I know I have plenty of space on my phone so I don t see what s the problem I ve never had this issue in the past so this is kinda disappointing Please get back to me if you guys figure out what s the problem and can fix it thank you         Soleea Vasquez
This is a really good and popular game I love playing it and making survival world in it I would really like to see more animals maybe like a bear that spawns in dark oak wood biomes or bird that are everywhere Maybe even lions that spawn in the jungle It would be nice to see different animals in the game                 JacobplayzGames
Okay this annoyed me alot I dont know why it just did So I put my Gamertag as dogelikecream and it was all fine I come back on 5 hours later and my tag has changed It was now called PianoSnail it had numbers after but I dont remember them Also when I made an account my world disappeared I tried to change my tag but it said I have to buy something to change it and I think that s stupid seeing as I didnt change it in the first place Please fix this     mistake
I got the skinpack back Misunderstanding sorry Real review below Minecraft is a game that challenges other player s creativity It allows them to make ANYTHING with the right materials And one of those things are friends I ve been playing minecraft for at least half of it s life I have enjoyed it for so long in 10 years it s grown and prospered I love it Happy 10th Birthday minecraft Continue to grow                     Leafair The Gamer
Im really dissapointed with the multiplayer experience Its a bother to require the same internet connection to play together Its a high end expensive game compared to most on the market but the experience is not Many FREE multiplayer games allow friends to play together from non related internet connections This becomes an issue between my friends and I It really takes away our big WANT to play minecraft together making it an unpleasant experience Makes me doubt the 6 99 I paid         Pablo Delgado
July update 1 12 for Various bug fixes added a huge bug where the game crashes on start for many people according to reviews Update 1 12 1 didn t fix it On my S5 it only starts about 5 of the time and the problem seems related to wi fi and airplane mode settings I never had this problem before Please test before you release My review is for the updates only Please fix soon     Dan R
This game is new to me But I love it You can build lots of working things with a command block And the 2 best things are it is a game with no WiFi and does not take so much percent on my Samsung phone I hope you guys love this game it is great and really good So this is a note to the person who made this a game I hope you make this game free It would be really cool if you did and if you can t don t make the price higher please add some old stuff back in the game by by your friend                     Olivia_Vidal Arredondo
I love minecraft but multiplayer is bad You cant play unless you re connected to wifi even if you have data which I don t understand Also there is a glitch that makes you change your skin from alex or steve when you enter the game A friend bought the game just so we could play together but we can t because we need wifi Both of us have cellular data so I dont get what the issue is             Payton Bontempo
I have been playing this for a week and after a few hours of playing I was enjoying myself However when i tried playing again the world i was playing is no longer there and all of the progess I had made was reset I really regret buying this since this type of game will most likely have the same issue For anyone else playing just be careful since you might want to think twice about this game since your progess may reset itself         Jose Jimenez
So I got this with the intention of using an xbox one controller S Version but all the buttons dont work I cant use my triggers I can use the left stick to move but cant use yhe rihht to look around A button works for jumping X works for crafting Y for some reason swaps through hot key slots and the right bumber and select button both are set to the start button Can anyone help me out                 Joseph Vaughan
I love minecraft I dont want to complain or discourage new comers but pocket addition minecraft is my least favorite On my phone pocket edition sucks It gliches all the time and is very hard to use I hate it on my phone but on nitendo switch it is fun Still id like to have a nice game play on my phone             Alexandra Burkholder
Minecraft is surely fun to play There s one thing that I want to have in this game if possible 1 Change the heights of clouds it would effect the game overall 2 Increase the speed of powered rail for minecart or add another speed rails that are faster The speed right now is equal to running with head hitting blocks                     Sajeel Durrani
This is a awesome game but not on phone I ve tried countless times to play worlds on my phone and it wont let me access them but when I play on Xbox I m usually fine and the game is very fun the only problem I ve been having lately is the fact that it keeps changing my skin to Alex or Steve So I would reccomend this game just not for phones or tablets             Callie Austin
What can I say It s great classic Minecraft Pocket Edition The new update is bomb I LOVE how there are all these new players saying they re here from PEWDIEPIE But me and a few others are OG Anyways Minecraft thanks a lot for a ton of memories and a place to unleash my creativity I bet I ll never stop playing                     Pineapple Pizza
I play this game on mobile and I give it 5 stars but there aren t foxes I have seen people like pewdiepie lazarbeam and others find foxes on pc But they aren t on mobile If Mojang is reading this please add foxes to mobile You should also make the water go deeper There could be underwater caves with angler fish Sharks could swim around trying to eat you There could be like a squid boss that drops a tentacle when you kill it and you can craft something with it                     Ethan Makin
Fix that god damn bugs 1st I try to start the game It crashes I try it again It crashes I try it another time It crashes I try it until it works That s not how it should be 2nd I play I get a message I switch application to answer it I switch back to Minecraft play for a while until the screen just turns single coloured or the game crashes same happens when I leave the Realm world and enter an another one Don t only write Bugs fixed also do it             awphotography

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