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Spotify Ltd. , brings Spotify Music with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Spotify Music apps has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • so easy to download and they have old old school..
  • Without doubt the best streaming music service there is in the world..
  • It the best music player in the history of music playing..
  • I use shopify a lot for discovering new music..
  • Everything you need in one app for your music listening pleasure..

Overall Satisfactionc80
Minimal commercials and best way to listen to music.
Probably one of the best music apps out there with such great quality sound.
Love Spotify its so much better than pandora.
Works great and I love spotify but one problem.
It's way better than Pandora because I can play my favourite songs.
This is really no better than Pandora.
Sound quality is great and the music collection is expansive.
Sound quality extremely lacking on Android.
I can listen to my favorite songs from my favorite bands anytime I want.
Sometimes i can't play my favorite song.
Thanks Spotify for discovering new progressive house artists.
I love the service and features it has.
I love the service but app having issues.
Fun & Engagingc64
I won't get tired of listening to the same songs over and over.
Awesome music app great selection and is worth getting premium.
basically Spotify is awesome at what it aims to do.
Just love it listen to my music all the time from here.
i love the set up and listen to it all the time.
I love this app and use it all day everyday.
I listen to Spotify all day everyday.
Family Friendlyc51
I have 5 premium accounts and love the family plan.
I would like to have the family plan everywhere.
Production Valuesc53
Ads not Intrusivec100
Always good music and not too many commercials.
too many commercials though.
So annoying ads and never stops.
Security & Privacyc33
This is because your a free account.
I switched from my Rdio account for a Spotify account.
Updates & Supportc39
Best Music App and Good Customer Service.
Just wish mobile and tablet version weren't so different.
Terrible functionality compared to the tablet version.
To people that complain about battery consumption.
the only down side is the battery consumption.

this is the best music site I ever listened to. found in 14 reviews
It's way better than Pandora because I can play my favourite songs. found in 488 reviews
The discover music section is nice too. found in 13 reviews
Probably one of the best music apps out there with such great quality sound. found in 1350 reviews
It just works and is music to my ears. found in 12 reviews
Really love all the music choices and the ease of use. found in 25 reviews
I couldn't be more satisfied with a music program /app. found in 9 reviews
The monthly paid version of Spotify is the best music app on the market. found in 20 reviews
Is way better than Pandora or any other music source. found in 22 reviews
Spotify Music may not be supported by their device. found in 225 reviews
Wouldn't have any other music stream service. found in 18 reviews
Best free music search and play app better then Pandora. found in 214 reviews
Uuh waaay better than pandora and iheartradio combined. found in 8 reviews
Worth the monthly fee to listen to whatever I want whenever I want. found in 17 reviews
Great at getting all different music from different genres. found in 15 reviews
Have to say the best music application out there. found in 24 reviews
Just an amazing app for music lovers and discoverers. found in 387 reviews
This is a very cool music app I love it. found in 30 reviews
There's playlists for every mood and occasion it seems. found in 12 reviews
This is awesome better than itunes and all those other music apps. found in 16 reviews
Search function doesn't work 50% of the time. found in 19 reviews
Please fix and make shuffle play more songs. found in 349 reviews
Really wish i could listen too my music offline without buying anything. found in 12 reviews
Says no internet connection although I clearly am connected. found in 200 reviews
There is NO customer service department which makes me very angry. found in 40 reviews
you have to shuffle play and only a certain amount of skips. found in 30 reviews
Hate that i cant listen to music without the shuffle. found in 30 reviews
"You appear to be trying to log in from a different country. found in 80 reviews
Instead of Playing suggested songs just have advertisement. found in 128 reviews
Cant play offline without paying for it. found in 46 reviews
But I'm probably going to cancel since I can't use the software. found in 64 reviews
But I don't like when you can't skip songs. found in 113 reviews
Needs Chromecast Support and suggested music could be better. found in 13 reviews
The new update removed the lock screen controls on android. found in 84 reviews
not going to pay if the free version sucks. found in 10 reviews
It dosent play the song you want buy it plays shuffle. found in 113 reviews
Just wish they put unlimited skips on the free version. found in 101 reviews
Please put a sleep timer and increase the volume. found in 69 reviews
Thinking of cancelling my premium subscription if it doesnt get fixed. found in 57 reviews
I've been a very active Spotify Premium subscriber since December 2013. found in 36 reviews
The limited skips and the 'suggested songs' annoyed me the most. found in 101 reviews
Keeps crashing and won't play music in the background. found in 287 reviews
It wont play the songs i saved or any radio stations. found in 113 reviews
I can't even listen to one song because of the adds. found in 109 reviews
Half the time doesn't work always loading back to Pandora. found in 96 reviews
it's now useless to non- premium users. found in 172 reviews
But too many restrictions for non premium members. found in 104 reviews
Constantly tells me no internet connection when there is. found in 200 reviews
Pretty much useless not unless you buy/ change to premium. found in 165 reviews
Canceled service went with Google Play Music. found in 170 reviews
I have data service but I'm told that I'm offline. found in 93 reviews
Plus I can't click on the song I want to listen to it. found in 152 reviews
but now it frequently stops playing in the middle of songs. found in 95 reviews
I pay for premium and its just about useless right now. found in 115 reviews
Good app but lack on support of SD card. found in 216 reviews
It constantly says I'm in offline mode unless I'm on WiFi. found in 112 reviews
Can't skip to next song without buying the premium. found in 113 reviews
The ads & the stupid suggested songs are so ANNOYING. found in 128 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Spotify Music for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Spotify Music app version has been updated on 2014-05-28. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Spotify Music check developer Spotify Ltd.`s website :

Spotify is now free on mobile and tablet. Listen to the right music, wherever you are. With Spotify, you have access to a world of music. You can listen to artists and albums, or create ...

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