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King.com , the publisher behind many Android apps (팜히어로사가 for Kakao ,Bubble Witch 2 Saga ,Candy Crush Soda Saga ,Pyramid Solitaire Saga), brings Bubble Witch 2 Saga with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bubble Witch 2 Saga apps has been update to version Varies with device with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great boredom killer..
  • Great game super addicting and fun to play with friends..
  • Its super fun and it challenges you which is fun..
  • Very fun and challenging as you reach higher levels..
  • Love to play it its great and mind blowing..

Overall Satisfactionc88
Better than the first lot easy-to-use good graphics.
It's one of my favorite games to play on my phone.
One of my favorite games and now I cant play anymore.
It's a amazing game because the levels gives you boosts.
Love this one better than the 1st one.
Shame looks much better than the 1st one.
Wonderful game to play with your family and friends.
Lovely game for now I love the shooter.
you are sure to love this one #1 in my book.
Nice game thanks king your are the best.
Fun & Engagingc88
Awesome game very addictive definitely recommend it.
Awesome game hard enough to keep it interesting.
I have had a lot of fun playing this game.
Dont bother playing this game it isnt worth the trouble.
Very fun and challenging as you reach higher levels.
I'm addicted to this game that's all that I can say.
I was addicted to this game now it won't load.
Very fun game with exciting colorful graphics.
Its super fun and it challenges you which is fun.
Bubble popping fun with each level different than the last.
I love this version of the game I play everyday.
I play everyday and I love it.
I play this game every day because its so cool.
I really enjoy paying this game every day.
Family Friendlyc76
This is a Great for the whole family.
Definitely fun for the whole family.
Really fun game for kids and big kids as well.
Awsome game for kids and adults everywhere.
Value for Moneyc42
they want you to spend money to get past levels.
BW1 was to challenging and unbeatable without spending cash.
i went through the entire 90 levels without buying anything.
This game makes it impossible to beat levels without spending money.
the game does it's best to make you buy products.
Replay Valuec78
Just need more levels to come 150 done need more.
I'd hate to delete now because there are no more levels.
Good game need more levels finished all 70 waiting for more.
Very fun and challenging as you reach higher levels.
akin to digital crack and even quite challenging at times.
cute game that's a real brain teaser.
Very innovative and strategic game.
Social Aspectsc85
Great game super addicting and fun to play with friends.
It is a fun game to play with friends & family.
Production Valuesc92
the sound effects keep me coming back for more game play.
easy to play and the colorful graphics are great.
Very cute graphics and music.
Ease of Usec69
Great simple game needs patience really enjoying.
Simple game to have fun and empty your mind.
Awesome game keeps me on the edge entertaining.
just love this game keeps me company for hours.
Since new update game keeps crashing while playing.
I love this game keep the levels coming and interested.
Absolutely love this game keep the levels coming.
Since I got up to level 135 the game keeps freezing intermittently.
Updates & Supportc56
Love this game and have up-graded love this version even better.
I love this version so much better than the first one.
Very entertaining much better than the first version.
BW 2 is so much better than the first version.

Very entertaining much better than the first version. found in 11 reviews
It's a amazing game because the levels gives you boosts. found in 77 reviews
Bubble witch 2saga its amazing I love this game. found in 5454 reviews
Very cool game graphics really awesome good job. found in 25 reviews
It keeps me occupied and challenges me at every level. found in 15 reviews
Really fun game for kids and big kids as well. found in 7 reviews
the sound effects keep me coming back for more game play. found in 17 reviews
Very fun game with exciting colorful graphics. found in 83 reviews
Its a great time killer and seriously addicting. found in 71 reviews
It is really an awesome game intresting n a good time pass. found in 56 reviews
Very nice game to play it i like to play this game. found in 88 reviews
Its my new addiction next to candy crush. found in 13 reviews
Get this game cause it's super fun and entertaining. found in 41 reviews
Lot's of fun helps me get over my cold. found in 14 reviews
Cute game requiring strategy and good hand eye coordination. found in 45 reviews
Awesome game hard enough to keep it interesting. found in 505 reviews
I enjoy this game its s grate stress reliever. found in 16 reviews
Nice relaxing game to play keep yu thinkin. found in 18 reviews
d only thing I love more Dan dis game is sex. found in 23 reviews
Also I have beat level 90 twice and can't move forward. found in 15 reviews
Won't connect to facebook unless uninstalled then installed again big hassel. found in 293 reviews
One of my favorite games and now I cant play anymore. found in 19 reviews
And cant connect to Facebook. found in 11 reviews
I couldn't remember why I stopped playing. found in 24 reviews
Had an update today and now the game won't open. found in 55 reviews
and there's no way to earn extra helpers which really sucks. found in 12 reviews
I don't like there's no way to earn gold bars from my understanding. found in 278 reviews
Just wish you could earn gold bars and not have to buy them. found in 21 reviews
Really good to waste my time playing this game. found in 46 reviews
I don't have a facebook anymore how can i get gold. found in 26 reviews
some of these levels are impossible to win unless you use boosters. found in 25 reviews
This gets so hard that it's just no fun anymore. found in 18 reviews
I like that you don't have to log into facebook to play. found in 28 reviews
No problem with my other games connecting to FB. found in 83 reviews
Some levels are IMPOSSIBLE to beat and it becomes quite frustrating. found in 11 reviews
Since update game crashes repeatedly causing loss of lives. found in 13 reviews
Am ready to uninstall although I really enjoy the game. found in 17 reviews
The orange screen comes on but then it goes to my home page. found in 55 reviews
Shows orange screen and shuts off please fix problem. found in 123 reviews
Game won't open after latest update Galaxy tab pro. found in 55 reviews
and you can't get the color bubbles you need. found in 57 reviews
I say again until they make changes don't buy gold bars. found in 386 reviews
Have to purchase extra lives or uninstall/ reinstall. found in 73 reviews
Bullshit game unless you want to spend money on a supposedly free game. found in 132 reviews
It wont let me send help request to get to the next level. found in 99 reviews
Eventually it becomes nearly impossible to beat a level without spending money. found in 129 reviews
No way to earn power -up without spending money. found in 47 reviews
I have trouble connecting to FB a lot with this game. found in 83 reviews
everything needs a gold bar. found in 48 reviews
Permanently stuck on level 69. found in 81 reviews
King games try to force you to buy power ups. found in 185 reviews
Just updated today 10/8 and can't play certain levels. found in 60 reviews
Too difficult at higher levels without making a purchase. found in 79 reviews
As it's impossible to complete the level. found in 83 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Bubble Witch 2 Saga for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version Varies with device has been released on 2014-05-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3 and up
More Info: Find more info about Bubble Witch 2 Saga in King.com`s Official Website : http://about.king.com/games/bubble-witch-saga-2

From the makers of Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch Saga & Farm Heroes Saga comes Bubble Witch 2 SagaIt`s Bubble Bouncing MagicStella and her cats need your help to fend off the dark spirits that ...

Really not liking the latest update Balls shoot before my finger actually touches the screen or doesn t shoot where I aim This happens especially with the ghosts I used to really love to relax by playing this game but I m going to break my phone if I don t uninstall it It s why I got rid of the Candy Crush games I NEVER pay to buy anything in ANY game from any company especially with the number of ads that get thrown at you every few minutes To me paying is gambling         Maura Sullivan
As of August 30 19 I can t play this game on my phone It keeps asking me to agree to their service terms and sets my progress back to level 1 every time I open the game I liked having the option to play with people other than my friends list and to send them lives etc I don t want to have to connect to Facebook to play my current level The game worked fine until the new update so thanks for that I tried to fix it myself but nothing works Not impressed zero stars         Winter Witch
This is a great way to make your day go by faster I play and I forget about the time Fun game keeps you playing longer then planned                     Ester Escobedo
Last few days it has become really laggy Freezes up alot too Will be removing as it is no fun anymore when u have to wait for the lag to play     Bonnie Wright
This app freezes and causes me to lose life all the time Also when you open the app it shows a black screen     Fallon Mack
If this was 2 days ago i would have given it 5 stars i got a notification that i needed to update so i did I play both on u0026 off line because all my friends but 1 unistalled the game so it takes forever to get lives from just 1 person On off line i had quite a few saved up yet after i updated it took me all the way back to level 1 I was up into 1 000 level and now i had to start over I contacted support but as of yet nothing to correct this I think this new format SUCKS     Sheila Matthews
Slow and not very responsive Saga 3 is much better         Wanda Dyck
I love this game My favorite past time But i think the boosts should be easier to get                     Rebecca Anderson
Bingo is pretty good but you should be able to play at least one board to the finish I agree             A Google user
It is better than the older version it is upgraded but easy at the beginning                     darc kingham
I m not a gamer and my hand eye coordination has me frustrated with this game The shooting lines should be tighter more visible when activated And I can t stand the cyclones There are way too many of them on each game level         Liz Palmer
Love this game love the challenges especially the hard levels                     One Uup
Play at your own pace Its highly entertaining and can be played by all age groups                 Teddi Williams
i really like this game like they say its hard sometimes to pass the level but dont give up you can do it and thats totally me in anything in life but i wish that they would bring back the different cities you could play etc that was great i went to play and it was gone dont know who to write too and ask to bring it back overall i enjoy bubble witch two                     Virgie Mahnke
I ve been playing since 2014 I believe and I can honostly say that I truly love this game There s nothing in the world I enjoy more but to play bubble witch 2 and 3 to be exact So great job guys                     A Google user
I really like the challenge on this particular game I just started so I hope I continue to enjoy the fun                     Carol Macoretta
Love this game Play everyday most of the time 6 to 7 times a day its addicting                     Dawn Walters
After update when i go to shoot a bubble it automatically goes off WHY             Regina Struna
This bubble witch 2 game is a lot of fun playing but unfortunately since I upgraded my tablet I am starting this game from the very beginning and I have a very long way to go to catch up to where I left off from my old tablet                     Hanna Milan
Game cheats Some levels don t give you any of the bubble colors you need until you have lost all your spiders No way to get around it but to use one of your specialty items     Connie Marchbanks
it was great for the longest time now the game freezes whenever i go to select a Bingo team quest it lets me into the team quest board but won t let you select a quest or even exit you have to close and reopen the game             Joseph Genitempo
Seems to be fast an fun I think I played this before several years ago Was lots of fun                 Candace Young
All in all so far is really fun only on level seventeen                 Richard Hodge
I really love the game but updates take more than 2 weeks to come get on a roll and the updates stop please fix that issue I would definitely recommend this game                 Aurana Marshall
Good game but not working properly Suddenly game is not loading             Deva Libiyana
This is what i call a bubble popping game Even if the levels are challenging you shou ld not give up I will defineitly give it a 10 stars if i could I am very amazed by this game Bravo                     Sevgyl Ahmedi
Great game But don t like that I have to buy my prize Gold in piggy bank                 Nuala Byrne
I started with Bubble Witch 3 but this is much better I STILL don t know how to retrieve my gold bars out of the piggy bank without paying what s up with that                 Rita Catron
Im not able to pay using my bank account nor my debit card its very disappointing good game but no use of piggy bank iys waste all ur gold is going wasted         Hephzibah Manasseh
I was able to play off line last week now I can t it doesn t save my level when I log off Facebook I m at level one and all my extra moves are gone please fix this                     Patricia Menezes
It a great game but challenging and I don t like the piggy bank update but if we didn t have the piggy bank the game would be a little too easy to get gold bars so good point with the piggy bank                 Fjoreta Xhavara
its sometimes slow but I like beating morgana plus i don t like the dotted shooting line because you really can t see whete the bubbles goin or sometimes having to waste a few shots before you get to proceed                     Sandra Warman
I don t like that you can t aim exactly u0026 that you can t put bubbles in the orb when needed         Melissa Holt
its amazing when I win it just makes my day even when I play bubble witch 3 if you did not make this game my day would have been really sad I even play this on my mums phone and I used to play it years ago                     Jean Alfred
Bubble Witch 2 Saga Casual Bubble Witch Witch SagaBubble Witch 2 Saga Casual Bubble Witch Witch SagaBubble Witch 2 Saga Casual Bubble Witch Witch SagaBubble Witch 2 Saga Casual Bubble Witch Witch Saga

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