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OneTwoApps , brings My Budget Book with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. My Budget Book apps has been update to version 5.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The best budget application I have ever used..
  • Keep track of your money in all your accounts and the cash you carry..
  • Almost instant reply from the dev after I had a query..

Overall Satisfactionc90
The best budget application I have ever used.
Everything you really need for personal finance.
I love the pie charts that break everything down.
Apps better than my bank.
I do love the automation for recurring activities.
I got money lover before this.
Fun & Engagingc100
The ability to see future balance is awesome as well.
Also the support is awesome just like the program.
The useful Help sections provide detailed orders and instructions and support.
really helps sort out all of your financial needs.
My essential daily app.
Very useful and detailed.
simple and helpful.
Essential tool.
Production Valuesc100
The user interface is simple and easy to use.
Ease of Usec86
Need more tutorials on how and what to input.
very very simple yet powerful finance app.
it's very simple and elegant.
Otherwise the application is easy to use and inintuitive.
easy to adapt.
Really convenient app.
Easy to use and practical.
Never had any problems with it so far.
Security & Privacyc80
and realises that I use a current account.
Updates & Supportc96
is the amazing customer service from the developer.
I also do appreciate how quickly the developer responds to my emails.
Very easy to use with incredible features and excellent customer support.
Also the support is awesome just like the program.
The developer does respond to you when you make suggestions.
New updated version.

Best I have ever seen. found in 2 reviews
Using this app for more than a year. found in 1 reviews
This app has really helped me to keep track of my spending. found in 3 reviews
Great app to manage your finances ans report on where it all goes. found in 17 reviews
Very easy to keep track of my balance. found in 1 reviews
Everything you really need for personal finance. found in 19 reviews
This helps me keep track of all my purchases because it updates my balance instantly. found in 2 reviews
Conveniently record your expenses and keep track of finances. found in 3 reviews
great way to manage all bills and any accounts you may have. found in 17 reviews
Not able to update currency. found in 1 reviews
Please add features split categories in transaction. found in 2 reviews
The only caveat is that multiple currencies are not supported. found in 9 reviews
Good if you put in the effort. found in 2 reviews
Also it presents some kind of error on importing. found in 2 reviews
Still needs a few tweaks. found in 1 reviews
Can't wach a specific budjet. found in 2 reviews
Good but still to improve. found in 3 reviews
will be good if we have a feature to filter. found in 5 reviews
Missing split transactions but easily overcome using long press to copy. found in 7 reviews
but it can be a little more user friendly. found in 2 reviews
quite a waste without a widget though. found in 2 reviews
Good apps but still can be better. found in 1 reviews
but online backup. found in 1 reviews
Do not buy if you don't have a month to month salary. found in 1 reviews
Wish it had cloud sync so I can sync across devices. found in 2 reviews
Liked it but had upload of bank data issue. found in 1 reviews
Needs better looking UI. found in 1 reviews
Reminder to add expense/revenue. found in 1 reviews
How can other Dev get it to work and you can't. found in 4 reviews
ur ads so misleading by saying its capable of multiple currencies. found in 9 reviews
therefore useless for budgeting purposes. found in 2 reviews
i gonna UNINSTALL it if its without multiple currency. found in 7 reviews

The My Budget Book is now available for 0,79 € for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new My Budget Book app version 5.2.1 has been updated on 2014-01-12. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.1 and up

Control your money with My BudgetBook. special offer My Budget Book is a simple Android application for managing your finances.With good care you can easily get a feeling for the financial situation with a simple ...

Great App I use this daily even though my friends think I m old now for using a checkbook even if it s on my phone I have all my accounts added and it makes it so easy to know exactly how much money I have even if the transactions haven t cleared the bank yet The developer had just added a dark mode and now it s a perfect App in my opinion I have tried a bunch of these Apps and this one is still my favorite Give it a try and see what I m talking about                     Doug Rosson
The best budgeting and financial tracking app I ve found Easy to maintain powerful flexible Imported several different CSV files without any pye formatting exports from my banking website for example worked great My brief rating drop to 3 stars for a failed backup was 100 my error I was in a rush and realized later I had restored the automatic backup on my new phone instead of the one downloaded from my old phone Sorry about that                     Amy Wilson
Exceptional offline budgeting I have tried so many budgeting apps to find the right one I have tried auto syncing apps which don t work with my bank and don t hold you accountable like manual entry does This app gives you all the tools you need to analyze record and plan with your money A work of art I will gladly buy this app to support the devs and I encourage everyone to try this app                     Barry Marshall
Version 8 is finally here with the dark theme Been using this app for almost 5 years yet My Budget Book can load the data swiftly It got everything I need for personal budgeting                     Ari Trikesuma
Have been using this app for years and very happy Many great features and constantly being supported and developed                     Evgeniy Cralev
Easy to configure to your needs easy to use only the charts and reports can seem goofy at times Its handling of recurring transactions could be better Sometimes it seems to add or subtract at random making it necessary for me to make account adjustments from time to time                 Laurenz Baars
This is actually a reallu great app The features i like are the ability to import and export csv files as well as the graphs and intiuitive user interface Some suggested improvements would be either a desktop app or web app and an import wizard that can accept a csv file in anu order and prompt the user ti identify which fields in tge file should be mapped to what field in the app                 Daudi Justin
Very good app for tracking your finances I d have no problem recommending anyone to try it I ve been using it for about 2 years now Without question it has really helped me gain a great insight into my income and spending habits The interface has a nice clean design with no annoying or distracting elements Interaction with the app is easy and becomes second nature after a while What I like most is that the developer seems keen to improve what is already a great app with regular updates                     Pa Hennessy
Please add split transaction Everything else is perfect                     Christopher Smith
hands down the best finance app once everything s input it keeps track of everything with a nice month end total at the bottom so many options keeps me out the red and making Payments on time it does its job and it does it well worth the price of a coffee easy recommended                     Daniel Cambridge
just one word amazing and truely trustable i was using this app since 4 years first 2 years i have beem using for free but then i felt i need to support devs also so i have bought it and never regretted it it is so amazing that if someone ask about anything i have purchased then i only need to find its name on this only and whole history is before your eyes thumbs up for this app                     Sid Jivani
I ve been working to self host as much of my data as possible This app is perfect exactly what I look for when I want to keep my info private                     Bradley Brown
Its a great application I use it on daily basis pretty useful Makes your life easier because you can handle your money and keep the control over your expenses pretty easy                     Vianey Gonzalez
Love the dark mode Best finance app in the whole market It has every tool you need to manage your finances                     Firas Obaidy
fantastic app only functionality i wish it had was to allow the user to change swiping left and right to change months from change views analysis styles                     Nicholas Smith
Very good app User friendly and pratical                     Aki Xiang
This is a great app after using it for few months that s very clear how organized I have becomed tracking my accounts                     Tom BS
I ve been using this app for a couple of months now and really like the layout and simple way of adding new bills                     David Hellmann
Covers all aspects of finance recording just needs an improved visual appearance eg add some color pls                 Paul Goonan
Using this app for several years now Really helped me manage my Expenses when I changed my job last year                     A Google user
I have used a few budgeting apps in the past and I have to admit that this one is the best I ve come across All functions perform as expected The statistics screen is really well done My only suggestion is creating a predicting algorithm feature that would take your average expenses over a set period of time and predict your future worth in a set future date What i can tell the overview screen does this but only with reoccurring expenses incomes Anyways not a showstopper Great App                     Dan Simard
I has a lot of features respects my provacy doesn t upload my data to the cloud automatically doesn t have intrusive ads and is paid only once that s what I love about this app                     Teoman Reimann
The only app that can handle my model for my personal finance It s clean robust and safe since it doesn t use internet To sync my database I just have to use special synchronizer My wish to developer is to make profile feature which houses accounts so I can have multiple profile with different currency Other than that it s the best app I can find Thank you                     Alvin Tju
The best budget app available on android platform I have been using this app for pretty long time it is nice to use and it s so easy                     Emamul Hossain
This is THE BEST budget app on the market for OFF GRID budgeting You can import CSV s if you need the connection but I have always preferred managing my own finances I bought this app 5 years ago and continue to use it every day I also use Quicken and have the latest Quicken 2019 I find myself using this app more and more for cash transactions and monitoring bill pay I now only use Quicken to match u0026 load the CSV data To the creator of this app BRAVO AND THANK YOU                     Jonathan Stremming
This app is hands down amazing for tracking your finances bank account recurring transactions etc Not only does it work but it looks great too there s nothing on android which even comes close and tbh I would be lost without this little gem Keeps me out of the red The price for what it offers I think is also extremely fair and I m glad to be supporting ongoing development                     Daniel Cambridge
Loving this app Helps me keep my current balance up to date rather than waiting for my bank to update my balance a day or few days later and becoming confused as to why moneys disappeared It can be a pain inputting all transactions and repeating transactions initially but there s no way to avoid this Once thats out of the way its easier if you input what you spend as soon as you spend it rather than at the end of the day                     Claire Summers
TODO Calendar view with account balance or sum of selected accounts balances for each day with coloring when balance drops below zero Competitive applications have this feature BUG Recurring transactions without expiration date are automatically created for 2 years in the future Recurring transactions with expiration date set are created however until expiration date which can be more than 2 years forward This results in incorrect account balance empty transaction list faulty diagrams after two years This is a serious fault which has to be fixed                 Google Account
I tried to use other budget apps but none were easy to glance summarise For me personally I absolutely love this app so aesthetically pleasing easy to read and input export data safe and the list goes on thanks team for making such an incredible app definitely a value app                     Leva Rasouli
I used to download an apk version of this to check if this is what I need I dont use this app that much since I m a little lazy typing but the app is so good that I gotta purchase to support the dev Also the dev is really approachable                     Francis Koji Okuaki
Brilliant budgeting app best out there                     Denis prince
Been using this for a long time and still the best budgeting app None of the other bs other apps require                     A Google user
I use this for digital envelopes app works great for what I need it to do                     Klahmbo
Perfect and easy app to track all financial transactions Customisation of categories adding multiple accounts with opening balance amd transfer between multiple accounts are really good features                 Dinesh V
versatile and very convenient until you lose data and need to restore a back up I have tried everything and cannot restore any of my numerous backups deleted this file and am regretting paying for it now         Speedy 2410

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