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Zero Team , the publisher behind many Android apps (ZERO Locker - Theme,Wallpaper ,Z Emoji Camera ,ZERO Communication (SMS) ,Z Boost ,Z Camera ,Lock Screen), brings Z Camera with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Z Camera apps has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Z Camera for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Z Camera app version 1.0 has been updated on 2015-02-13. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.0.3 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Z Camera check developer Zero Team`s website : mailto:zcamerafeedback@gmail.com

Z Camera is the fastest camera to take photo and record video. With live filters, you can preview how your photos will look before you capture the moment. Z Camera supports gestures, and you can ...

This app HIJACKES we the phone Once you open it the app just takes over You can t get rid of it Once you open it that s it No matter how many you close it it keeps opening up OVER AND OVER AND OVER again My only option was to UNINSTALL IT     Aryella Bat El Doron
Great app until it now just spams my phone with ad overlays every 12 hours overtop of apps I m using currently I haven t opened the app in years and it would appear the developers have been hacked     go2997
Something has decided to popup adds on my phone over the last 2 weeks Sure looks like Z Camera is doing it It happens at the wost of times I can t even hit snooze on my morning alarm clock because my screen is locked by adds Deleting     Terrie McCain
This app is flooded with ads now I hope that we get an option to pay not to see ads The ads pop up unexpectedly when I m closing another app and for no good reason         Andrea Ivey
it use to be amazing great filters but the part to download new filters keeps saying Network Error and i tried everything to fix this and its not working anymore since this new update     Jessica Cohn
after update app has mystery ads that pop up for no apparent reason randomly even when you don t open the app hidden Trojan style ads Even with no permissions granted add still pop up     Ken K
Used to be great Now pops random ads up on your screen when you arent even using the app     John S
after an update it showed an ad upon unlock once or twice a day a sneaky way it did not ask any permission     Heigenberg HP
Love it s my favorite camera app and I tried many of different ones but this one is the best one out there                     Nicole Champion
Ive found this app is easy and works great Alot of camera apps arent what they say they are but i enjoy z camera                     Stacey Adonis Deas
I love this camera and the editing I play with pics for hours                     Tammylynn Cline
Good experience Nice options i have one suggestion to upgrade more options                     Sudheer K Das
rarely used it then started spamming me with unwanted and unsolicited ads how can you say delete     Bill Bentley
Was an ok app until it started hijacking my phone everytime i opened it This stupid ad for you pops up     Harvi Kiiski
Very smart very usefull and easy to oparate                     Manoj Kumar
Featurs of this app are good but the gallary disappear everytime i installed so many times but every time gallary is unistalled itself every time             jatinder malhotra
used to be amazing but now you have to pay for a bunch of the filters which is fine but I ve already done that What good is it to create an account if I have to repay for stuff I already had Had to delete it because now it wont even down load the free filters half the time it just says network error even though my network is fine super disappointed     Kayla Mcbride
this is the worst camera ever I will never use this again     Mike Miller
This app was good and and has now become a little worse than before earlier i had access to all of the effects for free why did you make some of the effects for VIP kindly make everything for free to make it the better app like before             Smriti
Can t do anything unless you subscribe full of ads     mohd or whatever
its a nice app the effects are super cool But the problem is that the app keeps closing itself when you re viewing pictures from the gallary                 Fredrick Mecuzmerry
To be honest I haven t used it yet but I am planning on it It sounds like it would be not as close to perfection as a signal Camara would be but with a lot more of FUN                     Kelly White
Love it Easy to use                     Angela Blount
My fav app always used it and is great the only objection is Im starting to see adds and they interrupt when you re about to take a pic or between checking out the pic you just took                     Emma Rose Darce
LOVE IT You can also use different filters while using the video                     Tawauna Owens
editing options should be more as it looks ediitted at last         Ronak Chohan
This is a good app and very easy                     music Bangla
i love the app ive had for like at least 4yr but wen it upgraded i didnt like it that much cause hve to buy almost but not everything soo check it             djvolgx
Love that you can still use flash with low battery                     Vanessa Melson
It has issues but overall sweet                 JT Smoke
Nice for Quality Digital photo                     Ibrahim Adedamola
if time was meant to freeze this one captures it                     Andre Avalos
Worst app don t purchase This is amount pay so no download     Jaheer Hussain
nice safe lock and goodish camera                     Danish Khan Pitafi
Its a really good app but i don t like that you have to pay as soon as tou get on to the app i used to have it and i used it all the time but if you have to pay for it then why don t you pay for it in the play store that makes zero sense plesase if you have to pay for it then pay on the play store please             Ocean tha Gacha potter gal
Thanks for the spam suddenly i have a meetmyshop sliding into my phone screen every 5 seconds just after it updated i wasnt using the app anyway so thankfully it was a no brsiner to uninstall but BIG WARNING this apo is not to be trusted just look at the reviews all 5 stars writen in quite a strange way and all the rest 1 star clearly you are paying for reviews     Alexander Jordan
love the filters frames and stickers you can do so much to edit your photos this app has not slowed down my phone or made any other apps act weird which is awesome i can not believe that z camera is not over run by apps seeing as its free but i have hardly ever been interrupred by an ad or xommercial i wohld recommend this camera to anyone looking for a reliable way to enhance their photos most definitley                     Kelsey Mitchell
love using z camera to enhance my pics                 Vicky Parker
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