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Pear Labs , the publisher behind many Android apps (Hologram Camera w/ Deep Voice ,Twin Camera - Beauty Selfies ,Polaroid Retro Video Instagram ,Funny Camera Effects - YayCam), brings Polaroid Retro Video Instagram with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Polaroid Retro Video Instagram apps has been update to version 0.2.0 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Polaroid Retro Video Instagram for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Polaroid Retro Video Instagram app version 0.2.0 has been updated on 2015-03-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 4.1 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Polaroid Retro Video Instagram check developer Pear Labs`s website : http://pearlabsdev.com/

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I go to plug in a video into this application and it just sits on a page that says Load Video which only shows the video I want to put in and a back button As far as I m concerned there is no way to load a video in so this thing is getting a bad vote until further notice     Epik Berm
Only giving three stars for now because on the Galaxy S9 it notifies me that something went wrong and the video saved but without the audio This does not do any good when trying to make a film with the vintage music Come on app developers get with the program and help us people out Using it on my Galaxy S5 it seems to save video and audio with no issues Let s get a fix for this or I will report this app to Google Play for being a scam There should be no reason to continue to sell this app to the public if it s not going to be updated regularly and fixed             Henrietta De Leon
i thought i am the only one who has a problem on others Filters I used to use it in back in the few months It does work good at the start but later on the filter exactly went black like for example vintage srsyl i ve been planning to purchase the full version of this one but in this state I having a doubt             Mary Angeline Flores
So close The images are fairly realistic but the sound is not There should be clicking from the projector That ommision cost you two stars             Harvey Harbicht
None of the color features work The bu0026w and sepia features are fine but I just get a black screen on the color options which is most of the app Contacted support but got no response     Travel Bug
I have a Google Pixel 2 phone it will not record sound via this app which is why I bought it and as I paid for this App it totally sucks Great old film footage but with no sound is useless I keep getting an error report film saved publicly but without Audio Pile of pants     Soph Kins
looks like a great app but it won t let me load my videos and then put the filter on them It really looked like a nice app I just wish it worked     Janke Muller
there is no option to add the effect to a video it just lets me play the video and it says load video but there is no other option then to watch the video without the effect or they made it VERY unclear fix please     child of jesus ;-;
when i record long videos 5 min it takes too long to save and sometimes doesnt save at all change this if possible             thenewbgamer64 pro. idiot65
wish i never bought this stupid app doesn t record with audio constant messages saying whoops and refuses to load any video from my gallery to affect Totally useless on Samsung Galaxy     Adam GROW
love the app ofcourse there is no sound lol on the original 33mm I m sure there is no sound but I love the app great job and thank you so much I ve been wanting To make a vintage Video with our Band South3rn Turnpik3 Broth3rz catch us on sound cloud Free Hunter or Aron Gleason STB Doc Holiday and the kid We do everything classic rock alternative blues blue grass rock you name it alot of Greatfull Dead stuff and townes van zant                     South3rn Turnpik3 Broth3rz Aka The Kid
The filters in this app were actually cool The down side is the video audio joining is very poor it takes almost forever to compress videos and it cuts of some parts of the audio in essence filters awesome Quality needs work         K starr
WASTE OF MONEY I paid for this app and all I got is we can t do conversions for your phone Can t even import videos taken by my Huawei Mate 9 Don t purchase their premium version its not worth it Their Customer service is not even responding to my emails THIS IS A SCAM     Gianne Martinez
I deleted the app a few months ago after buying all the extra features mind you because every time I record something I saves it with no audio I redownloaded the app hoping that this bug had been fixed but unfortunately it s still occurring             Sierra Ashton
Unable to process any video I record Will only save without audio fully paid version on S10 Hugely disappointing         Greg Robinson
Useful to use when just recording a simple video but you cant use a pre made film It says it can for some reason but it when I try to its it says Wops and doesnt work Yes it says wops not woops smh             A Google user
I love this app it s a lot of fun and there is plenty of excellent effects for camera and video to explore so you should never be bored and apparently they add daily surprises which is a rather nice touch I purchased it within minutes of trying it for me it was a no brainer                     Trev Holloway
haven t had a chance a chance to use all the effects but well worth the price Awesome app                     TJ Freedom
It has great filters but when I save a video from my gallery with the effect it says something went wrong Please fix this I m not able to save any video and sometimes it squeezes the videos             Andrew Prasanna
keep trying to load a video to edit it just says error no how to info     steve larue
love this app but it also could have audio still giving it 5 stars                     Starving Artists
its a great app I used it for movies and stuff a lot of people complain about there being no sound But I dont really mind because real 8mm cameras usually have no sound                     Ze German Tanker
It won t record audio but I love the filters             Roberto Sibrian
doesnt work I Used a filter and imported a video took 10 minutes the game crashed i went into it again and it crashed again and never ever worked again please fix this     duck ter
the filters are cool I can edit my photos but not my videos and I dont know why it doesnt let me edit my videos so yeah             Formal KiwiSama
I paid in hopes of getting all the features working but instead it shows a black screen It s incompatible with lots of new phones I have an Honor 10 and this app hasn t been updated for 3 years Don t expect they will now It s an absolute waste of money App can t import videos the 8mm feature doesn t work audio doesn t record and the creators don t reply to issue complaints Would recommend just downloading Vintage 8mm Video VHS I don t even understand how this got so many 5 stars     Cherrie Azucena
I recorded a video in this app and it didn t save it to my gallery The video was some 10 11 minutes long and it was blank The app is great to take pictures but when recording videos at times it does not save it to gallery and also it would be great if it had a timer I am facing this problem again and again it won t save the video after recording it would be good if the bugs are fixed                 Vaanks Vaanks
it is awesome app and it doesn t stuck or limit your recording time                     MBUSO GAMEDE
no audio on vids and can t convert vids from gallery to the app it always crashed please fix it soon             Darlene Solis
paid for it Doesn t work I can t load in videos I took out of the app and the videos I filmed in the app wouldn t have audio I really wanted a refund     clam Station
Some filters do not work For example the VHS radioactive and vintage filters             Herve Blaise
I consider uninstalling this app In my previous phone it was working well But now some camera features are not working It s only displaying black on my screen but once I press record and save there s an actual footage The thing is I have no visual on what I m recording Kindly fix this I actually like this app a lot         Karl Marion Bustillo
This is the best retro camera app in my opinion because most just let you take pictures but this one does videos too It super easy to use and always looks great                     Walker Newman
It keeps saying audio doesnt work but I want audio I bought the 8mm filter part and it doesn t work like it should this app just a waste     Tay Reed
I hope you can make this app better I thought this app is really good but when I finished taking the video in turns out that there is no audio and it says that conversion can t run on my device But other than that this would be a great app if they fix that problem with the audio         Jasmin Kate
buyer beware this app is apsoulte garbage i tried to upload a video from my gallery on phone and it just kept loading if i could i would give it a 0 star     jay_the_cat_xx
Polaroid Retro Video Instagram Media & VideoPolaroid Retro Video Instagram Media & VideoPolaroid Retro Video Instagram Media & VideoPolaroid Retro Video Instagram Media & Video

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