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CloudMosa Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Puffin Academy ,Puffin Web Browser Free ,Puffin for Facebook ,CoreLogic Fusion Experience ,Puffin Web Browser ,Puffin TV - Fast Web Browser), brings Puffin Web Browser Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Puffin Web Browser Free apps has been update to version 3.1.10679 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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  • a speed dial screen..
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  • puffin web browser is a wicked fast mobile flash browser..
  • So far it's the best flash browser that I came across..

Overall Satisfactionc84
Definitely the best browser in the world.
It definitely isn't the best browser.
So far it's the best flash browser that I came across.
I love puffin browser I can even play my favorite game animal jam.
I can't play my favorite online virtual world now.
It is the one and only browser with amazing speed.
Has so many options much better than chrome.
Works great to be free.
Needs to be free.
Fun & Engagingc93
Installed first time and simply awesome browser.
Awesome web browser for android.
Puffin is innovative and solves many problems.
Security & Privacyc26
Updates & Supportc62
Will try getting the paid version once the free trial runs out.

I will be purchasing the full version when my trial runs out. found in 4 reviews
Actually this is the best browser in the world. found in 5 reviews
The speed is just mind blowing. found in 5 reviews
You can use my code for free trials: ggfkamcdfkpgb. found in 22 reviews
I only play animal jam and club penguin on puffin browser. found in 16 reviews
It loads web pages quickly even on 2g services. found in 5 reviews
I love this web browser it fast and clean. found in 3 reviews
This is one of the fastest mobile browser in android. found in 9 reviews
heres my code for the 1month free flashplayer nkgjnbmjamfzb. found in 10 reviews
Great Speed and a great web browsing experience. found in 13 reviews
So far I think it's absolutely the best browser on the market. found in 8 reviews
Will try getting the paid version once the free trial runs out. found in 4 reviews
The best web browser I've ever seen absolutely awesome. found in 22 reviews
It should be free just like pc browsers. found in 8 reviews
This is obvioulsy the best browser I have ever seen. found in 7 reviews
Pls use my code zxijdmicbghgb to extend the trial. found in 9 reviews
Wicked fast but it starts the gps location all the time. found in 1 reviews
If it is suppose to be free why charge $. found in 9 reviews
Please add the ability to add more buttons when playing. found in 9 reviews
Super fast but needs interface improvement. found in 7 reviews
need to log in with firefox to connect Wi-Fi spot. found in 10 reviews
Fix your flash problem and I may buy. found in 6 reviews
The difference in load speed is easily visable. found in 7 reviews
Pages load quickly but scrolling and zoom stutter badly. found in 15 reviews
Page scrolling would be nice to have like in proton browser. found in 9 reviews
No find in page feature or text wrapping. found in 10 reviews
but it force closes way to much while playing games. found in 11 reviews
Awesome speed but crashes every time I open a new tab. found in 9 reviews
text reflow STILL doesn't work after the update from Jul. found in 9 reviews
but most sites don't word wrap legibly on phone screen. found in 4 reviews
Please fix the lag and stop the slowness in tanki online :. found in 4 reviews
I HATE the Track pad for drag and drop. found in 6 reviews
It is the worst browser i've ever had. found in 15 reviews
why does it still need flash to open picmonkey. found in 35 reviews
featureless and want you to pay a subscription to watch flash videos. found in 109 reviews
Flash is useless if you can't even pinch to zoom. found in 16 reviews
but not better then uc browser. found in 16 reviews
The desktop pages load at lightning speed. found in 15 reviews
which is terribly misleading considering you have to pay to get flash. found in 18 reviews
Puffin wont load Flash games. found in 21 reviews
Really fast browser but not support flash. found in 46 reviews
Why does it suck on samsung note 3. found in 20 reviews
I unchecked force GPU rendering - still did not work on my tablet. found in 33 reviews
The app requires the stock browser app to function properly. found in 15 reviews
How to disable annoying search engine option below address bar. found in 20 reviews
Forces you to disable ad blockers. found in 15 reviews
cant play aqworlds here it says trial free them nothing workin. found in 18 reviews
watching any video that requires adobe flash player LAGS. found in 58 reviews
Sick of it crashing or can't connect to server. found in 16 reviews
Uninstalling ill get photon browser. found in 18 reviews
Subscription to use flash player. found in 19 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Puffin Web Browser Free for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Puffin Web Browser Free app version 3.1.10679 has been updated on 2014-11-02. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up

Puffin Web Browser is the fastest web browser on the Android platform.Puffin Free is the free version of the Puffin Web Browser.Puffin Web Browser is a wicked fast web browser. With the help of cloud ...

The only one that works So far puffin is the best mobile browser based flash loader so far I ve tried numerous other apps but this is the only one that truly works Although this is great there are a few issues I ve come across first is the speed and ability to have a stable connection On first installation playing games and loading pages is very fast but after a day or so it slows down It also constantly give me connection error which forces me to reload the page Losing all progress                 Warriorninja_True
This website is really freaking good Sometimes you have to deal with ads but anyways it s super good Also it ll keep asking you to switch to pro but I always ignore it cause I m poor and that s the only down side anyways this website browser does everything that would be there on desktop for you mobile It s cool                     Trinity Roszell
I used to enjoy using this browser because I was able to play games on it and give friends items they needed but now they demand to know where I am in order to use their browser I don t appreciate that I don t want to give my location to every single thing I want to use If I just want to play a video game why do they need my location I can understand a map needing my location but not a browser Have they lost all respect for our privacy I thought Puffin was BETTER THAN THIS     Barbara Altis
It will be good if developers try to fix these 1 Changing between tabs is not smooth and fast both in terms of response time and graphic rendering compared to other browsers like Chrome and for an app claiming to be wicked fast it is not good to be slower than its competitors in that section 2 The video playing for Youtube videos is very bad Unusable actually No double tap to jump 10 seconds in video no subtitle selection menu and browser hangs if you try to change screen brightness             vl ba
It is very nice app I was very satisfied with it from past couple of months I am facing problems of downloading even the smallest size file Even if it is in 50Kb size unable to download it It take hours to download kB sized file and at last it fails Other wise I would have given it 5 star             Prem Bada
I had to uninstall this app and reinstall it because it would crash every time I tried to open the app but all and all it s a great browser I used Dolphin for a few years but had to drop the browser do to adobe flash player not working anymore for that browser on my tablet I had to find a browser that already had flash built into it This one was the one I came across and I m satisfied with this browser I had to take one star away due to the crashing though                 Stage4Gamer
Garbage browser Immediately hit with an ad the second flash content is loaded demands location access to use and not nearly as fast as they claim They clearly paid for the articles touting their advantages I m not waiting 30 seconds to view an ad for flash content I don t even want to interact with     Michael Bostwick
From 5 star to 0 The ads so intrusive after recent update You must watch full 30 sec or it will close the tab and it does it again when I open new tab no matter what Used to be the best but now IT S RUBBISH and now it requires Location access to run my privacy is at risk I AM NOT GOING TO BUY PRO WHEN THERE S ALOT OF FREE NO AD FASTER u0026 SAFER BROWSER OUT THERE BYE PUFFIN     Ricky Muzakki
I used to really enjoy this app It s simplicity was a huge plus lately the updates have been affecting the user experience for instance when you open the app and enter your first search term the page reloads and you have to enter it all again Also the app wanted me to perform a capcha before I could even load a search engine The last straw for me was the new requirements for sharing user data This app went from 1 in my book to being deleted from my phone     Allan Carraway
It is a good fast browser but it is starting to get intrusive I understand that you need profit to continue with development but the price for the premium is a bit high for what it does It was fine to see an ad every now and then even watch a video for a few seconds but to force location access is the last straw for me specially knowing competing browsers do not require it So I m uninstalling and will just wait for a sale of your premium app All the best to you and thanks for the trial             Donald Medina
Great browser I ve used it for years but it now requires that we give it location access and consent to upload usage statistics to them This term is not defined and no links to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy which we must also accept before use Puffin appears to check each time it loads An honest company doesn t need to coerce users like this An innocent company would let users read contract terms before agreeing     James Taylor
Browsers don t need my location they don t need to share crash reports This is a data mining app which won t let you function with any form of basic privacy literally it won t load until you accept its unnecessary consent requirements Don t waste your time even for flash which is the only reason I downloaded it     Rob Baxter
this browser forces you to share your location with them or it wont let you do anything on top of that its constantly crashing and resetting And i dont mind the ads but there is no reason to force your users to show there location on an obviusly unsicure app and to top it off the ads have nothing to do with my location     Dusk Lunar
The app is good it browsing very quickly But it has many problems which are very boring These are app disconnect from the internet when data is on and the app is browse the other problem is unexpectedly app is quit I hope you are solve this problem Thanks             Amar Ami
seems good One major issue is that when you first use the app it tells you to accept terms and conditions but it doesnt even let you read the terms and conditions then it asks you for your location both these issues can probably link to on issue it may sell your location without u knowing this app deserves 0 stars but the least i could do is 1 star     Julian De Leon
It s hard to recommend this app to anyone concerned about their privacy It requires the users not only to consent to having their location accessed something I didn t even allow Google to access but usage data being sent to the publisher before you can even use the browser Nearly every other service has set that standard that these are to be optional It s unfortunately the only browser I m aware that can run a particular site I use properly             ponkerton
I like using this Web browser It s fast and easy to use because it s just in your pocket but I have a complaint about it that s been happening to me multiple times it keeps crashing over and over fo no reason It s like its fast but slow and immediately crashes Not sure what s going on but if you d fix this I d give it a 4 or 5 star rating Overall though good app to use             qrysyal_milkk
It s ok but please make flash player non premium I have to watch stupid ads so I can use the flash player to study and do my assignments in educosoft for Uni To stop the ads I have to upgrade to the Pro Version Are you kidding me Totally annoying Uninstalling very soon     kariangi 13
Fast browser Please add Copy Image URL option on the menu when you select an image It s really stupid when you can see the image link on the above of menu but you can t copy that link But meh I doubt you guys will add this feature let alone read this review                 Ryuki Zoa
So far the app works ok However it s only earned 2 stars due to absolutely requiring the location permission to use After initial setup if you disable the location permission reopening the app requires you to re enable the location permission before proceeding Disable the need for location and it s easily a 5 star app         Gregory Jackson Jr
Puffin is one of the most fastest browser that I have tested it does it so well that just switching from game or from minimized will trigger a refresh page Since there is no ad block It even refreshes the ads on the page which will consume more data This would have been great if not for the constant refresh Other browsers have a refresh button to check for updated content I prefer the other browsers instead             Albert Cheung
5 is a lie read the reviews more complaints than you can shake a stick at forced to down load this for a class I needed to take still won t open flash player something about hacked well I don t down load apps only one I downloaded was this hope it doesn t screw up my phone I am ticked off     Radena Winsbury
Dudes Devs whatever Why is the text input jacked up Every time I type something in browser regardless of website it jumbles words up altogether deletes them or just doesn t type them out at all Fix it I do not enjoy taking 20 minutes to type one sentence cause my browser is against me Always happens regardless of phone or phone OS Make it happen please I enjoy Puffin and its mechs I just want smooth text input Thanks             Crystal Siders
There s zero settings for privacy I have to agree to reveal my location to install I don t see an iccognito mode or a way to even delete your cashe and cookies Was considering almost buying the pro version because their discription of the app sounded so appealing I m sticking with Firefox Focus As I look through the terrible reviews they only reply the same copyu0026pasted response to cover their butts Come on guys     Jay Rizzoli
This is literally the best app ever None of the annoying notifications that you can t get rid of and this helped me to be able to FINALLY make my own music videos I reccromend this app to GachaTubers and animators in particular but I bet that this app has other cool features that I don t care about don t need that would be extremely helpful to other users This app is perfect for me I might even be able to start a career in about two years of using this app for music videos and so on                     Purple Syrup
The app is good allows you to play flash games and stuff But its kinda slow at times And i dont understand why adds pop up out of nowhere and it won t let me exit the add and continue I also dont get why it needs my location but other than that its an OK app             MeowKitty 77
I had everything set up like I wanted it then the app forced an update on me so now I lost my bookmark I have ads on the app and it forced me to allow the app access to my location to make a better experience     Ace timer
Browser is not perfect but it s fine Today I tried to register something on a website using Chrome on my phone It wasn t accessible But my Pc could access the site But I badly wanted to use my mobile phone Someone referred me to puffin Lo and behold The site was accessible and I did my stuff However puffin isn t that smooth refreshes itself shuts down unexpectedly You can have it just in case                 luckey luckey
This used to be a go to browser If you don t stop the thing disconnecting and reloading the page resulting in the loss of all work I m ditching it No twitter videos anymore either Get these things sorted             Sally Rose
i have to say this is the most useful and most stable web browser for android this works the best on android tablets and android tv boxes it doesnt try to force you to load mobile versions of the same websites like firefox and opera does it has a couple minor glitches but all in all a dam good browser well done                 Xcalibur 72
I type in a search I try u0026 edit the search I can t drag the drag handles Do the devs even use Puffin in their daily lives They prob don t preferring Chrome Opera Give me a speed dial that actually works Let me add custom pages to this speed dial b c customization in 2019 is sort of a thing The dev enjoys complaining about not being able to dev on the other mobile platform and yet on Android things aren t that much better Do everyone a favor by ending Puffin completely ASAP     Stan
I can t use puffin without giving it access to my location And with the new update i downloaded yesterday 8 10 19 the app is hardly usable it keeps freezing or needing to have to page refreshed sometimes only way to fix it is to force stop the app in settings then the issues happen again In a few minutes of use     Carrie Bregel
Having issues with the flash It will be working and I ll get a pop up of flash isn t loading But it s still working so it forces me to reload the page constantly Please fix     Katrina Mann
Very good as fast as I expected and also the flash player is superb But some site won t open as the browser always say this site is not available in your region USA yet am in Nigeria                 morgan daniel
I d give this app 0 stars if I could This app seriously needs to consider the user s privacy in mind I don t like how this app needs to know my location in order to work I used to love this app but Puffin really needs to reconsider making the location of my device optional This app may as well be unusable if you don t enable your location So I wouldn t recommend downloading this app if privacy is something you have in mind     A Man
pretty good gives ya exactly what you re lookin for The only downside is when a new update comes and you don t have space for it You try to politely ignore it but the update pop up really is inconvenient edit loses a star because p0rnhub doesn t work on this app for some reason             Buckington Hassleshire

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