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MeteoGroup , the publisher behind many Android apps (WeatherPro HD ,MeteoEarth ,WeatherPro ,WeatherPro Free - Apps on), brings WeatherPro with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. WeatherPro apps has been update to version 3.3.2 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The most accurate weather prediction I have ever seen..
  • Superb customer care..
  • I now use this more than any other for weather..
  • Love the live wall paper..
  • Best weather widget I've downloaded so far..

Overall Satisfactionc83
This is by far the best weather app out there.
most detailed and most accurate weather app available.
This is a great app - overall better than the Met Office application.
Uninstalling and sticking with Met Office.
Impressive app with good graphics and radar map.
Long range predictions are good and keep up to date.
Radar needs more detail and deeper zoom.
Fun & Engagingc65
Awesome weather application.
Awesome weather app.
Radar needs more detail and deeper zoom.
User friendly and provides a lot of useful weather info.
Useful weather app.
lots of useful information.
Value for Moneyc20
Production Valuesc63
Good forecasts in an easy to understand layout.
Great detailed coverage of europe with good and clear interface.
The radar animation of rain fall I find.
very neat interface and brilliant charts of rain fall.
Ease of Usec72
Good forecasts in an easy to understand layout.
Easy to understand and highly acurate.
Comprehensive yet easy to use.
Accurate and simple to use.
the location doesn't update anymore at all.
Updates & Supportc53
5 brings the Android version in line with the iDevices and.
Getting better with each new update.

'Current' conditions need to be updated much closer to real time. found in 3 reviews
This is by far the best weather app out there. found in 574 reviews
As good as the iPad version. found in 2 reviews
This is the most complete weather app on any platform. found in 10 reviews
Provides detailed information on current weather. found in 13 reviews
This weather app is superb well worth paying for. found in 4 reviews
navigation is a bit clunky. found in 2 reviews
Still the best weather tool out there and worth the premium upgrade. found in 4 reviews
The best weather ap. found in 91 reviews
Provides all basic weather data on a single screen. found in 11 reviews
Freaky Fast on my Atrix. found in 2 reviews
I recommend this program to anyone seeking a good weather program. found in 8 reviews
Maybe the best meteo app I ever had. found in 3 reviews
Best weather tool I've seen in a long time. found in 2 reviews
very neat interface and brilliant charts of rain fall. found in 4 reviews
The app is worth every cent. found in 2 reviews
What a complete and timely weather application this pro version is. found in 33 reviews
Hoping u guys will add hourly uv. found in 2 reviews
Incredibly useful especially the radar feature. found in 5 reviews
Precisely what I was looking for. found in 2 reviews
Nice but buggy. found in 4 reviews
Unclear if alert notifications apply to current location. found in 29 reviews
After installing the app crashes and the widget disappears. found in 2 reviews
But it could use better widgets. found in 3 reviews
The Radar Graphics are just terrible. found in 6 reviews
Nexus S: widget doesn't work anymore since last update :. found in 10 reviews
Seems to now be missing the details of the day you are on. found in 2 reviews
Upgraded to premium subscription but think it's a waste of money. found in 17 reviews
But suddenly the widget disappeared & I cannot re-add it. found in 7 reviews
the location doesn't update anymore at all. found in 6 reviews
but gets blurry when you try to zoom in. found in 7 reviews
Function well in manual mode but does not update location. found in 5 reviews
without my location update working the app is useless to me. found in 3 reviews
The widget no longer advances from day to day. found in 2 reviews
Very good app but widget keeps switching to Celsius. found in 13 reviews
Hourly details missing in forecast. found in 2 reviews
Radar needs more detail and deeper zoom. found in 4 reviews
Needs better radar system and the states on the radar. found in 6 reviews
The radar & weather maps are very low resolution and useless. found in 7 reviews
Widget disappeared. found in 7 reviews
Location problem. found in 7 reviews
The widget doesn't refresh when the bottom "refresh" button is pressed. found in 18 reviews
Radar maps suck. found in 22 reviews
paid app has become no more than an advert for premium services. found in 14 reviews
Have to upgrade to a 3/12 month premium subscription. found in 17 reviews
But Radar forecast show only 3 hours ahead. found in 7 reviews
no fix date and they suggest adding current location to favourites. found in 29 reviews
Radar is mediocre and no severe weather alerts ever came in. found in 7 reviews
I have requested refund and will be looking elsewhere. found in 9 reviews
Charging again for premium content is a dissapointment :. found in 10 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download WeatherPro for 2,99 € from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new WeatherPro app version 3.3.2 has been updated on 2014-01-16. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: full Internet access ,
Bottom Line: For more information about WeatherPro check developer MeteoGroup `s website :

WeatherPro features high-quality seven-day forecasts and weather reports for over two million locations worldwide. Highlights include global satellite plus radar for the USA and much of Europe. Images can be animated with interactive elements bringing ...

Since the app changed to its current format look and feel it constantly crashes on start up or hangs and never opens When it DOES open it takes ages to start up The way the data is laid out now is cumbersome and is no longer on one single screen as compared to the original app And the ability to manage favourites is clunky and it s really difficult to look up the weather for a location that isn t on your favourites list To put it simply original app wasn t broken Didn t need fixing         Clay Pender
This app used to be in my point of view one of the best global and informative weather apps Unfortunately used to be Since version 5 the design changed significantly and I was quiet surprised I took some time to try to get used to it and find my usefull functions within the new design Now after 3 months I can come to the conclusion that this app has lost lot of its usefull functions and the usabillity was downgraded heavily Not worth the money anymore     Rafael Wyttenbach
When apps go bad I m not sure meteogroup understand the criticism here the UI is fundamentally flawed Information is hidden and hard to get It s the very opposite of the original app and gives me no reasons to own it In fact I do wonder if they simply haven t sold it to another developer I am told the iOS app has not had this reskin     Nick Lott
Nearly unusable widgets since last update The nice 2 line widgets with the clock are still missing and the widget can not configured like the ones in the previous version Also the old version weather display was much betterin my opinion Please restore the old version again Why update a perfect previous app with a new one with less widget features I just found out its now also drains the battery Also my already paid premium status has gone without any compensaton     Christian Lippuner
And here s another negative review I used weatherpro since my iPhone aera and always liked it Now it s a total disaster even the radar info is totally unusable and incorrect Unbelievable how a company like MeteoGroup can destroy such a good product 2019 09 23 3 months later now the app doesn t even start anymore     Raimund Zopp
Been with Weather Pro for many years but one star would be too much for an app apps that used to be top notch on all counts but after the major update rework honestly left me with a shadow or shallow taste of what this app has become Sorry and hope you guys understand what u have left behind for a more commercial app that looks like the others         Ruggero Marazzi
Used to be pro subscriber on old app Since the new version half the time the app is stuck on loading screen the rest of the time there s a loading icon constantly glitching The new UI meant I hadn t renewed my pro subscription anyway now its time for a different weather app     Darren Perry
Got better review is changed from 1 star to 5 stars now previous app was way way better that this new one simple bug like location i cant find most of the cities in New South Wales Australia which i had access to previously in detail now its just sydney unfortunately the weather in Australia is different after every 10kms                     Vipul Lunkad
Def v poor compared to the old app which was brilliant does not have anywhere near the same amount of info is not as accurate u0026 does not allow you to view the same amount of different places or specific areas Bring back the old weather pro app             Kirsty Winchester
Same as all the other recent reviews UI has taken a turn for the worst Info like wind speed is another tap away Sometimes the app gets stuck on the load screen Style over substance The UI needs work         Sfakman
The weather information is really very accurate I rely on the app as I cycle to my office Only the mm rain is now less accessible then in the old app And it was useful to see if there was heavy rain or just drops                     L S
I had paid a one time fee for this app to get premium It was my favourite weather app worth the price Now after the update they want a MONTHLY FEE for even the most basic features Bad move I will uninstall     Wolff Light
Old version excellent New version rubbish Why change for the worse Admit a mistake has been made and at least make the old version run in parallel then check the usage     Russell Spencer
I have no idea how it really configures the default location for the widget I think I know how it s meant to work but it s quite capable of picking a location which isn t even in my list of saved locations any more though it once was Apart from that it Just Works                 Bernard Leak
I ve loved this app for years been premium for most of them but like many the recent update has left me cold There seems to be less information now u0026 while it s very pretty it s not as easy to read or understand I m very happy the different widget sizes were reinstated That said the widget refuses to work for more than 5 minutes on my new phone Galaxy S10 u0026 has been showing weather from two towns over for about a month refusing to refresh to show my town Might be time to shop around             Monika Gregory
After updating the App past 4months widgets stopped all time and he always lost the favorite city sometimes he mixed it Sorry but the new version it s an no go I m customer about many years with premium abo     Ronny Hoffmann
Used this for years and found it to be the best by some way Then came the update What an absolute farce and one of the worst implementations of an app update I have experienced in all my days on Android App functionality is reduced usability gone backwards layout out and GUI poor and unresponsive premium features not enabled despite having paid for them Taken the app from one of the best to one of the worst Move on and find an alternative I know I will be     Craig Difiori
Having been a pro subscriber for a number of years and a big fan of the app I can t tell you how disappointed I am with the new version The new UI is nowhere near as clear and crisp to read and almost looks amateurish in comparison The app now feels clunky and sluggish I renewed my annual subscription last week based on the old app and was rewarded with a totally inferior update a few days later I have requested a refund     Gavin Price
Major revision of look of app has significantly reduced responsiveness Loading times are frustrating Design is less intuitive than earlier releases             Martin Wilson
Oh my god How to ruin an app Used to be my first port of call in the morning now it s terrible Doesn t even tell me amount of rain in a day without digging around So sad     Mark Edwards
Useful app for local weather seems very reliable Shame we no longer have access to the weather maps we had in the previous version                 Rich Sale
Been using this for a long time half of that even Premium subscription The last update is utter garbage Usability down non premium version completely neutered all favourites gone no location search useless graphs in the free version I subbed to the old version every year over the summer for vacation weather Won t use this one any more Time to go looking for an alternative     Jan-Eric Pietralla
I had this app since 2013 first on iOS and later on Android and it s always been my favorite weather app Now I might need to find a different option The new design is just terrible white is not a good background color the forecast graphs no longer help visualizing the weather development Widget options aren t nearly as good i liked the resizable option Please bring back the old design     Ben Molder
Loved the old version the new one is terrible Awful graphically and the user interface is poor     Mike Taylor
WeatherPro is always my first call when it comes to checking out the forecast the rain radar is so accurate you can almost set your watch by it                     Keith Witchell
Looks like Premium subscription is broken app does not have premium features enabled when clicking on Try it for free it displays You are already a premium user I am a longterm subscribing user of WeatherPro and always found it to be very valuable After the latest update the App became unusable for me especially when having bad network connectivity     Malte Wedel
This app used to be very good but they messed it up Now it s buggy and less efficient Looking for an alternative Added after struggling with it for several more weeks I m totally fed up with it It used to be the best weather app in my opinion and I have genuinely tried to get used to it but it s a waste of time I wish the old version could be restored     Jerry Wright
Had the pro version of the app for years and loved it Woke this morning to check the weather found my widget missing and an unrecognisable new and white app Was five stars not sure now but will try for a while More legal options and disclaimers than actual settings in the settings menu Update uninstalling New widget gets stuck on Berlin weather and only shows 3 days notifications bypass my do not disturb setting and occur randomly at night Not a patch on the old app disappointing         Huw Price
I have been a premium subscriber for years Recent update is charging me for premium yet locking me out of premium content and no matter what I do will not authenticate my subscription Says you are already a premium subscriber and they are taking my money faithfully but screwing me over I see I am not the only one experiencing this and its beyond unacceptable Play should be refunding the premium until they get their act together and fix it     Elaine l
I was telling a friend about RainToday which is an amazing app However RainToday seems to have disappeared from the app store and replaced by this i just installed it and checked it out and its absolutely shocking The rain radar is clunky and ugly not stunning as they describe it Plus you have to subscribe to get any useful features I don t understand how anyone can release a new app that is worse than the old app in every measurable way and then be happy with that decision     Robert Hoeller
Bad Update no support I m a user of this app for years Weatherpro used to be the best weather app available especially for Europe This update awful I have an Meteogroup account and used it on Android and Apple devices Can t log in anymore I wrote twice to the Meteogroup support No reaction Terrible setvice I will not extend my annual subscription BYE     Fabo B.
Despite updates to the revamp it still has half as many options as the previous generation of the app and simply doesn t work properly You can t change the image options for the maps and if you view the radar satellite map once it then usually doesn t update for the rest of the day even closing the app doesn t update So if I view it at 09 00 then again at 14 00 anything beyond 09 00 will still be showing as forecast rather than observed     Michael Killingback
I d be very happy to go back to paying for this app if it had anything like the slickness of Rain Today but this is a really terrible app The weather radar is very poorly animated it flashes and flickers on my s10 so it s essentially unusable and that should be the most useful feature of the app Also the weather radar is supposed to cover the next three hours if you pay the subscription but I found that was very unreliable sometimes you d only get 1 hour sometimes 3     Robin Aveline
Edit Next update came and there is no personalization of the home screen and graphs Why did you have to redesign the app And why release it prematurely lacking most of the best features the old app has Original review All graphs should be on the same page Weather is a sum of conditions sunshine rain wind etc and one needs to be able to see it immediately in the same place not having to go through 5 6 tabs Separating them was a horrible decision     Andrei Dancau
I ve been a subscription member for years been slowly getting used to the new interface though nowhere as good as the original Like others the latest update has now removed my subscription and just get a message to say subscription has ended which it definitely hasn t They now want 79p a month from me and they can whistle It s time to go and try out some of the competition which is a shame after all these years         mark rose
The new update is a huge backward step I ve subscribed for a few years u0026 it s been great However since the update it s become a joke Graphics are rubbish and it s so much less user friendly Def not worth paying for u0026 when my subscription is up I won t be renewing     Paul Garforth
After the update earlier this month my Premium subscription cannot be reactivated Also the app takes forever to load the functionality of the app is a huge step back compared to the old very functional design and there are just a mind blowing amount of bugs Grown ups admit their mistakes Fire the lead developer and ROLL BACK     Hans Nygaard

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