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GoPro , the publisher behind many Android apps (Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music - Apps on ,GoPro App ,Passenger), brings GoPro App with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. GoPro App apps has been update to version 2.2.59 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Performace is great video quality exceeds expectations..
  • Just lack options maybe update to play back video on phone..
  • When rotating the phone to landscape view..
  • or transfer files to the tablet..
  • update gopro has great customer service..

Overall Satisfactionc48
Performace is great video quality exceeds expectations.
it works better than the remote.
Thanks for the Quick Response.
Best action cam.
Awesome app to make an amazing camera even better.
Fun & Engagingc79
Thank you for making a great app and an awesome camera.
this app makes your awesome camera even more awesome.
Awesome gadget.
Both GoPro cam & apps are up to date.
I can control everything on my gopro from my phone.
but can control everything else.
Followed directions and everything works perfectly for me.
Really useful addition to an exceptional camera.
Social Aspectsc34
Connecting to WiFi Could Be Improved.
friends or Social media.
Security & Privacyc35
when setting up your camera the default password is "goprohero".
Updates & Supportc49
1 with Android version 4.
android version 4.
update gopro has great customer service.
customer service.
The GoPro customer service is just awful.
New update works great.
Update Makes it Even Better.
Had to pull the battery out.

When taking pictures or starting video recordings. found in 3 reviews
Droid DNA. found in 3 reviews
What a great app for a great camera. found in 10 reviews
Great products meets great apps and added creativity. found in 3 reviews
5 stars for gallery. found in 1 reviews
just disable Auto Network Switching in Advanced wifi menu. found in 2 reviews
I miss being able to replay videos on my phone. found in 2 reviews
Works just as advertised. found in 3 reviews
Less lag maybe 2 secs. found in 2 reviews
Best action cam. found in 2 reviews
Nicee app. found in 1 reviews
This would help a lot when changing settings on the fly. found in 13 reviews
either short videos or 10 shot burst mode. found in 2 reviews
I am a beautiful person. found in 2 reviews
Thanks for Finally releasing the app. found in 2 reviews
Latest update introduced the auto connect to the camera's wifi. found in 5 reviews
a bigger preview screen would be better. found in 27 reviews
The live preview freezes after a couple seconds. found in 81 reviews
and I can't view my pics or videos in my gopro album. found in 3 reviews
Preview issue with Xiaomi Redmi phones. found in 5 reviews
can you fix the lag that comes when you rotate the mobile. found in 3 reviews
I have an android phone and preview is not working. found in 22 reviews
controls work great but cannot preview video. found in 11 reviews
except no video playback or ability to upload to the net. found in 24 reviews
because the app forces my phone to connect to wifi. found in 19 reviews
No volume on my phone and can't view videos. found in 13 reviews
live preview doesnt work on htz amaze. found in 8 reviews
Preview function is not working on HTC Desire X :. found in 14 reviews
i just cant playback or save the videos. found in 3 reviews
Lags and won't let me upload videos to my instagram. found in 5 reviews
Now when I use my Android the video preview doesn't work properly. found in 44 reviews
App works great for settings but doesn't show preview. found in 9 reviews
Don't know why the wifi keeps disconnecting then reconnecting. found in 17 reviews
For those who cant view images on their device. found in 8 reviews
go to WiFi settings on my phone and connect there. found in 23 reviews
Can't connect to my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Note 10. found in 114 reviews
Live View is not working on Alcatel Soleil 5021E. found in 35 reviews
Doesn't connect to phone or tablet. found in 26 reviews
I am getting a wifi error message using LG Android phone. found in 22 reviews
Preview and settings don't work with Motorola RAZR maxx. found in 49 reviews
Video playback not supported. found in 24 reviews
and I can't look at anything on the SD card. found in 51 reviews
Wifi connection issue between sony xperia c3 and gopro hero4 black. found in 48 reviews
Sony Xperia Z3 with GoPro Hero 4 Silver doesn't connect to the camera. found in 49 reviews
Upgraded to Android Lollipop and preview stopped working with H3B. found in 21 reviews
New version removed video preview on 3+ black edition. found in 46 reviews
I can't see the live feed from my HTC sensation. found in 21 reviews
Won't connect to my phone and the WiFi drops or won't even connect. found in 39 reviews
Preview not working one HTC one please fix. found in 94 reviews
but the preview screen comes up black. found in 27 reviews
I can't use the app in my samsung note 10. found in 31 reviews
Wifi keeps dropping out and preview doesn't work on Samsung Galaxy 4s. found in 44 reviews

The GoPro App is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.2.59 has been released on 2014-11-30. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up

Connect. View. Control. With the GoPro App you can now control your GoPro camera remotely. Features include: full control of all camera settings and remote viewfinder/preview on your Android device for easy shot framing, and ...

For android the video is assembled in reverse chronological order That s no use to anyone What s more this has been a problem for ages from what I gather and GoPro dont seem interested in fixing it For a premium product this is appalling customer service Absolute rubbish Update Given up Cant even save to SD card now Just pull the card from camera and download to laptop and use some video software that actually works and the developers actually care about the feedback     Fred Trigg
I have had constant issues I cannot get my Go pro 5 to even get found by the App and yes I ve tried just about everything with to avail This was supposed to be the latest of tech with action cameras but it is literally one of the most painful apps I ve used How am I supposed to do anything when the App can t even find the freaking camera Funny cause it seemed to locate it last week just fine Worst experience and this is the case where Brand Name clearly sucks     Veronica McCumber
Great app but not providing the option to choose the SD card as the default save location for large content goes against common sense The fact that you force the user to save content to phone from within the app and not choosing where to save is rather stupid because now your doubling up on all your files and oh oh no more space on the internal storage that s just dumb logic programming Come on GoPro developers get with the play and update your code         Luke Emery
The GoPro app is alright in the fact that it can provide live view and access more of the camera settings which can t be found on the camera it s self The big letdown is the fact that the footage upload for quick stories takes around 10 minutes for ONE MB of footage That s just unbelievable how could a cloud service be so slow The next major problem is the quick stories they are completely useless because first of all it takes FOR EVER for the camera to upload to my phone and then the app is just so slow quick stories are not even that good there are so many more free apps which do way better then this app lastly this app barley works yet I get constant reminders to get GoPro Plus which is horribly compatible with the app You may be asking how do I know that it s the app and the camera and not my phone well that s because it was only the recent updates which made it worse my old gopro hero worked perfectly fine with the app it s a real let down with this new hero 6 I have         Cian Ryan
Just when I thought it couldn t get any worse so apparently now I can trim a video but the geniuses forgot to put a save changes Only option is back and discard changes The Gopro is the most frustrating object I HAVE EVER HELD And not because it s the worst but because the camera and the stabilization is so amazing while the app and software can be compared to my toilet visits     A Google user
My family bought the gopro hero 7 for a present I really wish they hadnt The camera is good but you will never be able to share this You will be confined to watching video on the small screen The software surrounding this product is so badly designed and implemented that i have to correct my own sentence by saying there is little evidence of it being designed and tested Hang your head in shame gopro This is a product that needs to be bought by Apple who can deliver a proper user experience     John Feeney
App worked fine a week ago Worked a lot better than it used to for my Hero 3 4 cameras But I went to go into it today and it just shows me a picture of a pirate No home screen no connection Click app u003e pirate screen Phone and app haven t had updates on a month So I don t know why this just started today Downloaded from play store     Casey Kandel
Absolute junk It gets worse daily Came here to see if I could update it but nope Went from not letting me save cropped videos Now it wont let me take screen shots Its just completely bugged Tired of even trying any more Only good to watch videos back Useless for anything else Time to pull out my 15 year old laptop that works day and night better for transfering videos     James Lethcoe
Love GoPro but you guys suck when it comes to software The App is a pain in the ass 1 Why does is disconnect everytime you swich to something else 2 Why does it take that long to connect 3 Why does extracting a pic out of a video does 95 load endless 4 Why do i need gps for the app I know you want the data but it simply costs battery 5 Why the hell has my 7 blackTHAT many bugs it s brand new updated and e g still doesnt turn the lcd off when I klick it 6 A lot more to say     Tobias P.
Nice app for your GoPro But when exporting pictures to the phone the original date is not correctly set and some meta data i wrong Google Photos will see only the export date not the creation date and the resultion data is wrong of some pictures showing 800x600 but the picture has clearly more the original MP count In the end you have to always export the pictures via PC to get all meta data right A bit disappointing         Thomas Leber
Can t find my GoPro Hero 7 I ve deleted and reinstalled the app made sure the app was updated and did a factory reset on the camera and it still won t pair with the app on my phone I have a pixel XL Never had a GoPro but the main reason I got it was because it has an app where I was suppose to be able to view my pictures and video If I can get it to pair I m returning this garbage     Eddie Martinez
Edit 3 more than 4 months and still not changes All reviews speak for themselves DO NOT BUY ANY GOPRO Original Does not allow to save 360 videos from the GoPro Fusion For real I buy a 360 camera but I can not export my 360 videos Plus now You have to save the media to the app and them again to your phone Wasting storage and time Please remove this and give your customers the option to export their 360 videos Switching to DJI     Cristian Vlades
It s an extremely frustrating app Works inconsistently and now doesn t work with Android 10 which has been rolled out to a good number of Android phones already So now I have two hero 7 black go pros I can t really use with my phone at all Please fix your app go pro It s ridiculous that you make such a great product but have such a bad app to go with it In it s current state I wouldn t recommend the app to anyone     LyriCali Music
it is amazing HOW much suck the gopro camera to phone interface manages to accomplish Clunky as hell it takes 10 minutes minimum to manage to connect every time it freezes and drops connection constantly it drains the battery and overheats both the phone and the camera alike it just simply sucks why in the world can you not just bluetooth or even usb connect to the damned thing I seriously wish i had bought one of the knock off action cams The gopro experience sucks     P Carl
Worked amazing to start with Accept how it gets hot and runs out of battery very fast Last week my go pro decided to get an sd error Wouldn t let me do anything accept format all my pics so I did and it took what seemed like forever The app wouldn t connect to it even with good wifi I changed the sd card and it still says sd card error I goggled It and apparently it happens to a lot of gopros and it doesn t work now It too experience for something that doesn t work and has to many problems     Isabelle Price
I have been using the app recently for editing the fusion content But i have observed 2 things in the app App only gives 30 seconds editing There is no 360 degree rotate u0026 overcapture feature to edit the 360 degree shot It has to be moved around on the phone screen manually to record the frame which results in broken footage             Rambler On Saddle
Appalling going to DJI connectivity is as random as heck with app sometimes forgetting you ever paired to the camera in the first place The camera freezes on earlier firmware if you move out of range between the phone and the camera Finally the media uploaded to the cloud randomly appears in the app The whole top flight gopro ownership has been a huge disappointment I bought a dji drone and they can integrate a 4k camera on a flying platform without any problems Gopro is irrelevant now     Carl Richards
Bloated not intuitive slow clunky GUI freezes need BT wifi location to even use it QuickStory is worthless who would trust the algorithm to make a story I would want my name on Constant pushing of the paid cloud service Worst of all the process to get content off GP onto phone is SO cumbersome u0026 way too many steps download 2x required Camera is premium this app is garbage UPDATE they asked me to contact support why Everyone reports SAME issues u0026 nothing improves Read reviews     Kevin Gillotti
Terrible app Tried to use the go pro plus auto upload dont even bother it wont even connect Ive tried cellular wifi and both together and still wouldnt work Time stamps are usually wrong when I try to upload to my phone and when i mean wrong its not even close to be right and they get jumbled together with other dates You might as well just upload yourself to a computer and not even waste your time downloading or trying this app     Matt Krumm
I just bought a gopro hero 7 and I m not able to download this app on my phone and it crashes every time I try to open this on my Chromebook after downloading This is so frustrating as there s no other alternative apps or choices given Why am i meant to use this expensive equipment so focused around being able to connect to my phone because of an app s incompatibility     Nikk O
I have Note 9 w 512 gig memory 8mb Ram Gopros app crashes all the time No matter how big or small the video I plan to make Pretty crappy design it will work once and if I decide to make another video it s all a waste of time I ll go through the trouble to make my fine tune edits all to the point where it wont save to the phone or share The app crashes and reboots I ve read where GoPro wants you to try a different edit or different song etc To see if that works WHY     R Kibby
Works great on my Samsung Galaxy S9 Will not work on my Dell Chromebook though The app will just crash everytime you try to open it I have started having a issue where it says there is no new media on the GoPro even though there is and it will not upload to the GoPro cloud Not sure if that s the app or the GoPro though             Matthew Pylant
This app is so bad that I can t believe its from GoPro I cannot simply connect my camera to the app and it is the same in 3 different phones It is just frustrating On the other hand my friend s DJI action cam took 15 seconds to connect No points for guessing what I am buying next     Gaurav Sharma
Generally works quite well and gives easy access to most of the functions within the camera Would be five stars though if I could access the GPS status from the app Currently using mounted outside of a car and have to jump in and out periodically to check if I still have a connection                 Cara Lauder
app is a big disappointment for such an expensive camera hero7 The app gets the times of the photos wrong when it downloads them My camera settings confirm the year is 2019 but photos are stamped with 2016 The sharing capabilities are limited by the fact that it disconnects you from wifi I understand the upside of the camera having a p2p network but you should have the option of operating in a hotspot based network The editing capabilities are not on par with many 3rd party video apps             Brandon Myers
Goplus fails to sign in Samsung S7 after full factory wipe and reinstall it worked but 2 weeks later and issue back again all other apps work so must be the gopro app others in our group having the same issue GP tech support have no idea why it report not connected to the internet when trying to login it is as if it cuts the device wifi or mobile data     Rob Lloyd 2E0YHW
I don t if it s the app or the GoPro but I can t get them to work together The GoPro works but if I can t get any video to download what good is it The app says they re connected but then says its busy and to try later One of the two is junk I even returned a Gopro white and spent the money for a black hoping it would connect better It doesn t     Les Strickland
Total garbage I honestly can t believe how poorly this app works You d think GoPro would be able to get their act together I ll be getting a DJI camera next time instead of a GoPro solely because of how bad this app is It only works properly 30 of the time connectivity is a joke GoPro will comment below asking me to contact customer service which won t be any help because the app won t change Get it together     Ryan Brock
I m giving this app 4 stars for two reasons The quick stories are so amazing and so user friendly to make Im in love with this feature Also I like the capability to sync photos to your phone BUT every time I want to sync my gopro to this app it takes 15 30 minutes to connect Very frustrating at times                 Emily Pascual
Sadly a really bad experience with app auto upload does not work manual is temperamental and the cloud constantly says no internet connection The app is slow and temperamental Have also asked go pro for support and no response Big shame as the device is great but my app and service experience has been poor     Joshua Meek
Yup just amateurish as described by the other reviews Camera connectivity is flaky AF cloud sync sometimes works and pages like auto sync status just show up as blank Go Pro clearly don t care enough about this app to test it properly which I wish I d known before buying the camera     Arman Schwarz
Absolutely disgusting a quality product gopro but just makes you question why you purchased a gopro to start with since many updates now unusable my gopro hero4 just gets connected via a wire connection to a laptop to then get files off of camera all high tech stuff Not I ve got smarter light bulbs all the negative reviews are spot on I honestly think the others are fake     Russell Fox
Lets you look at videos But in no way ever lets you download them or edit them Just freezes I have a J3 phone but correct android useless edit After reply above I did those things Nothing Won t open Quickstories at all Phone won t play vid codec not supported and editing video to send just doesnt work Gopro 4 Silver Samsung J3 Android 8     Jonny Lauderdale
I can t save videos to this app from a microSD in my phone I couldn t download them to my phone from my session 5 and I just tried saving them with Quik which turned 30 minutes of video into 4 minutes I even tried saving them to Google Photos that wouldn t work either I know I was able to do most of these things without hassle before     Joe Gioia
This app is the worst user experience I ve encountered in a long time absolutely disgraceful Copying files from the camera to the phone takes forever so enabled auto copy now stuck with a permanent notification and photos are not copied have to do it manually AND THEN COPY THEM AGAIN FROM THE APP STORAGE TO MY PHOTOS I mean who designed this nightmare Also the app tries to push Quik editing and cloud storage dont need any of that just connect and copy is that so difficult to do     Yoav Rattner
0 star is my rating so much of hype around this camera and app and it s already ruined my trip trying to swap pics from camera to app and then to phone pictures don t get moved to ur phone memory after multiple attempts yes I have enough memory and at times it says items moved and you delete the original ones and then later you will be shocked to see half of them were not even moved spending hours after long day trips on a vacation to sort out pics and still half of them missing     nithin b k nambiar
It s slow Really slow GoPro plus subscriber it s impossible ok frustrating to try watch my uploaded content My kids hate it cause they could never see any of the footage they recorded A couple of good ideas that will work with some better storage servers     Luis Matos
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