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, brings Tigad Pro Icon Pack with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Tigad Pro Icon Pack apps has been update to version 2.9.0 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Tigad Pro Icon Pack for €1.69 from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Tigad Pro Icon Pack app version 2.9.0 has been updated on 2021-09-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 4.1 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Tigad Pro Icon Pack check developer `s website : mailto:indigomadina@gmail.com

A uniquely designed icon pack in true 3D. Love in each and every icon.

nice definitely recommended hope to see it work in X launcher prime soon                     Prithviraj K
I hardly ever rate apps But I ve decided to rate this after using it for a year because it s really that good Updated regularly beautiful looking icons This is really good work by the developers Good job keep it up                     Jason Huang
This app is simply awesome it s updated regularly and the icons are cool                     bless caballero
Great looking icons huge selection that covers a lot of apps Can t go wrong                     Marquis Davis
So thought I d give this yet another go Still won t load n let me manually change icons on Nova on Samsung Galaxy tab A Paid for this but no help n support given Think before you buy         Alastair Martin
By far the best icon pack I ve used on Android Keep it up                     Bryan Castro
exceptionally nice icons but i barely did get them back here to you my home launcher keyboard and messaging apps combined dont weigh in what this does                     FREDDY ELLOITT
very good icon pack perfectly crafted each of its icon very good support for local apps icon too                     Edwin Eddy
Been a long time fan since the era of Symbian and so far this is the one which stays the longest on my phone so far                     Indra Kusuma
The highest amount of icons along with the most polished I ve seen                     Ghim Boon Lim
I tried so many icon packs but keep reverting back to Tigad I can blindly bet that this is the best ever icon pack PERIOD                     udbhav abhay
wouldn t normally rate an icon pack this pack is worth a purchase 16k matching masterfully crafted icons at this price is a steal if you are on the fence buy now trust me                     Mike Cole
I love this icon theme I only have one complaint which is that I noticed that the icon for the alchemist code is not being associated properly with the app for some reason                     Landon Harris
Hands down best icon pack Been using it for over a year Frequent updates unlike some others that never update Don t see any reason to use any other icon pack then this                     Bryan Becker
Now it takes ages to load the icons It could be 5 minutes or more before you can use your phone everytime you restart your phone that you would think your phone hangs     Abu Fadhil
Icons are beautiful I d give the dev that much But don t expect your icon requests to ever get done The changelogs doesn t really help also icons redesigned Is that really needed no     S T
Best in any store                     SumTM
Works perfectly with Nova and of course looks good                     Seby Stroesteanu
By far my favorite icon pack I continually try others but always come back to Tigad Pro love it                     A Google user
Really nice icon pack however the app gets stuck on checing license on my P30 Pro                 Mattias Lundqvist
Regular big updates                     Dae Sewell
Beautiful icon pack with great coverage                     Matthias McDevitt
Your icons are beautiful absolutely beautiful My only complaint is that there were too many missing icons I had 21 missing and the apps that were missing were pretty popular apps so if you have done over 16 000 I cant see how you missed the 21 my phone said were missing personally I think its a way to make extra money really quick The 21 icons missing should not have been missing they are all very common apps other than that your icons are gorgeous             James J. Egan
love this icon pack its easily in my top 3 icon packs I always seem to come back to this pack has thousands of icons and they actually keep updating and adding new icons unlike most developers who relese a pack and then forget about them money VERY well spent here I dare u to try this pack and not be happy with it my only request is to have the icons sorted better or to have a search bar only cuz theirs so many icons it takes forever to scroll thru                     Jennifer Keech
The only app on playstore having 3D style icon pack Uniquely designed variety of icons are available One of the good purchase on playstore                     Onkar Yadav patil
The most comprehensive icon pack I ve come across ever Usually I won t go near icon packs with less than 5000 designs but this one is now at 13 000 and counting Seriously impressive dedication by the developer who continues to regularly update the icons u0026 wallpapers with an eye for detail and unique designs that set it apart from all others To give it anything less then 5 stars would be criminal It s simply the best                     A Google user
Waste of money most icons aren t restored in best launcher TSF Launcher     Sam K
This is a unique and beautiful icon pack It is totally complete with every app icon you can think of and a bunch you can t It s oh so free of Material Design and so refreshing to use This is a piece of art for your phone I only use this pack now together with this devs other masterpiece Tabloid With those two you will never need another icon pack again                     Christian Dysthe
One of the best icon pack available on store Best thing is the icons that arent available in database are also managed with an overlay A search functionaity is very much required while setting up a custom icon I would love see a backup facility where custom icons once set can be backed up Loved it                     Ajit M
Great icon pack                     ALi RAo
great icon pack takes a little time to load though especially searching for icons or using walls that come with it                 Nathan Woodford
Icons will not load     Larry Anderson
waste off money does not even open keeps saying checking licence had to give it one star to post this review     Kieran Leydon
This is the only icon pack I use I like the motif and execution of the icons Also I appreciate that this pack still gets frequent updates and contains more than 16 000 icons Great work and I appreciate your dedication                     Scott Kerns
Love love love this app The search feature is awesome and I honestly don t think there is another app like this anywhere The only thing I would like to see is a way to diy icons for the ones that will probably never be created by anyone Keep up the good work                     Aleta McKemy
this could be so GR8 but the missing icons placed in this irritating purple square destroy the whole picture wasn t it the meaning of an icon pack to make the picture worthy looking at well it isn t either do the job right and get the icon s done or said loose us to them who do thanks anyhow         euri pides
I absolutely love this icon pack with any of my large collection of launchers Definitely worth more than what the Dev is asking for I personally like to thank Dev for recent updates adding new icons I ve long been waiting to see                     evil ONE
Tigad Pro Icon Pack Personalization Icon PackTigad Pro Icon Pack Personalization Icon PackTigad Pro Icon Pack Personalization Icon PackTigad Pro Icon Pack Personalization Icon Pack

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