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Munkee Apps L.L.C. , the publisher behind many Android apps (InstaSize ,InstaSize Legacy), brings InstaSize with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. InstaSize apps has been update to version 2.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • They should have different shapes though :/..
  • Wonderful app for when you want to fit the whole pic..
  • This is a great app for editing photos for Instagram Facebook etc..
  • Background colors shouldn't only be black and white by now tho..
  • This seriously Is the BEST collage app I've ever came across..

Overall Satisfactionc51
Best app for instagram U people need to get this app its amazing.
Especially for photo editing and I love the borders it has.
For a photo editing app this is getting ridiculous.
Some times it lowers down your picture quality.
We need more borders like tribal and all these specialities.
Needs more borders poor quality.
The IPhone can make collages and it has more background options.
Love this app one of the best photo editing apps u can get.
Fun & Engagingc68
We need more borders like tribal and all these specialities.
Needs more borders poor quality.
The IPhone can make collages and it has more background options.
The new update was awesome.
I suggest getting this app its awesome for Instagram.
Mine is works all the time.
Social Aspectsc84
I can fit all my pictures on social media.
Social media aspect.
Production Valuesc67
I really think that y'all should add more effects.
Should download more effects though.
But iphone has way more effects & now the pictures come blurry.
Had beautiful effects.
Beautiful effects.
Ease of Usec51
Simple app the post pictures on IG without it being cropped.
Perfect simple app to make pictures fit Instagram.
Ads not Intrusivec58
Security & Privacyc48
Updates & Supportc23
It would be nice if y'all could update the android version.
Please improve customer service as well.

Had beautiful effects. found in 3 reviews
Best app for instagram U people need to get this app its amazing. found in 128 reviews
It provides great editing tools and makes my life easier. found in 2 reviews
This is a MUST HAVE app for IG users. found in 4 reviews
You guys fixed it and it's back to the old one. found in 4 reviews
very good for tumblr posts to repost. found in 3 reviews
Sehr gut. found in 2 reviews
Love this apo. found in 2 reviews
Best app to use for instagram & editing pics. found in 4 reviews
improvement required overall thiss app is cool. found in 4 reviews
La La Love This App. found in 2 reviews
Omg love this app. found in 3 reviews
Looks way better. found in 2 reviews
It does its job with beautiful backgrounds. found in 3 reviews
I love this app from wat ive heard its. found in 1 reviews
Nice app and easy to use. found in 1 reviews
This was the best app i’ve installed especially for IG. found in 24 reviews
Thanks for the quick action of fixing the compressed photo problems. found in 1 reviews
I can fit all my pictures on social media. found in 12 reviews
I lovee this app. found in 4 reviews
My only complaint is that you cannot save the picture. found in 22 reviews
It doesn't let me add more than one picture unlike the iPhone. found in 23 reviews
This app would be excellent if it didn't butcher image quality. found in 17 reviews
I just don't like that 3 of my filters don't work. found in 6 reviews
Keeps saying error loading picture try again later annoyed. found in 45 reviews
New update sucks so bad plz go back to original format. found in 56 reviews
It crashes so much and closes when I try to make a collage. found in 143 reviews
I can not save the selfies to my gallery. found in 28 reviews
when you make the picture smaller its picture quality gets worse. found in 45 reviews
It won't let you upload more than one photo defeating the whole purpose. found in 25 reviews
The app runs perfectly but the quality of the picture is too low. found in 21 reviews
It would be nice if y'all could update the android version. found in 10 reviews
Good app but it ruins the quality once it's uploaded to instagram. found in 11 reviews
but for some reason whenever I try to make a collage it never works :. found in 143 reviews
I give 5stars if it is can move to SD card. found in 33 reviews
But for an iphone users their photo quality is great. found in 28 reviews
it comes out blurry like it compressed the pictures to lower pixels. found in 12 reviews
Please fix for android iphone gots better versions then androids. found in 49 reviews
I can't even save the photo to my gallery. found in 28 reviews
It says to ty another picture because there was an 'error'. found in 26 reviews
The picture quality because HORRIBLE when I instasize my photos. found in 45 reviews
I cannot add photos to stitching mode. found in 26 reviews
Keeps saying " error loading " with all my pictures. found in 45 reviews
Pics became very blurry after trying to share to instagram. found in 63 reviews
App always crashes when i am trying to upload a picture to edit. found in 30 reviews
Couldn't install on usb storage or sd card. found in 33 reviews
Won't let me add more than one picture like a collage. found in 45 reviews

The InstaSize is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.2.1 has been released on 2014-01-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up

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When I choose a font in the text portion it chooses it it chooses the color I pick but when I double click it goes to the window to type in but clicking on the click twice here letters are not bringing up my keyboard as it does for anything and everything else on phones And he words don t go away So I m not able to add text to photos Is there is something I can do to make that happen Y all have some really cool fonts that I haven t seen before and very excited to use them             Andrew Williams-Hanchett
I don t know if it s just for people who install the app for the first time but there is NO way to try the app for free without committing to a yearly membership I tried pressing back on the screen swiping in multiple directions I m sure I could do their 7 day trial and then unsubscribe but that s a dishonest and stupid technique to get people to subscribe     Julian Honma
This app was the best thing to begin with I ve been here for about 5 years and this app has gradually got worse with time It used to be ad ridden but you would have so many functions to make cool photos and now it s just a barren wasteland Overrated instagram I ve made a few viral memes with this app and its GARBAGE now dont download just get photoshop cc for 9 99 a month             Joshua D
Used before years back had no problem Can t use it now because it s now its forcing me to do the free trial 19usd subscription This app dosen t do anything out of the ordinary thiers plenty that offer more stuff completely free It s a joke non the less     Enrique Alcala
Great and wonderful BUT I HAVE A BIG ISSUE WITH IT Recently when i open the app it only shows the title screen then shuts off but itself taking me to the phon es homescreen The app does not open for me anymore Please help me with the issue                 black death
It s good Just you have to shrink and it gives you a background to pick The cute backgrounds aren t free and I m an OG user they took away some if the backgrounds from me         P JC
USED TO really love this app because it was the best one compared to the others it was straight to the point and not really difficult to use However I just tried installing it today and premium option kept popping up with no option to opt out of it I uninstalled and reinstalled thinking there was a glitch or something but nope It s just how it is now I think Sad     Robyn Slough
I use to love this app used it all the time for pictures on my Facebook and stuff But now for some reason even if I download it and I download it The premium page comes up and only gives the option to pay for it nothing else Won t let me exit it and do anything at all Really going to miss this app but I ain t paying for something that other apps will do for free whether I dislike them a little more it still don t make me wanna spend money on it Bye Instasize     Chelsea Snover
Love it Love the free version and the pay version is worth it if you lime fixing your pics before unloading it Pay version has a lot more options                     Andrea Hernandez
Worked great until I downloaded the app to my new phone Now the premium screen pops up and there is no way to exit the screen     Jamie N Haney
I loved this app but when I installed this app to my new phone the premium subscription keeps pooping up and there s no way to get away from it Its really disappointing because I don t plan on paying the subscription         Jasmin Villuelas
If only we can give zero This used to be a very amazing app but now the premium screen pops up and there is no way to exit it     Nobie Mae Chavez
My friend recommended this to me as I was complaining about Instagram not handling the size of my pictures Really excited to try it downloaded it tonight but it comes up with the sign up for premium wall and you can t get rid of it to use the non premium version I don t want to use premium Sorely disappointed     Victoria Irvine
Wonderful app Allows me to share my entire photo without any cut offs Doesn t work sometimes as I have to try a single photo several times for it to save to my gallery BUT otherwise great                 Tracey Gaeta
Not useful and easy as before Not allowing to add a multiple images in one time with zoom fit for each image     eyad jouda
Nice app Everything about it is good Well done guys I have one problem though I cannot use the app on my Samsung S8 it keeps saying I should sign up for the premium version it won t take me to the editing part but it runs fine in my iPhone Can this be fixed Thank you             Genevieve ChiAmaka
not to belabor the point but like many other commenters I definitely liked this app however after uploading it on my new phone I can t get past the subscription screen I ve uninstalled and reinstalled made sure the update was in effect still nothing changed The email support has been slow and unhelpful hope this can get resolved         Preston Zubal
Why is this app trying to force me to upgrade to the Premium It won t let me back out of the screen I have updated my phone all my apps and uninstalled and reinstalled this app a couple of times I don t care that there are ads in the original app I just want to be able to use it Fix this and I ll delete this review     Amanda Breshears
To cancel your subscription it tells you to go to your app store I love this app but not happy to find out that you have to pay 4 a month to use it Was free last week for me got a new phone and now i have to subscribe I have been using this app for almost 10 years and never had to You were always able to opt out of it Again love this app but not worth a monthly subscription             Miranda lancaster
Frustrated I just switched from an iphone to android and now my beloved app that ive been loyal to for years isnt working I cant close out of the premium ad and i gotta say im pretty disappointed I loved this app and i want to continue to I just hope they fix the bug soon because im for sure not paying for it     Kayla Dille
The worst thing that this app is doing It s Forcing to purchase Premium Subscription by not enabling to use the free mode Previously it wasn t like this Or is there any kind of bug in the application which is directly routing us to purchase Premium version Developers please check     Chaitanya Borkar
I used InstaSize for EVERYTHING and now I can t even change the color of the font And you took away many of the font options u0026 replaced them w ones that I have to pay for 3 99 a month to unlock many features u003d 48 p year is exorbitant it would be a different story if you kept the former features and charged for only the new ones I will happily use other apps Shame on you Instasize     Jamie Schieferle
I used to love this app mainly as it resizes the photo to fit Insta It had some glitches which I was asked to email about but was not given a complete email address so couldn t Now it seems the team have totalling ignored the fact that no one can use the free version because of the Premium subscription pop up You need to fix it as you ve lost most of your users as we can t physically use it App deleted     Josie Lauren Ellis
Used to be a great app Now I can t even do anything on the app The try instasize premium ad pops up as soon as I open the app and no longer as an X to close the ad like it used to So the app is now useless if I don t want to go premium     Amanda Talbott
App forcing me to Subscribe for a year Which is 19 99 and then you will be able to use this app even free version as well Bad technique to increase subscriptions     Arslan Ali
When i open this app for the first time there is a pop up for the premium service that won t go away you can t close it can t back out of it can t do anything with the app I tried closing and reopening but it didn t work I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didn t help You literally could not do anything with this app without opting into a trial for the premium service which cost 20 No thanks     Bennett Robinson
I used to use Instasize on my old iPhone I recently got an android and wanted to download instasize because I loved the boarders for my pictures However they have changed Instasize You now have to buy the premium or sign up to use it for free for only 7 days What a joke     Alysha Szymczak
Despite the team saying they ve fixed this bug you still can t access the app unless you have a premium account or accept to start a free trial for which you need to add your card details and which will automatically be turned to a premium account after the 7 day trial This used to be my favourite app for Instagram content         Rachel Horner
I used to love this app The border packs had so many options now you can t get any seasonal unless you have premium I ll most likely delete for that reason alone Taking away old features and making you pay extra for them I hate when everything needs a subscription It s ridiculous I ll do without     Autumn Lester
This used to be my go to app my favourite and the best app but I don t know what happened Every time I try to open it the premium ad pop up shows with no ways to exit at all Nothing has worked so far please fix this                 Hala Ashmawy
Horrible only has a paywall which it does not mention Forces you to sign up for a trial on android Then there is no where to cancel it or change anything The edit profile gives you no options but to change name or password If you download it to try it out good luck canceling your subscription They do not make it easy Looks like i will have to contact support     Zachary Tresp
a very pretty app that doesn t do anything i needed it to a poor alternative to instagram layout that allows you to composite images into either a post or story format for instagram there is no way to resize the borders as instagram layout does if there is a way it definitely isn t intuituve and after about an hour of messing around i can t find a solution or any official tutorial that would help me in the matter         Chase Walker
Why you guys forcing ppl to subscribe The skip trial button that the app would have just disappeared and I just cannot move on to edit my picture I have used this app for several years and I changed my device and tried to get this again and ta da Now I cannot use this for free anymore         Dohee Park
I just got a new phone and downloaded this app which was FREE but the premium add will not go away so you can t use it without signing up for the premium version Which most people don t even care for Why all of a sudden If anyone is having the same issue as me I d encourage you to uninstall so they actually do something about it     ashley potts
This whole time I had no idea I was on a subscription to this app I thought I only did a one off payment so for 2 years money has been coming out and I haven t even used the app or had it installed in my phone Definitely not going to use apps that claim to be free but then make you subscribe when you make a purchase     Candice Hernando
I had heard this app was excellent even the free version So I downloaded it this morning I have a vanilla Galaxy Note 9 Despite what the developers are saying in responses to other older reviews you STILL can NOT get to the app unless you agree to a free trial of premium I am not interested in doing that Please correct this so I can fix my review u0026 give the app high stars Just a thought maybe you should remove this version u0026 go back one interation before the app loses all credibility     Melissa Rudden
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