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DianDian Interactive Holding , the publisher behind many Android apps (Tap Diamond Free ,Guns of Glory ,King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare ,Family Farm Seaside ,Family Barn for Tango ,Townkins: Wonderland Village - Apps on), brings Family Farm Seaside with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Family Farm Seaside apps has been update to version 2.1.2 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great time killer..
  • Fun educational game..
  • hard to add friends without facebook though so here's my farmer Id CHCQEJC..
  • I check my farm first thing when I wake up..
  • Cause not everyone has credit card..

Overall Satisfactionc66
Loved this game on Facebook and now on my tablet.
This has to be one of my favorite games so far.
This was my favorite game but i deleting it ASAP.
i wanna play the game please fix this.
amazing game and so adictive I love it.
Its a wonderful game my code thing is FAYAQSV.
To be able to play this game on my mobile is way cool.
I love this game it is the best game in the world.
The worst game in the world I hate it.
Excellent game just wish the in game helper didn't cost money.
Fun & Engagingc83
Awesome game and cool stuff best game ever.
It's awesome game but just can't open.
Fun and very addictive i think its a great game.
but very addictive.
FAYTRIQ I'm addicted to this game and am looking for more friends.
I used to be addicted to this game but now I'm just annoyed.
Very fun game wish there were more ways to win rc bucks.
What a shame cause very fun game.
Love this game really easy to play and super fun.
add me I play all the time.
Interactive family fun game.
Its fun and exciting.
love to play this game on and off line.
Was really excited to play this game and it doesn't even work.
I enjoy playing this game every day.
I play this game every day but lately the updates have caused problems.
Family Friendlyc78
It is a amazing experience to play family farm seaside.
Come and play Family Farm Seaside with me.
Value for Moneyc46
Only drawback is having to pay real money for necessary parts.
I just wish some of the machines cost less real money to complete.
Don't like paying real money to complete items.
I can play without spending money.
Production Valuesc90
Love this game great way to spend time.
It's a good game great graphics.
Stunning visuals and great pace.
i wanna play the game please fix this.
Love this game keeps siblings busy for hours.
Can someone tell mi how to reset the game.
Security & Privacyc38
Can it sync with my FB account.
& i can't connect to my fb account.
Updates & Supportc42
And the best part is their great customer service.
And customer service is excellent.
The facebook version is much much better.

Brill game very good. found in 4 reviews
very nice game excellent game good game. found in 47 reviews
I cant' play on my nexus 7 with this latest update. found in 1 reviews
So come join us and play. found in 5 reviews
Awesome nice superb fantastic mind blowing. found in 3 reviews
Add me pls I accept and help all. found in 16 reviews
Interactive family fun game. found in 5 reviews
Its so beautiful game its made my free time busy. found in 12 reviews
Interesting game for entertainment on a rainy day. found in 8 reviews
Love this game really easy to play and super fun. found in 11 reviews
I've been looking for this game forever. found in 4 reviews
I like this game it has very cute animals. found in 8 reviews
Id: CPDYITS id: CRAKBQM great game and time filler. found in 3 reviews
Always keeps me occupied when I have spare time. found in 5 reviews
Hi it is a nice game add me plz : CRLSQWG. found in 22 reviews
Aww Love ths gme add mee plz. found in 3 reviews
Great Time Waster. found in 5 reviews
Tried once and Hooked on this game. found in 5 reviews
Makes me not want to play the game anymore. found in 11 reviews
I updated but cant open the game now whats up with that. found in 96 reviews
Only problem I have is game crashes with every update. found in 14 reviews
Won't let me connect to FB but its a cute game. found in 11 reviews
I loved the game and now I can't even open the app. found in 29 reviews
Tried to uninstall and reinstall but not working. found in 124 reviews
I am unable to open my farm after the forced update. found in 11 reviews
and cant play thru or accept requests thru fb. found in 57 reviews
Keeps kicking me out every time i load the game. found in 28 reviews
Huawei ascend mate: After i install the game i can't open it. found in 23 reviews
I can't complete some buildings because it takes real money. found in 7 reviews
it keeps saying that I don't have an internet connection. found in 25 reviews
Game will not load up anymore so i have dropped 2 stars off. found in 25 reviews
I haven't been able to open the game at all since yesterday afternoon. found in 96 reviews
after new update game won't load i keep getting kicked outdoor. found in 72 reviews
Until I did the compulsory update the game worked. found in 41 reviews
Can't connect to facebook or visit most neighbors. found in 40 reviews
Loved this game until I started having to collect things. found in 94 reviews
I have played this game for months and all of a sudden it's gone. found in 40 reviews
this is misleading to get us to spend money. found in 67 reviews
i wanna play the game please fix this. found in 40 reviews
have tried to uninstall and reinstall still will not open. found in 124 reviews
Don't like paying real money to complete items. found in 99 reviews
Game is fun except IT TAKES WAY TOO LONG TO HARVEST. found in 30 reviews
Been trying to work with support because it won't open. found in 35 reviews
so tried to open the game where I installed the app from. found in 96 reviews
cant open the game it stucks at 58% plz fix it sooooon. found in 96 reviews
The screen will open then go back to my home screen. found in 46 reviews
I refuse to spend real money to get fake money. found in 75 reviews
After doing the new update yesterday the game keeps shutting down. found in 32 reviews
I don't want to start over from the beginning. found in 103 reviews
I can't do that with my neighbours coz I can't connect to facebook. found in 40 reviews
I cant update the game its say downloading but nothing happened. found in 41 reviews
Cant play d game aftr i have updated it. found in 57 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Family Farm Seaside for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Family Farm Seaside app version 2.1.2 has been updated on 2014-01-16. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up

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The game is not loading The chick just keeps bouncing an egg on its head 2 days now I missed a log in day so it broke my streak I did get to log in for a few minutes today and had to pay TC to have the log in streak back But now at home the same thing is happening nothing is loading Also I do like the game but unless you want to spend real money it takes a very long time to get items             Linda Spadaro
This game gets too complicated too fast There is too much to do I was looking for something casual I could play for about an hour a day and with each lvl this game just kept adding more and more stuff that I do not want to play any more There should be modes for those who dont want to spend all day playing this game but still enjoy it Also selecting things to produce is way too easy if your items are too close together then you will accidentally click to produce anything near by             Elina Hartmann
A game is way too expensive I do not mind paying I have paid versions of various games but this one charges bombs Also they make it compulsory to obtain stuff that requires money in the form of quests Real cheap B Support sucks My game kept on freezing I have been reporting the same for so long but there is literally no customer support at all and now it has stopped opening Uninstalling it     Dipanjali Chakraborty
Game is great Started playing through mistplay Stayed because theres a whole lot to do and boy is it fun If you like setting up beautiful landscapes they have a beauty contest I personally am not great at it but some of the people have really cool set ups so i participate to see those and vote for my favorites And believe me theres plenty more fun to be had in the game                     Beth-Anne Huggler
If you have problems with the game don t expect any help from support My game has been frozen for about 24 hours now I have contacted them 3 times without any response Also you spend more time trying to figure out how to play the ame than you do playing it Update still no word from tech support I uninstalled and found a better game WONDER VALLEY it s awesome Try it     Carolynn Montgomery
Game is fun BUT help takes DAYS to respond and by then you loose your log in bonus loose use of what ever boosts you were running get days behind on quests missions loose the chance to claim daily bonus and items from market The help also just seems to be cut and paste responses not actual help The last help caused me to loose access to my farm Wonder how many DAYS before I get help to restore it edit they replied here not to the email sent from the website link and not in game     S G
Ive been a fan of this game for almost 5 years Love it But when it did its last update in august 2019 its been nothing but hell and frustration getting it to load After trying everuthing advjsed to me several times i finally got it to work I dont know how Then i got a new phone 2 weeks ago and its been hell all over again Finally got it to play for 1 week then it wouldnt load Again Support staff doesnt help much When it does load it takes over 10 minutes Now Ive lost my game     Kelly Blue
The game doesn t load fully It isn t my device or internet Edit I already sent a request on the day I wrote this I have yet to receive a reply not even a we have received your email has been sent to me But to elaborate on the issue I am experiencing the exactly the same as a few people have mentioned here error code 1030006 so I m assuming you re aware of the issue     c
The new update just went worse I do love this game when it is working Has problems with loading Gives me loading errors and needs to restart the game Some times stayed on loading and won t load at all The only way that I could get it going is restating my electronic device It will work for awhile till loading error occurs Well I wish the software engineer would test the updates vigourisly before forcing the updates on users The game worked before the updates         sylvia cartagena
Loved it until the update lost my progress I had played every day since the 17th July Even enjoyed it so much that I bought a couple of low value extras Unfortunately following the update all of my progress was lost so I won t be returning to the game However if you re just starting now and you havent lost your progress its a great liytle game         Samantha Brazel
Holy moly both but trouble Actually it s a great game But I can t open gallery And now the old dude is opening his science lab and error code keeps popping up Maple tree never loadings up and random items like oats don t appear but I harvest it Weird Might have to move to another game if they don t fix this soon     Audrey Meekins
I had just downloaded this game I was really enjoying it too Then I tapped one of the boxes and a screen popped up abd won t finish loading and I can t clise it I have even uninstalled the game and reinstalled it still the same Can t really tell if the game is any fun to play or not For me it s a big no         Martha Rankin
Great please make it easier to obtain RC it takes too long to get it and most of the time it can only be optained by money Also there are so many things that cost a lot of RC And the are parts to machines that can only be bought with RC                     Chunlei 8627
this game started out very fun and I would love to continue to enjoy it except it keeps creating stupid problems and hindering game play I tried to put down path and connect can t do that tried to put the path in storage so I can lay it down correctly but can t do that either and then the visitor center needs a path around it so thats what I did but it wont connect I m frustrated and I just wanted an easy game to play     Ariele Mayberry
I just start playing this game and has i got to build a tech old guy it says error code 1030006 i been trying all day over WiFi and my phone internet and nothing I restarted my phone to snd no luck Any suggestions Another thing on the left side i have 3 spining circles and when i open my game a yellow board that just spins I still dont know what that is     Jen Jen
Would given a 5 or more but I started to get an error this morning and the game will not load it goes to 99 THEN BOMBS I been reporting several times it but have not gotten any feedback yet I have updated my Google play and cleared all caches but that didn t work either I been playing for 2 years and I love this game Please fix the bug so I can play it and not have to use another device to login and out of so I can play other games                 Melody Lehman
Really good game however it eventually becomes impossible to progress without spending any real money RC the game currency should be available for watching ads like most other games Or you should provide another way to earn it For this reason its getting uninstalled             Fiona Brown
I ve played this game for like 2 years and I used to like it but now when I let they pets out to get guest orders only one pet can take them even if I have 4 pets out and available And when I leave thw game for a while and check back i I only have a few guest orders Then when I give my pets more stamina even though they still have some they won t even finish the orders so I have to send the guests home Please fix it thank you         Katie Harris
Got to a certain point to having a pet and guests Now one building and the pet house have to be connected by a path Not knowing this I placed them on opposite sides of the map Tried to connect a pathway It won t connect Anywhere it comes close there is a small patch of grass that is too small to place a path on It won t let me edit the pathway or buildings because I have a pet on my farm I now have a third of my farm filled with useless pathways that can t be moved or deleted             Caneesha Tittle
Played this game years ago Went to connect facebook just for a mission Didnt give me option of what farm i would rather play Loaded an old game I would rather start over than be forced into a lv that has to much to do and no way to figure out how what to do     Jacqueline Hermes
I still am really enjoying the game however every now and again once or twice a day perhaps my game gets stuck on the checking configuration screen I have to close it out and keep trying until it works This is the only gaming app on my device that does this                 S Freeman
There needs to be a way to earn more than 1 RC There are A LOT of machines esp on Island that you have to build but require RCs to build them There needs to be options to get RC without having to spend money The higher levels you reach the more money you have to spend I realize that s how developers make money on these games but there comes a point where it becomes ridiculous This game is just about at that point for me         Daymien Dellinger
game has bee down for days now stuck in a loading loop checking configuration Won t load i gave uninstalled reinstalled several times restarted my phone etc nothing is helping Been playing this game for over a year never have had a problem like this SO FRUSTRATING Losing my daily calendar log in bonuses Havent missed a day in months now its bee days NOT HAPPY     Chris M
2 stars for the game itself and the quality of the game however 3 stars for Loading Configuration Loading Data and other images does not load up meaning to say that this game eats a lot of Data to load your farm and when you get inside your farm images does not load still loading or downloading even i have fast internet connection Lucky Wheel is a bug where in i tried to buy it the game crashed Data should be fixed accordingly and fix all bugs         David Jasmine
9 1 19 Game is again not loading and I cannot log into my account and send a message because I cannot get in update Game is not loading on Samsung s s9 plus This game is fun the only reason I haven t given it a 5 star is because you have to spend real cash to complete missions     Ursala McKissick
cannot open load my game since the newest update no one answering emails or messages for over 12 hours am I to lose my daily login in bonus my bonus from millionaire cow etc I will be in contact with Google play about a full refund if no one continues to answer me 12 days for a reply from you Wow Just Wow     sandra reape
Played the game 4 or 5 years ago enjoyed it then enjoying it now what s going on with the updates I download them but they won t load just go s back to update loosening calendar points 8 6 19 I changed my Wi Fi server an for some reason my game would not load I was so close to level 60 I lost everything had to start over I m on level 8 this sucks                 elizabeth brock
I finally got my game back I have been messaging these people since 12 23 2018 about my game being gone due to getting a new phone I had it connected with my facebook but it didnt transfer I definitetly don t think they ll get my farm back I want to be reimbursed for all the money I put into this game                 Kira Lassiter
Game is fun but you get ONE RC every level up and machines call for 3 or more basically giving no choice but for you to buy more Also the auto produce option only produces for a short period then everything just stops and you have to manually produce feed your animals Super annoying             Crystal Ricard
Better than Hayday It s clearly a rip off of Hayday however I actually much prefer this game Hayday is slightly more user friendly but this game has much more of a variety of side games quests thst make it more fun Also this game allows you to progress at a good pace without the need to pay real money Yes they do have a variety of ways in which you can buy boosts and items but you wont miss out at all from not buying things The developers arent greedy and have crated a nice enjoyable game                     Em
it takes too long for most of the plants to grow and the directions for placing paths for using your pet was very unclear therefore wasted space on my farm and you cannot move the pet once it s in the pet house water on the farm this could be a good game but they really need to do a lot of improvements     Laura magner
Lots too do fun But the push for micro purchase is too much Most of my quest now i need to buy something to complete Your real money would get you very little if you actually spent any And if you dont the game slowly becomes unplayable     Kristy Amber
It s a good game but as far as I can see I m not the only person who s having problems with the game once you get to the lab and honestly it s really frustrating and the fact that it stops you from playing the game is also a problem but other than that it s a good game             Skyler Jones
I am haveing issues with the game ive uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still isnt working right Ive been playing this game for awhile this is the first time ive had problems please help     Crystal Brown
I love the game been playing for a year and a half but since I did the update I cannot get the game to load I ve restarted my phone several times and uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times no luck                     Tristan Bryan
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