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Facebook , the publisher behind many Android apps (TV 1.4 ,Spark AR Player ,Facebook Messenger ,Facebook Pages Manager ,Facebook Analytics ,Facebook Gaming: Watch, Play, and Connect), brings Facebook for Android with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Facebook for Android apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Expecting download video option soon..
  • Great way to talk to friends and family over long distance..
  • Very good social media to contacted everyone pupils..
  • Where else can you chat and play games at the sametime..
  • It has got almost everything that a social networking site needs..

Overall Satisfactionc62
I love Facebook it very good social app.
I used to love facebook but hate all the app updates.
Best social network yet we better expect more new things.
The best social media app is now terrible.
Needs chat like the iphone this thing is wack.
:D Thanks Facebook for listening to us and fixing things.
Thanks Facebook for another worthless update.
it finally works right and i love the new layout.
Fun & Engagingc54
Facebook is awesome site to communicate around the world wow.
Facebook is awesome on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
New update is awesome and awesome.
This new update is awesome.
Family Friendlyc84
Helps me keep in touch with friends and family that are away from home.
Facebook is an amazing way to keep in touch with friends and family.
No choice gotta keep in touch with friends.
Really good ap for people that want to keep in touch with family and.
It's a good way to keep in touch with family that lives far away.
Social Aspectsc68
Great way to keep in touch with a fast paced family and society.
Very good social media to contacted everyone pupils.
this simply isn't good enough from the leading social media player.
Use it everyday great way to stay in touch with people.
But it seem the only way to stay in touch with friends and family.
Best social network yet we better expect more new things.
The best social media app is now terrible.
Helps me keep up with friends & relatives in far away places.
that should include meeting new people on here.
Production Valuesc22
luv my facebook keeps me goin.
Had to factory reset my phone because of the update.
Security & Privacyc21
Quit changing stuff and leave our privacy settings alone.
i can easily access my fb account.
thanks can access my account now.
Updates & Supportc20
Nothing more can I expect from facebook's android version.
Hoping for a tablet version.

Mind blowing software for mobiles. found in 15 reviews
Great way to keep in touch with a fast paced family and society. found in 284 reviews
Best social network yet we better expect more new things. found in 65 reviews
FaceBook is very popular and I love browsing facebook through mobile. found in 13 reviews
Facebook is an amazing way to keep in touch with friends and family. found in 39 reviews
This is supposed to be a social site. found in 15 reviews
Helps me keep up with friends & relatives in far away places. found in 27 reviews
My only issue is you can't tag people with the @ symbol anymore. found in 196 reviews
can't even change my profile picture every thing else is good. found in 359 reviews
Doesn't update news feed more times than not. found in 1882 reviews
Can't upload pics or change my profile picture. found in 167 reviews
Can't upload photos to certain albums anymore. found in 285 reviews
Ever since the update I can't upload pictures at all. found in 153 reviews
Can't change profile pictures after update also can't report pages. found in 396 reviews
Keeps force closing every time I try to change my profile pic. found in 278 reviews
News feed is still messed up after update. found in 1882 reviews
This app sucks never lets you post a status. found in 215 reviews
Dumb decision to force all photo uploads to album Mobile Uploads. found in 457 reviews
stupid messenger app uses more ram and crashes sometimes. found in 212 reviews
I would love to change my profile picture from here. found in 359 reviews
and you can't tag people in pictures via mobile anymore. found in 196 reviews
Can't see photo comments at all since latest update. found in 243 reviews
The new update sucks I can't even open the app. found in 375 reviews
Fb app worked fairly well until I updated. found in 456 reviews
Doesn't load quickly & status updates dont show at first posting. found in 216 reviews
won't load photos of profile pictures or uploaded photos on. found in 396 reviews
Can't change from " top stories " to "most recent". found in 168 reviews
The stupid thing force quits when I try to post a picture. found in 333 reviews
Can't see recent posts or when someone saw your message. found in 194 reviews
Can not upload photos whenever happens it crashed. found in 285 reviews
It can't be moved to SD card as well. found in 495 reviews
Cant see messages or change profile pic or write on people's wall. found in 221 reviews
Play make it have no auto refresh during browser the page. found in 256 reviews
Sucks cant move to sd card would get 5 stars if moveable. found in 297 reviews

The Facebook for Android is now available for for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Facebook for Android app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-01-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: full Internet access ,
More Info: Find more info about Facebook for Android in Facebook `s Official Website : http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=350685531728

Facebook for Android makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. You can share status updates from your home screen, check out your News Feed, review your upcoming Events, look at your ...

Since the last 2 up dates this app is horrible Since the update before last I can t make a comment it continually says it failed Know with the last update I can t even comment When I try it there is no place for a comment to a post or to even submit it for posting if I could type anything On the off chance that it will allow me to make a comment I get the same failed message again Extremely disappointing Other social media platforms are looking more and more enticing     A Krepps
I recently upgraded my phone though I still have the same phone number and the other phone is deactivated trying to log in facebook asked to enter a verification number sent to my phone by text problem is I m not receiving any text and the system is not letting me resend said code Trying to find other ways to get back in service Is either not operating having trouble showing errors or not responding I m locked out of my account     adrian rodriguez
I have no idea what s going on For long periods of time it comes up with error not able to post when I reply to stuff It also randomly replies to posts on pages as one of the pages I admin rather than myself I m having to use the web browser version most of the time     Laura H
Over time the Facebook app has become annoying to use because of the increase in ads rather than the news feeds of friends The number of sponsored feeds is way more than the feeds of friends or the pages or group the we follow What s more annoying is the random refresh of the home feed Sometimes I see multiple feeds that I m interested in I open one of them and by the time I go back the feed refreshes and what I m interested is lost I m sure millions out there are frustrated at it         Ato Khieya
It made me do an update told me I was unable to open it unless I did after doing so it will not allow me to log into my account it keeps telling me I have the wrong password and my email is not associated with ANY account my phone number won t work it keeps sending me to old account that I used to have years ago this is absolutely ridiculous     Shanna Duncan
Problems Still Not Fixed 1 Search Not Working about a month ago all of a sudden my app for my Android began experiencing this error When I am in any group and I attempt to search in the group for posts by members or keywords of posts themselves nothing comes up It simply states that no results found even when I try searching for recent posts that I KNOW are 2 When tagging in comments and you finish typing the persons name and hit space part or all of that person s last us duplicated         Cobiaobsessed
Would actually give 3 1 2 stars Few problems 1 When I access my page only the share button is available if this is an update issue than FB is forcing your hand to get the update I suppose 2 There is one group that I m part of u0026 when they have events there is no comment button nor like button available this has gone on for several months It s only the one group I discussed w the group admin and it is nothing on her side and also on leaving a couple of meessages with FB Fix please             Melissa Breusch
I ve read so Many bad reviews about new update and its problems that it scares me I will not be updating to the new version and hope that I get shut down at some point because I don t update I have no problems with the older version I am grateful that I had access to the reviews before I updated It pays to do a little research     Kelley Gambill
I found out recently that facebook can both block you from posting for no reason and infinitly increase the length of that block every few hours Mine has so far been increased by about 2 hours at a time every couple of hours for the last 48 hours and counting Facebook also doesn t provide customer support for issues like this at all     Kendra King
Replying to someone s comment fails to post in this build Tried on all possible networks so its not a network issue Also while posting pictures I ve noticed at least a couple times that all my tags while making the post don t go through and the pictures get posted without any tags Only after posting them I got notified by my friends that there were not tags and I had to retag them Happened at east twice These are basic features and need to be fixed     Mahesh Naidu
Constant load issues u0026 post object commenting issues Uninstalled multiple times not fixed Have an s9 so it s not like my phone is uncommon even reset my phone Browser works when app doesn t even the Facebook lite app works when this one doesn t When it does work it s great but lately they broke things and it has become unusable Pages refuse to load groups load two posts and forever refresh Clear your cache data phone try it all it doesn t fix what they broke         john dougan
Marketplace and group tabs are very wonky anymore Used to be amazing but now I will see the same title on all the vehicles or the distance will be thousands of miles away when filter is set at 100 miles Group tab just doesn t work period I ve used on PC Samsung Galaxy S7 iPhone 8 plus sonim xp8 Same result this is a you problem             Levi Butler
Group Admin feature of changing group name is inexplicably blocked It has been MONTHS since a name change and I have less than 1K members I have tried everything including reporting the issue multiple times and adding other admins who have tried to change it with the same result I am at a loss at this point and would really love for someone from Facebook to contact me There is no help center or no one to ask a question to Who can I email or call that can help me fix this     Katrina Gionet
New update is horrible It won t let me comment on things says poster has removed the post or error comment failed Not 10 times in one day It also shows 99 notifications when there is only 4 or so And is so full of ads now that you see more of them then you do of people s posts The new update is horrible And it won t let me uninstall the latest update like other aps do         Jennifer Kaiser
Having been an apple user for as long as I can remember I ve just came across to android and have to say this app is so glitchy compared to iOS version its actually a joke Such a horrible version to use Fails to load and when it does it only partially loads Most Recent doesnt have it in order When you scroll down it jumps from just now to 4 hours back to 3 mins back to 7 hours Really is not the best and needs a huge revamp to catch up with the iOS version     Calum Anson
The app is just awesome but i found one area of improvement in it and that is when we start scrolling down the news feed tgere are hundreds of such posts which are not even desired and because of them we can t see what we really wanna have a look at Facebook consumes more time to see news feeds than any other site if it could do something on that issue facebook deserves five stars                 Muskan Dahiya
More bugs than the rain forest Notifications will not clear cannot comment on a post that I can on the pc tells me there is a messenger message when there is none looses posts I put up then posts them twice and much more It used to work fine until they updated it If it ain t broke don t fix it     Daran Leaver
The past month or so having issues with the profile pic side of things When you move it into the position you want when you press ok it doesn t save where you put it and when you go on a previous profile pic and select make this your profile pic it doesn t do it and comes up with a message saying profile pic cannot be updated at this time So annoying Sort it out     Chantelle Hollingshead
App is now updating by itself and not via Play Store over mobile data expensive where I am or wifi And Play Store set so that auto updates are turned off and only download via wifi Can no long find the in app option under Settings u003eApp Settings cannot find App Settings anymore or it s under a mound of non intuitive links options to stop the app from doing this Hide all ads from x doesn t work Well it does until FB auto updates itself     Craig Powell
You are constantly updating this app without giving a reason using my last space and data It s not right not to tell people why you are updating Plus whenever you look at something on FB you have yo go right back to the beginning to look again instead of continuing where you left off I also see lots of Advertising if ever I look at an item for months after Not on     Julia Buckley
When I use view most recent post they are anything but recent I get posts in a sensible order on the website but on the Android app most recent can be anything up to 48 hours This should be called completely random posts It used to work well till it was updated a while ago The update didn t improve the app it broke it Please fix it If I had paid for the app I would be demanding a refund Did you test this app update properly before releasing it I don t think so     Steve Griggs
1 I absolutely hate the double click to like something feature 2 It just randomly refreshes when I m looking at stuff 3 It would be nice if there were an option to see newer posts first I m tired of seeing the same posts again and again for several days then not even seeing posts from all the pages and people I follow     Angel Marie
It used to be fine but lately it s been having quite a few problems When it comes to notifications alot of times I won t get notifications if someone mentions me in a comment or replies to my comment so I have to check back periodically on the post just to see it Alot of times it will also not show notifications that someone new has commented on a post You d only know if you happened upon the post again but when it does it only shows the older comments These are only a few problems             Johnicia Williams
My experiences so far using this app has been good I Socialize with my friends I Have made so many friends and that has kept me going watching photos daily updates and so on even some happening around us It s one of the fastest place to deseminate information It s also a memory line we store our pictures and so on Thou some persons are trying to destroy this app by defrauding people so facebook should try to find a way out for us against this hauckers Thanks     wisdom ineye
My experience with Facebook has been great but it will be a good idea if Facebook can be completely protected making it impossible for hackers to penetrate your account It will be a great thing for Facebook to devise a means where it will be utterly impossible for people to have access to your pictures other than looking Lastly i would like to implore Facebook to ban hackers for life Anyone caught in the act should be banned from Facebook for life This would help curb Facebook hacking                 Margaret Okoyomoh
Lately you cant see others posts then I go look on playstore and its yet another update I ve always been frustrated that after a photo is shared you cant go put it in a different album or change any photos at all to different albums unless you use the desktop site I shouldn t have to dust off a laptop to do those things when literally every one can do almost everything they need from a phone in 2019 Also I never see posts from my best friend and we are simply on different schedules             Jennifer Adkins
Irate that even though I turned off the automatic update feature in the PlayStore the app still automatically updates I will also always and forever loathe the fact that I no longer have the option to see the most recent posts first The main reasons I have the app is to get pics of my nieces nephews and to manage family events Now I have to do serious programming if I add someone to make sure I don t miss what s important     Melantha Selvi
I use Facebook everyday It s an incredible application for keeping in touch with my friends and family but I ve recently been experiencing some difficulties Whenever I try and open a link any link of any kind that is 3rd party to Facebook it gives me an error and asks me to retry and retrying just gives me the same error again It s such an inconvenience when I m trying to read a news article or watch a video via link Please fix this minor bug for a more pleasant Facebook experience             jessica coronado
Facebook right now have too many ads Especially online gambling ads I don t know if others have the same problem But i block the ads too much then i got ban from using the block feature Please i don t want to see online gambling ads on my news feed Please fixed it I m okay with others ads like food or gadgets But online gambling is not okay for me It s not legal     Zerxeed Zag
I have trouble when I open Marketplace it s always loading so long I try to refresh it more then once but after 3 4 times the Marketplace finally opened Also fix the seller they always naming stuff also the price so very random hope you guys developer can fix it Other than that Facebook are actually good app and I recommended that Thank you if you read this review             Ade Omara
The program randomly decides when I can reply to a post Trying to go to pages groups that say they just posted something often once loaded says there is nothing at all on the page It would only happen occasionally in the past at that point I would have given 4 5 stars but I don t know what changed that is making this app have such issues Any help from the developers would be appreciated and I would gladly update this review once the issues are fixed         Summer Paige
The current update for FB is not good When sending a photo to comment section I HAVE TO SCROLL DOWN RATHER THAN SHOWING THE ALBUMS ON THE TOP So that means I have to scroll down and waste my time on searching for a very old photo in an album Facebook It was there last time Please put it back I bet you don t even read the reviews here but atleast I ll try putting it up here         eryLaurant
Since the last update it added a feature for the wall a carousel view of posts just like with stories It s absolutely annoying Before you read the post it automatically swipes to the next one on your feed It uses countdown time bar like with stories unless you tap it once again to pause it The worst the most irritating and useless feature ever And you can t even disable it     Kinga de Jongh
I don t know if this is because of the update but since yesterday it s not working properly anymore I got a notification that someone tagged me on a comment but when I open the app it s not syncing everything I even teied refreshing it multiple times dragging the screen downwards Please fix it thanks     chris darker_grey idica
This app general works but I am rating it one star in the hopes that developers will fix one very annoying feature auto refresh of the news feed Such a stupid design Frequently what happens is somebody shared a link to an article or something and you click to read the article then you want to go back and leave a comment or reaction but as soon as you do that the app decides its time to refresh your whole news feed so the post you were hoping to respond to is lost     Moss Doerksen
Hate the new changes It opens up to the gaming page u0026 it takes me a few scrolls before I realize I can t tag people in post that I share from somebody else When you hit share they took away the little arrows in the right hand corner that made the page bigger where I can see tag friends Now you have to hit share then share now with no option to tag people STOP TRING TO FIX THING THAT WEREN T BROKEN     Pamela Sanford
My account disabled for no reason Even i send my Original ID proof Which was real challenge because Facebook doesn t take large file for ID Proof my account is still disabled It took me so many years to find some good friends and you just disabled Even your support tram doesn t respond Doing this for security reasons Don t make me laugh because you are already selling all Facebook users data to third parties apps and now for worst u are disabling genuine accounts     Pushkar Kumar
This app is completely broken right now Images take a long time to load or not at all I ve tried clearing data and cache I have even unistalled and reinstalled the app Nothing works I use this app as a way to keep in contact with friends and family all over the world Also I have a business page which I run through the app Sure I could use my computer but that s not as convenient It would be nice if the devs would get this fixed As I see it seems to be effecting others as well     Sirhc

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