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iMediaShare , brings iMediaShare Personal with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iMediaShare Personal apps has been update to version 1.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • No lag when I use my phone to play games..
  • An excellent appointed where I can gain access to my music..
  • Useful on gaming console when my kids wanna watch movies..
  • Working flawlessly on my HTC one to stream music to my xbox 360..
  • music videos and images even more enjoyable..

Overall Satisfactionc64
Best app to play music from phone to playstation3.
Now it says Playback Error everytime I try to play music.
Picture quality is exellent and it works really fast.
good video quality.
Video quality is good but pauses repeatedly while playing.
The best network browsing app out there.
One Love Jah love.
Fun & Engagingc75
Awesome the best app.
Very useful for sharing android and I pad files with lid tv.
Awesome can stream everything straight to my tv.
Everything on my phone media wise can go to my ps3.
Nice app interface and a very useful thing.
Ease of Usec89
It is also very easy to set up and use.
Easy to setup and use.
Excellent and convenient app.
Super easy and effective.
Great app and simple to use.
Ads not Intrusivec36

Smooth operation on a Samsung allshare television. found in 3 reviews
It's organized and very user friendly. found in 10 reviews
It does what my actual Panasonic Viera app does. found in 2 reviews
Great app to use to stream movies thru blu ray player. found in 10 reviews
Works with my play station. found in 2 reviews
great companion too shoebox for streaming to tv. found in 2 reviews
Video playback is choppy. found in 1 reviews
Nice app interface and a very useful thing. found in 1 reviews
Pretty good media player. found in 2 reviews
Top macht was es soll. found in 2 reviews
Excellent app for watching your mobile videos on your TV. found in 2 reviews
Overall good for viewing mobile content on big screen. found in 12 reviews
stability and performance. found in 1 reviews
Works just as advertised. found in 1 reviews
It's nice app. found in 2 reviews
easy to share and watch videos and photos on tv. found in 3 reviews
Ory I media share personal user man. found in 37 reviews
Excellent application for using with smart tv's. found in 2 reviews
Why do I now need two apps to replace iMediaShare functionality. found in 1 reviews
The only media casting app to have. found in 3 reviews
Now need internet connection to open it. found in 2 reviews
Constantly finds local network but says access denied. found in 6 reviews
Missing music cover art. found in 1 reviews
Will give five stars if it support all video format. found in 3 reviews
UPDATE: I have no ads and can easily access local content. found in 3 reviews
I can't login to Picasa with my Google credentials. found in 1 reviews
Now it says Playback Error everytime I try to play music. found in 8 reviews
I have to go into settings and force stop everytime. found in 7 reviews
Why no google music as a cloud source. found in 1 reviews
Bought a paid version to remove ads. found in 6 reviews
The only thing is please add mkv support. found in 5 reviews
if I want to watch a video on my TV. found in 3 reviews
There is no exit option. found in 2 reviews
Was able to connect last night before the lollipop update. found in 21 reviews
2 fix update for note3 on 23rd sept. found in 1 reviews
It can't connect to my sony bravia led TV. found in 1 reviews
Annoyed by ads and unable to play playlist in free version. found in 3 reviews
Keeps crashing while playing files from local network. found in 6 reviews
Now forced to see ads. found in 12 reviews
says An error has occurred. found in 6 reviews
Volume control is terrible and should have a exit button. found in 5 reviews
What if I connect direct to my TV. found in 30 reviews
Crashes everytime i try to connect to my xbox 360 please fix. found in 21 reviews
No idea how or if it connect to apple tv. found in 25 reviews
Already paid to remove ads y are they back. found in 6 reviews
Does not stream video to xbox 360 anymore l9 optimus phone. found in 20 reviews
Cannot read video file. found in 10 reviews
everything i try when transferring to my xbox one it says error. found in 73 reviews
Using to connect wifi direct device to smart tv. found in 7 reviews
Unacceptable for a service app to be unable to exit. found in 11 reviews
It doesn't allow you to share mkv files. found in 11 reviews

The iMediaShare Personal is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new iMediaShare Personal app version 1.0.2 has been updated on 2014-02-5. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up
More Info: Find more info about iMediaShare Personal in iMediaShare`s Official Website :

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The app works really good It s simple and easy to use However while trying to share media from phone say if we want to play a movie completely by the time movie completes the app automatically gets disconnected four times Have to start the app all over again Kindly look after this issue and fix the same for flawless usage of the app             Salim Malik
Very Good app z does what it s supposed to The only complaint I have is when it is connected there is no way to lock your content from others who are using media player Fix This Please Security is important There should be a way to have to either log in to view the content or for the user to be able to select what is viewable and what isn t on their devices             Richie Rich
Works great only problem is my movie doesnt want to always copy over and they say there was a error but connection was perfect and the movies I have downloaded doesnt seem to appear on the album that I put it in thanks carry on with good work                 Cristiano Messi
Could be better if all the photos in my phone s gallery weren t sideways or upside down however casting works great and they end up the right way up on the TV S9 with Sony Bravia X9500g             Frank G
Yeah it s Connective u0026 Useful it s a teamwork thing make other adjustments within your phone s settings to compensate for any discrepancies Cast it if you re having playing issues a faster phone w more memories if experiencing buffering problems     Slo Moshion
I ve relied on this app for many years now fantastic app with no annoying adds Once you set your router connect your phone playstation tv etc depending on yout number of devices your good to go Your wifi router works even when your data is depleted or have taken out the sim The app fully runs on the background allowing you to continue using your phone for other purposes No crashes no laggings no delays no buffering My friends loves it who wouldn t                     Docaus Mona
Okay app good that i can finally cast photos u0026 vids onto my tv but downside being when playing videos the pause play function is basically f and doesn t work really needs fixing         20reaper13
It was my favorite app to use but now when I use it every time I play a video in the middle of the video it stops working and I have to close and open it again finish my video play a new and repeat doing the same not sure why not sure if it s my ps4 but I feel like it s the app on the phone         Dr. Blue
managed to get it to work but needs updating comes up with ps3 when it s a ps4 and is there a chance to make it have a steaming setting instead of having to download everything for it to work                 Red Eyes
it s wonderful and great app I ever seen in this case it s free it s all you want after looking for and installing 15 app finally I found it i strongly recommend it                     a seddighi
Good App But it drained my battery overnight and the next morning my mobile was off It consumed 47 of my phone s battery             El Omro
this app actually does work only problem is that new files dont seem to show if you save download them after installing the app and the only way to get them to show is to uninstall and reinstall from what ive found if you re having issues connecting your phone to your xbox that s your fault it works fine for me                 Mike Tython
Ridiculous Installed had it for 30 sexonds Kept trying to share with an xbox one I dont own one but it was preset to send to one of three xbox ones Deleted     Mike Detrevrep
Glitchy overall I wish there was an easier way to locate select videos             Michelle W
Really good app for viewing photos codes etc from your device to your tv I use it all the time                     Paul Santoro-hall
Sometimes it displays my media sometimes it doesn t All in all it needs still some improvement             Fred Feu
good but when im streaming content from my phone it ll disconnects every so often forcing me to shut it down and restart the process                 Simon Machin
some songs would just randomly not play or just be skipped midway also the app just crashes and tells me I don t have any music to be played         coolnike 470
I love this app but would really like to see a more clean look so no textures on the buttons                 Ordial - Mobile Games and More
my videos does not reflect the changes like addition or removed videos in any folders also doesnot show new folders created with videos in it else this is the best                 Simha Rupa Das
This works perfect you need a unlocked phone to make it for the PlayStation i can watch all my movies on my PlayStation now with no problems                     Stephen KillerDog Coleman
Simple easy to use and actually works well Use it to stream videos to my ps4                     River Terry
Nothing impressive the app only allows you to stream FB and nothing else It does not help with screen mirroring allows basic sharing of Music images from the phone I wasn t able to share any pics to the tv anyways it only kept trying to share Finally uninstalled     Tushar Shenvi
app wont cast to my Vizio TV my Sanyo TV or my PS4 and it wont stop unless I restart my phone totally useless without instructions it s like you app people think we re born with the knowledge to use these app ADD INSTRUCTIONS     BSue smithingell
Never had a problem streaming through a console but never been able to get it stable casting straight to the tv                 Ricky Henson
this app was amazing and worked perfectly fine for about 2 weeks now it can t find any of my movies even after moving them from folder to folder uninstalling the app and resetting my Xbox about 10 times irritatingly frustrated uninstalling         Michael Smith
it don t work I used it to listen to music after 10 minute say for me there is no playable media     Mariam Ahmed
this is an amazing app i absolutely love it and would endorse it on my facebook and youtube channel ooenly for a small fee of course id tattoo it for 1000                     Alicia DeRose
does not always work correctly but after a few restarts the program performs correctly                 Adrian Rowland
Great system for sharing your electronics media to TVs and game systems                     Alim Armour
As of the most recent update this app now crashes everytime I run it I m using it with a ps4 The app still runs on my Samsung 8 but disappears from the ps4 media player any fix the devs can make would be most appreciated     Mike65
It s takes the hard work out of setting up disc players u0026 USB connections All at the touch of a button                     Roger Mason
it sucks to use with Xbox you can go on other apps on your phone while this one is running it just stops outta nowhere     Alexandre Bayard
there are simple functions that this app can t accomplish scroll lock during instead of starting from your beginning every time is a simple coding process GET ON IT Basic functions no great effort in making it work well             Robert Hrobelsky
been having a PS4 for over 5 year and only just found it cant believe it works so well fits the screen perfectly no lag or delay and is truely amazing best that its free MUST DL IF U HAVE A PS4                     Ranjan Sekeran
it s a terrible app for streaming to say the least The worst part is when it says Ioading what exactly is it loading when the videos I share are already downloaded or is the app just constantly disconnecting for whatever reason is that what s causing it to load And no it s not my network connection because it works fine And when the app is not disconnecting by itself it only works like eight times out of 10         A Google user
Really great app love it helps me transfer photos to my ps3                     CallOfDuty Bo2 pro101
Great app and works perfectly I just hope they add a way to turn it off without having to uninstall every time I use it but still pretty good                 C J
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