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Description - Pet Rescue Saga , the publisher behind many Android apps (King Challenge ,Candy Crush Saga ,Candy Crush Kakao ,Papa Pear Saga ,Bubble Witch Saga ,Pet Rescue Saga), brings Pet Rescue Saga with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Pet Rescue Saga apps has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • A fun puzzle game that is challenging and cute..
  • A delightfully entertaining game that challenges you to play on..
  • Amazing game to play when bored and is all round awesome..
  • A really good strategy game and my children love helping me..
  • It's mind blowing game..

Overall Satisfactionc82
I LOVE the game and the graphics are great.
Please fix love the game will change rating when fixed.
I love this game very good and challenging.
One of my favorite games I play almost everyday keep up the good work.
Wonderful game with just the right level of difficulty.
Amazing game to play when bored and is all round awesome.
my bhebhe love dis game so much.
Is a game to love play it all the time.
Lovely game the animals are pretty cute.
Fun & Engagingc89
I am very addictive to this game its awesome.
It's really very awesome game and also aductive.
The hole Family have fun playing this game.
I just started playing this game and have become very frustrated.
Im really addicted to this game and play it all the time.
Totally addicted to this game but please fix this.
very fun game enjoyable good for passing time great apps thank.
I'm sad because it is a very fun game BUT.
This game is super fun yet challenging at the same time.
Something to play to put your mind at an ease.
Dont want to put it down.
Take care this game is very- Addictive and Loads of FUN.
I rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaallllly love it I play it everyday.
Its one of my favorite games I play it everyday.
I play this game every day its so much fun.
I will play this game every day.
Family Friendlyc93
It is great for the whole family and is so loveable.
This game is great for the whole family.
my kids love this game & its easy for them to play.
My wife and kids love this game as well.
This game is quite interesting to my kids to play on.
Its easy enough for my kids to play.
Value for Moneyc58
I completely advanced in this game without ever spending real money.
Fun game shouldnt cost real money though.
Best thing is all the levels are beatable without spending money.
I have beaten every level without spending any money.
You have to pay real money.
or pay real money.
Replay Valuec80
Love the game nred to add more levels already on 642 need more.
we finish 957 level but we need more level plis.
I have been waiting for more levels for about 2 weeks.
I love this game very good and challenging.
Great brain teaser and time killer.
Addictive and challenging on some of the layer levels.
Some of the puzzles are very mind boggling.
Social Aspectsc52
and nice hobby besides social media.
Very fun game to play with friends and family.
Best game to play with friends.
Production Valuesc85
Really cute graphics and fun yet challenging.
Cute graphics well worth the download.
Ease of Usec39
challenge on a simple game.
Simple game.
was like game reset and lost everything.
The game freezes alot please fix.
Need to fix bugs on mobile.
Security & Privacyc43
Updates & Supportc63
The best customer service team.
Customer service supervisor.
The customer service for this error stinks too.
Everyday i check for a new update.
Waiting for a new update :.

This a great game for kids and adults. found in 5 reviews
improves brain exercise with good time pass. found in 37 reviews
It's really very awesome game and also aductive. found in 370 reviews
Very additive and very easy to play. found in 8 reviews
Very additing game even my 4 yr old son loves it. found in 7 reviews
Great little stress reliever. found in 7 reviews
its a good relaxing game i love it. found in 11 reviews
Great brain teaser and time killer. found in 12 reviews
Saving these cute animals with challenging obstacles lots of fun. found in 37 reviews
This game is quite interesting to my kids to play on. found in 8 reviews
it's a great time killer and it's very addictive. found in 40 reviews
Matching game to rescuebanimasls. found in 6 reviews
Enjoyable game that is a great way to pass time. found in 15 reviews
Great thinking game and stress relief. found in 5 reviews
I love it beautiful game good for time pass. found in 13 reviews
Cute game co'z its all about animals. found in 64 reviews
Keeps my mind sharp I play it like chess not checkers. found in 7 reviews
So nice and funny game its really good. found in 8 reviews
Luv it every level is interesting it keeps you on your toes. found in 7 reviews
I can't receive help to unlock the next level. found in 18 reviews
Not happy can't connect to Facebook since the new update. found in 398 reviews
It was just something to waste time. found in 17 reviews
I can't get past level 32 without making purchases through the game. found in 72 reviews
Love this game but it takes too long to unlock the next episode. found in 14 reviews
i refuse to pay to move forward or beg friends. found in 22 reviews
Latest update makes it more difficult to ask friends to unlock you. found in 43 reviews
except having to purchase tools to help get through the different levels. found in 64 reviews
Can't connect with facebook to get tickets to next level. found in 37 reviews
I cannot get past level 27 without paying or going on Facebook. found in 72 reviews
Overall its a good game except for the issue I've listed. found in 21 reviews
It just keeps on crashing each time I try to connect to Facebook. found in 456 reviews
Really annoying and makes me want to uninstall the game :-/. found in 13 reviews
Won't let me ask friends for help to get to next level. found in 125 reviews
I do update but now can't connect with Facebook please fix them. found in 15 reviews
Can't get past level twenty seven without a friend request. found in 17 reviews
I love this game but now I can't connect to fb. found in 89 reviews
I cant connect to facebook from the game they show facebook has cancelled. found in 24 reviews
especially in levels where it's almost impossible to beat without making those purchases. found in 63 reviews
Can't recieve extra lives & tools though on app. found in 63 reviews
lost ever thing and no longer have my extra lives. found in 63 reviews
Pet saga rescue doesn't advance levels even when you ask friends. found in 125 reviews
Crashes when trying to connect to Facebook and freezes during play. found in 456 reviews
Refuse to purchase lives too unlock when They were already given. found in 64 reviews
I can't get past level 27 no matter how many lives are given. found in 72 reviews
A free game has so many disgusting limitations. found in 58 reviews
You don't really "earn" any additional gold bars or lives. found in 84 reviews
Keep asking friends to help me unlock the next level but nothing happens. found in 112 reviews
Reach level 743 and was sent back to level one total foolishness. found in 200 reviews
but gives me error every time I try to send something. found in 108 reviews
Shows all friends that have been deleted from facebook friends list. found in 125 reviews
Keep trying to send requests to open nxt level. found in 53 reviews
Im stuck on level 27 pliz fix this. found in 94 reviews
Must spend money if you want to get past certain level. found in 56 reviews
Can not connect to facebook to get past level 27. found in 89 reviews
Lost over 800 levels and still can't connect to Facebook. found in 398 reviews
And can not use the life that fb friends giving either. found in 74 reviews
dropping stars tired of not being able to earn power ups. found in 84 reviews
Liked the game but in very annoyed I can't connect to FB anymore. found in 89 reviews

The Pet Rescue Saga is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-01-9. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up

Pet Rescue SagaDescription Can you bust through matching blocks to save the Pets from the evil Snatchers? Loads of tricky and challenging levels of puzzle excitement await in this amazing adventure. Our first exciting mobile ...

Out of all the King games this is the one I have played the most It has beautiful and bright colors the animals are cute the boosters are great it s fun and challenging It can be a lil too challenging at times and that would be my only complaint Some levels I had to turn to YouTube for walkthroughs lol But I am in the 1000s on this game so nothing real extreme I tried the new pet saga but this one will always be my favorite                     Tia Greene
Pretty much stopped playing because the levels have become so difficult it takes way to long to be able to win a game Especially when you re down to the last pet to rescue and the game won t drop the pet I mean really Why even bother playing a game that won t provide a game piece to play the game with         MyLadyKaylaChantal
good but take too long to be updated Update every one or to days everything else is perfect also two times even this morning i updated it and it did not update why was that I also think that when we are playing and get the boosters they should go over to the other game Also when you have gotten the 15 stars if you have gotten 17 it should be rolled over the game should be able to play without internet Remember to give us a more earlear updates its way too long we also need another game                     Steve Harris
It has still captured my attention which says alot about the game as i get bored and very judgemental This game gives you great opportunities to win tools so you can win levels but be very careful when you are on a hard very hard level with no tools your up the creek Youll have to play the daily game you can win 3 things if you do well And log in daily for a tool So dont give up On those frustrating moments THIS game is a ball to play I ll do another update in 30 days                 paulette tynan
I am currently waiting on New content as I have completed all old content and have blocked When is New content coming it has been a week please help I received new content and have comp eted those games and I am blocked again waiting on new content this was a perfect game someone really screwed it up big time it is now boring and not at all fun please bring the old game back I will not spen any money or play this New content contains 15 games which i complete in one day                     Pat Cureton
Very disappointed For two weeks now when I play the mountain game and completed it I never received my gold bars I complained to the support team and was told to go to the community page Why cant you guys just fix the problem and give me my gold bars I ve earned I should just uninstall this game it s not worth all the problems         Vicky Ringler
very expensive Even more expensive than it used to be I can t believe how many times they are making it almost impossible to move forward without spending a few coins and it seems like such a small amount that you just hit the purchase button without thinking about it Still a fun game but I m feeling cheated             Teresa Newell
We are back to no uodates You guys need to stop the drop down it takes my gold bars when I DO NOT want to or need to use them It is too hard to get the gold bars and y all fix it so they are just gone I about to stop playing the game no updates other games get the updates up You guys are not right     A Google user
A couple of times I paid gold for the circus but it took my bars the game blanked out when it came back on the tickets were gone It happened twice I m a junkie to my game and have stayed up all night playing A LOT I m addicted they should make a commercial with me frfr                     Pamela Edwards
I ve been playing for over a year and I like the challenge but don t have enough reward you have to purchase stuff and to play a game I shouldn t have to pay for it makes me lose interest                     Ara Thompson
I would love it more if they didn t count using one of your turns as a move when you use one of your boosters to help finish a board             Trisha Smoke
Am not happy with the updates shame i take my 5stars back once you connect to the internet the current level you were playing will disappear will have to replay the passed time and again stage before you play the correct level and is time consuming     Rapholo gontse
I like this game its addicting but its not letting me give any lives to friends It says that the problem is being worked on for the past 2 days So tgats why only 2 stars Fix this problem and ill give more stars         Tammy Berish
I so much enjoy this game But I don t why after gathering many points I just woke up one day and they are all gone I was very disappointed             Sa'adatu Abubakar
A very tactical game that makes you think before you make a move Not enough boosters given to you for free and some levels are very hard                 Sue Mabbett
I love this game I wish you would come out with the newer levels a little faster I level out in a few days and have to wait weeks for the new levels                     Dawn Endy
Love playing Pet Rescue I wish the boosters that you earn during a game could be added to your arsenal if you don t use it                     pam eslinger
What did you do to this app It crashes all the time now right in the middle of a game losing a life The app is crashing even more now         Jennifer Randles
This used to be an enjoyable game but when u have to go thru 6 or 7 pop ups BEFORE any game play makes me not want to even open this app cause it takes too long to get to the actual game play     jacinda randall
i have seen levels I just was ready to quit playing completly I spent 2 months on one level I had to use almost all my reserve weapons to finally move on another level like that and I will quit I play to relax if all Get is frustration There are too many other things I can do to relax to put up with being frustrated over and over                 Brittany Sheetz
I have played this game for years has always been fun Friday s were exciting for the mountain that is no longer the case the creators have gotten greedy and it is so hard to play or win unless you buy Glory days keep me from deleting all together and hope that they will change it back So disappointing         JASON Price
Great game but it takes your money but don t give you the coins It happen twice and there is no way to get your money back                 Thomasina Sims
been playing since this game first came out and although I have had to take a few months off here and there due to frustration I always come back now it s really easy to earn boosts and make it through those incredibly difficult levels some levels are more difficult to beat even more so than the so called easier levels but regardless this is one of my all time favorite games and I ll never stop playing it                     Aixa Schulist
Can t get the game to pass level 2487 which isn t very high in levels Why is the next level under construction     pat skubel
It s a cool game I bought the bank so that I could collect my stars and gold bars but I still cannot open it and receive my new ones that s the only problem                 Cici English
Challenging but should be able to deposit piggy bank without having to pay instead of loseing what you have and be able to use your deposit             Gail Baldwin
The only obstacke ive come across is having to wait for series of games 1 week until new games loaded Otherwise enjoy playing                     Deb Argiro
I have been playing this game for years and LOVE IT I just don t like the new mystery mountain bring back the old version                 Shnea Long
They did change the game to portrait mode only recently I guess they got enough complaints because I just opened it up to see that we can once again go back to landscape mode Maybe they realize in portrait mode they lost too many players as well I will bump my stars up but if they pull that stunt again I may end up not playing so hopefully they will keep things the way they should be             Happy Cows
This is a very good game to play You have to use strategy and the pets are cute                     Ethel Stevenslove
Love this game but they should give more gold bars as prizes so you can continue game more often and when you collect all of the secret animal toys you should get prizes without having to pay for them Don t like that you have to pay to collect your gold bars when you piggy bank is full and some levels are sk hard the it takes days of trying and using a lot of your weapons not sure what they call them to get through the level This is the first game I ever downloaded and I am still playing it                     Tammy Eastbury
Game would be better if it had ways to get off some of the levels a bit faster It glitches For example you clear most of the blocks the pets drop down you have one pet to go and get the blocks cleared but the last pet never drops Or as the level starts before you make a play at all it says you have lost the game uses a life and there was nothing you could do because the game had no moves to be made when it started No way to win at times             donna morris
Use to be a cool game Then the programers decided to mess with the map Bye bye cool graphics They were going to get rid of the interaction with the pets and their rooms All the little things that made it cool But they kept all the requirements for spending money Decided it was time to uninstall     Pamela Wiese
This game is getting boring If your stuck on a level with no helps and can t afford to buy some then the game gets boring This game should make it where if your stuck after so many tries then the level should be easy for you to go on I m about to delete this game after trying for two weeks on this level Does pet saga need money that bad 7 27 19 update Now when you do win a level after trying over 40 times They DON T COUNT IT And make you play the damn level again GOODBYE     Jeanne2USP
I used to love this game and have played for a long time but with the new update it seems like every level even the special bonus games you can play are so much more difficult that you have to use your boosters or buy some just to pass wish they would go back to how it was It was still challenging but didn t take everything you had just to pass I will be deleting it         Karen Brennhofer
I have such a hard time updating this game I will have an updated version on my tablet but not on my phone Both devices are in sync but for whatever reason I can only play on my tablet until my phone updates I continually see update pending for days Any suggestions on correcting this problem     Kathy Castro
Ive been stuck on this level for a long time now 517 its keeps saying too many pets n the game is over it s only 3 pets But I m stuck on this level n can t get off please help or I ll definitely be deleting the app for good     Kesia Mayfield
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