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2.3 and up

Description - Papa Pear Saga , the publisher behind many Android apps (King Challenge ,Candy Crush Saga ,Candy Crush Kakao ,Papa Pear Saga ,Bubble Witch Saga ,Pet Rescue Saga), brings Papa Pear Saga with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Papa Pear Saga apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Reminds me of the older pin ball machine really enjoy playing..
  • Oh boy will you be surprised..
  • Very good graphics and exciting challenging levels..
  • Awesome addictive game..
  • thanks for making such an awesome and amazing game..

Overall Satisfactionc89
This is a one of my favorite games to play I really enjoy it.
This WAS my favorite game until the last two updates.
A wonderful game to play and can play for hours.
thanks for making such an awesome and amazing game.
even if it is rather frustrating at times.
Got to love the challenges that this games has to offer.
Lovely game to play addiction of playing hour & hours.
My daughter love this game alot.
Like the game alot but unable to play it.
HAPPY to recommend this game to my fb friends.
I cannot recommend this game.
Fun & Engagingc86
Fun game to play with out having to pay attention too much.
Brilliant very addictive well done King again.
Awesome game my children absolutely love it.
Its fun and challenging and I'm 56 yrs old.
I am totally addicted to this game & it is so simple to play.
Super fun game it's my go to game when I'm bored.
Game was super fun until level 72.
Brilliant loads of fun and keeps your mind working x.
sometimes hard to put down lol very addicting game lots of challenges.
This game is very interesting I play it every day.
Love it mus play it every day jus need more lives.
I play everyday at least once.
love it and play everyday :.
Family Friendlyc96
Love this game its fun simple and enjoyable for the whole family.
This game is so much fun for the whole family.
My whole family Loves this game.
Whole family loves this game.
A great game for kids and I like it too.
It is a great game for kids.
A fun and addicting game that even kids can play.
Very fun game plus my grand kids can play.
Value for Moneyc52
You can generally beat the levels without having to spend money.
Why am I having to spend money for bars.
It forces you to spend money.
Just finished level 201 without spending a dime to get there.
made it petty far without spending any money though.
How about a new way to move on without buying gold.
buying gold bars or waiting days to move up.
Replay Valuec86
Need more levels already pass the 530 levels keep up papa pear.
It is ridiculous that you have to buy more levels.
Got through all the 500+ levels waiting for more levels to be created.
Its fun and challenging and I'm 56 yrs old.
Very fun and can be challenging at times even given it's simplicity.
It never gets old I can play it for hours straight.
I luv this game its so mind boggling.
Some levels are way too hard.
Social Aspectsc77
Fun to play with friends and very challenging levels.
Choose not to play with friends on Facebook.
Wish more people were playing.
wish more people would play.
Production Valuesc94
The sound effects are cute and the games are challenging.
Fun loving sound effects and strategy mixed in one.
Ease of Usec95
Its easy at first slowly it goes harder when the level imcreases.
Real easy at first.
Looks easy.
Please fix so I can play.
Security & Privacyc26
Updates & Supportc24
Great game/ Bad customer service.

This game is fun to play I like the bouncing balls. found in 12 reviews
The sound effects are cute and the games are challenging. found in 43 reviews
9Good fun playing yhis like a pinball game. found in 14 reviews
Super fun game it's my go to game when I'm bored. found in 80 reviews
it's a great game really good stress relief. found in 14 reviews
Funny game luv to take the seriousness out of my day. found in 24 reviews
My son love this game I think it's alright. found in 8 reviews
but as you progress that's where it keeps you on your toes. found in 9 reviews
Great entertaining game Keeps my bussy during my commute. found in 20 reviews
Very nice game I love like these games only. found in 60 reviews
Papa Pear Saga is a fun & relaxing game. found in 10 reviews
Great time waster super entertain. found in 37 reviews
Absolutely hooked on this game. found in 8 reviews
It's a stress reliever so fun every level its so exciting. found in 17 reviews
It keeps me occupied between candy crush lives. found in 11 reviews
That said the game is a lot of fun for all ages. found in 14 reviews
I really enjoy playing this game it's very challenging and fun. found in 192 reviews
bounce your way through this unique puzzle game. found in 9 reviews
overall a great time passer when waiting for an appointment or something. found in 15 reviews
cute game and u can really think hard sometimes. found in 26 reviews
but they take entirely too long to open new levels. found in 7 reviews
Fix message issue & make a way to earn bars & will give 5 stars. found in 143 reviews
Wnt connect to Facebook and can't connect with friends. found in 185 reviews
though I wish there were ways to earn power ups without purchase. found in 9 reviews
I can open the game and get to my level. found in 17 reviews
Love game but refuse to pay to get through roadblocks. found in 10 reviews
All of a sudden I can't receive lives from my friends. found in 10 reviews
Love the game but won't connect to fb on my phone. found in 49 reviews
Wish there was a way to earn gold bars or power-ups & boosters. found in 209 reviews
Levels are getting so hard they're not fun to play anymore. found in 21 reviews
i still cant connect to fb and need to start from level 1. found in 49 reviews
But then the levels get almost impossible to beat. found in 9 reviews
I am not happy at all and probably won't play anymore. found in 21 reviews
I wont spend $ on this game anymore unless i was reimbursed. found in 9 reviews
I play and purchase gold bars and this time was ripped off. found in 35 reviews
It's a nice game but I I'm going to uninstall it. found in 90 reviews
Awesome game but it takes too long waiting for new episodes. found in 7 reviews
Favorite phone app by far but some levels seem impossible to win. found in 12 reviews
Cannot pass level 101 the game stops counting the peas. found in 69 reviews
Game can't count its doesn't refister the power up. found in 33 reviews
Rethink the way u treat people who dont want face book. found in 25 reviews
I can't got to next level without friends request. found in 27 reviews
Stuck on level cant get off unless i pay for it. found in 51 reviews
10¢ a piece for a gold bar is just ridiculous. found in 52 reviews
All sent lives and board help from facebook friends just disappeared. found in 50 reviews
Took extra lives wont connect. found in 50 reviews
Can't move forward as after top level of 510. found in 24 reviews
It's not 'free' you are constantly asked to buy gold bars. found in 567 reviews
I get past a certain level and then it won't work. found in 34 reviews
can not ask friends for lives. found in 41 reviews
hate it now won't connect to FB to sync progress fix it now. found in 49 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Papa Pear Saga for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version Varieswithdevice has been released on 2014-02-4. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Papa Pear Saga check developer`s website :

Take aim and unleash Papa Pear to bounce and boing his way through the wonderfully wacky levels of this unique puzzle game. Please note Papa Pear Saga is completely free to play but some in-game ...

Enjoy the game but why do we never get offered any free boosters What is the purpose of the daily counter nothing is gained by having it and it doesn t work properly anyway                 Tracey van der Spuy
Great game but on some levels they thet the score target so high causing you to fail the level even if you have got the rest of the stuff you need to get                     Sarah Frost
Love this game til it stopped working I uninstalled and did updates but still won t work I have reported it numerous times Please fix     Melissa Zenger
Time to uninstall and move on to something that actually offers new levels Been waiting over a month for new levels         Andrea Martin
we need some new levels the level generator at the end should randomize a different level every time you select it but it only generates the same number level if you dont pass the level for the second time seems as if the developers forgot about this game to concentrate on new games stop neglecting this game and make new levels                     Lucas Asher
I m so sorry but I m about to uninstall this game I bear all the levels u0026 kinda tired of playing the same boards over again The challenges are too hard to beat u0026the updates are nothing Please notify me when you add new boards or revamp the game like adding a Papa Pear Saga 2 or something     Trawanna Rogers
I have a problem with some of the icons used on the game splash page They are racist because they depict unflattering looks of a person Someone needs to do an analysis of these icons and remove all that might be offensive perhaps keep them all generic yet creative in origin Even though I thoroughly enjoy playing Papa Pear Saga I have vowed not to continue to play it and not to recommend it to anyone else to play as long this icon issue exists     Elizabeth Eccles
used to play until three or four years ago then it quit on me reinstall two months ago then yesterday it quit again and i could not open it again so now trying to reinstall it for 5th time today will lose interest for another four years There are no gifts or incentives either         Deborah Olver
love the game but I lost my help from my friends don t have the envelope Dont get any fireballs and dont get any friends lost all my help pretty sad when u play a game that u need the fireballs and never see them in many games also lost all my lives I am on level 936     A Google user
The Game is getting stuck on levels only complaint             Carlene Newman
I like this game but they get you stuck and try to force you to buy aides Having boosters on right side has cause inadvertent usage they should be along the bottom     eM Simms
this is my favorite game but I have a problem with my phone shutting off on phone calls while I have it at no other time does my phone just turn itself off             Cheryl Dillon
Was good until the latest update Now it won t even load Just says it keeps stopping and I get the white pop up     Cass Martin
love it but new levels take a while to come out             Debz Clifford
I love this game and am so sad there are no new levels planned By far my favorite King game                     Jamie Runyan
When it runs ok its fine but sometimes you don t get many lifes                     Rita Donnelly
I ve enjoyed playing this game since 2015 I recently downloaded the mobile app and love the weekly challenges and the daily wheel you can spin between 12 2                 Jennifer Bird
always liked playing this until a few months ago stuck on level reported it still nothing done to help thinking of unstalling it after years of playing                     Catherine Cannon
I love this game I lost my original game Would like to have it back I think I was in the 700                     Tammy Bass
Perfect game to play if you have to endure tv commercials                 sean askew
Brilliant game different challenges on every game very addictive                     Janet Roberts
great game takes nearly a week to finish but well worth the challenge and enjoyment                     Keith Bennett
While it s a fun game to play developers need to create new levels as I have completed all of them             Sean Hendry
Great game but can do with some upgrading to earn more boosters                 Leanne Faddel
Does this game not exist anymore froze up at level 801 bought new tablet it says it s already installed would be 5 stars even if I had to start over but I cant     Rob Mathias
I clicked on the 100 Bars if you start to play witch saga and never received anything         E R
I love this game keeps me focused good graphics go king games                     Candice Hall
Sad that it ended I want more challenges So fun                     debora manos
My favourite game of all I do hope there are going to be new levels in the future Pleeeeeeeese                     ROBERT AGNEW
It was a great game but not enough levels                     Linda DeSimone
Hi l finished the last 1080 level ages ago is that the end then or are there more updates my favourite game since it started                     Margaret Malone
Is very intertaning fun and good satisfaction when passing from hard hardest levels                 maria morales
love this game but finished when will new ones come out                     toni petro
This is a fun game But they are not consistent in adding new levels Sometimes they add a new level once a month and other times maybe once every three months Also many updates but which do not contain new levels For someone who plays this often is very frustrating I finish the new levels in a day or two and than nada for 3 months             kimiru bijoux
it was a great great game untill my last update I updated two tablets and now both have same issue I m in playing field game s 1066 to 1080 and game will not allow communication repeatedly states could not establish communication try later therefore cannot see other players scores nor can i purchase within the game game is now longer recognizing me as a player King have ignored my repeated requests for help It was my go to game prior to the update             david bennett
it s amazing difficult I playing it last 3 4 years                     Harish Kumar
I enjoy playing Papa Pear on my android phone Have played for years on computers but enjoy it much more having it on my phone Can play anytime anywhere                     Claudette Stone
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